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  1. Standard Foles (maybe Keenum) Thielen M.Thomas Landry Engram Freeman Ingram Collins Bryant Chargers
  2. Assembled the best team possible and still lost...

    Ouch. I feel your pain.... Just lost in my .5ppr league by 1 point due to Matt Bryant's blocked kick last night. Ben (Had Wentz) Antonio Brown Keenan Allen Alshon Jeffery Alvin Kamara Carlos Hyde Gronk Detroit D Matt Bryant Dez on the bench
  3. who to start at qb?

    I'd go with Keenum. I feel like his floor may be safest of those based on matchup.
  4. Standard scoring. Need a WR and a Flex. Appreciate any input. Post a link and WHIR if you need it. Funchess vs. GB Gordon vs. Balt Landry @ BUF Lynch vs. DAL Collins @ CLE
  5. Cousins @ DAL or Goff @ ARZ? I'm tentative with Thursday night games. Post a link and WHIR.
  6. Hyde vs SEA or Perine vs NYG in .5ppr? Hyde's matchup is tougher on paper, but he seems to do well in division games. Perine is tempting with a good matchup and the backfield all to himself. WHIR if you post a link. Good luck to all, as long as you aren't playing against me.
  7. If you can get him for that, I'd do it.
  8. Wilson or Dalton

    I think I'd lean towards Dalton based on matchup.
  9. GGL, Thielen @ Browns (London) or Landry @ Balt. (TNF)? Standard scoring. Landry has had the hot hand, but Balt has done well against slot WRs. Appreciate it as always.
  10. Hopkins for Hyde and Landry?

    I don't think it's a terrible trade, but I think I'd keep what you've got. Landry might not keep up with the TDs, but his floor is pretty steady for .5ppr
  11. Was this a good trade?

    Yeah this is really DT for Miller. I think you did fine.
  12. Flex suggestions

    With that scoring I'd definitely go Murray and Abdullah.
  13. Depends on the rest of your team, but assuming that Diggs is healthy and you already have Ertz, I'd probably deal Gronk.
  14. Landry @ Balt or Thielen @ Browns (London) Landry has been hot, but my hesitation is that Baltimore has done well shutting down slot receivers. And I hate TNF. Any input is appreciated. Post a link and WHIR.

    Great question. I own both as well, though in different leagues. I think all you can do is to go on what we've seen thus far. And that's about a 60/40 split weighted towards Ingram. I don't think either is a bad play. But personally, I'd go with Ingram until we see that change.