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  1. 24 minutes ago, JumpingJehosaphat said:

    Gurley is clearly the high-risk high-reward pick so do you feel lucky? Personally, I'd pick Gurley and handcuff his backup later to mitigate my risk.

    I agree.  It depends if you adhere to a handcuff strategy or not, some are very opposed, but at this value you have a potential top 5 rb.  Take Henderson at 6.11 to hedge your bet or 7.02 if you want to chance it.  He should be there if you're drafting now.

  2. I'm on the Kelce side as well.  More info can come out and the NFL can always revisit so he's not entirely out of the woods yet.  Also, there is a chance KC could trade Hill, they don't mess with this kind of stuff and depending on where he goes could also change his value.  I'd pull the trigger.  Or counter with jsut Hill for Kelce and the draft picks if you are high on Lindsay and Campbell.


  3. Richard in PPR.  Martin for STD.  Honestly though not sure if it's worth it to drop anyone on your bench.  Drop your kicker first and then re evaluate later in the week.  Also, look at your opponents team.  If they are hurting at a position, pick up the best player they need and hold... then drop right before the 1pm deadline to block your opponent from having that player :)



  4. 1 minute ago, Ootter said:

    I like your train of that here. I think I would keep Alshon and trade Michael first. Hopefully he takes that really bad trade first though :D. I think it's a good decision if you want to try and pull the season out. I mean you cant keep Michael next year...and your definitely losing this year at this rate. 

    Thanks, I think I may ask for McKinnon as well who would be a 10th next year.  so basically the trade would be Thomas + 2 bench players for Brees/Chubb/Mckinnon this would give me Alshon in the 5th / Chubb in the 8th / Mckinnon in the 10th and also set me up in a better position for this year as well.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, NYpkBLUE22 said:

    I’m 3-3, about to be 4-3 on a win streak with high scores in those wins. 


    started the season 1-2 so I had to make moves. 


    Made a trade for Kerryon. Then made a trade for Hill. Edelman came back. Now it’s firing on all cylinders. Which is why I’m wondering if I should even trade because I feel like I have good depth?

    I don't think I would.  Green is good but don't think you are gaining a ton here.  I'm assuming you start 2 rbs 2 wrs and 1 flex.  Hilton and Hill are pretty solid 1 / 2 and you have great RB depth as is.  I do get selling high on KJ and Chubb, but RB's are always more valuable then WR's IMO even in a Ppr lg.  If you are wanting to upgrade and move 2 of your RB's then I would take a shot at packaging  2 players for an AB, Hopkins ect.  Also Green has a bye week 9.  Don't think it's a bad trade though.  If you don't believe in Fournette and the lingering hammy then it's essentially Chubb for Green which is a great deal.  If you do start 3 wr's then I would do the deal.

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