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  1. Any Saint trustworthy this weekend?

    How about M. Thomas ?
  2. Kerryon J is sitting, you think Jackson over Blount?
  3. Bills or Steelers D ? Currently starting bills, Steelers still on the wire.
  4. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    Let that pos rot
  5. Matt Ryan fumble ????

    Didn’t Ryan’ get sacked and fumbled then recovered for a td??? should that come off his points ?
  6. Choose a WR

    Alright , I’ll gamble
  7. Choose a WR

    Even with starting woods already and cooks is playing ??
  8. Choose a WR

    10 man ppr Renolds or sanu I already have Woods starting as my other WR.
  9. TE better match up ?

    12 man ppr Matt lacosse or Jim evert ?
  10. DST ?

    Kc or titans this week? thx
  11. 12 ppr im down by 8 , you guys think Keke can cover that? What’s he get for the night?
  12. Really....?

    Ppr Am I really going to bench gronk and start brate over him ?
  13. 12 man ppr current TE is lance Kendrick’s (gb) grabbed him when I learned graham has a broken finger , ( needed a oj Howard replacement) but there’s Uzomah and Herndon (nyjets) on the FA wire. Should I snag Herndon ? He’s shown some production over the last few games and basically the only offense the Jets have besides kearse.