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  1. Thanks. Given those options in ppr, I'd lean towards Agholor. Goodwin would be my second choice.
  2. Brees or Winston

    That's a close one. I'd probably lean Winston at home as well.
  3. Need to flex one in standard scoring. Crabtree vs. NO or Ito vs. NYG? Other options aren't great matchups (L.Miller @ Jax and Crowell vs. Min). Appreciate the input. WHIR if you leave a link.
  4. Stud QB values not really high?

    I was sitting on Mahomes/Rodgers/Rivers. It was impossible to trade Rivers. I was able to package Rogers/Edelman for Tyreek Hill though.
  5. Standard points league that gives 4pts for return TDs. I give up Rodgers and Edelman for Tyreek Hill. Leaves me with Mahomes/Rivers at QB and OBJ/B.Cooks/Tyreek as my starters at WR. Thoughts? I tried the same offer for several other WRs but all were rejected. There are hardly ever trades in my league, so it's a surprise when one is actually accepted.
  6. How did this person win in a Tie Game???

    Manually calculate the points. I bet QB yards have a second decimal place and ESPN is only showing the first decimal place. This happened in my league a few years back. Edit - sorry, if I actually read the whole thread I'd see you solved this.
  7. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    This is purely fanspeak here. But as a Browns fan who preferred Darnold going into the draft, I have to say I've really come around on Mayfield.
  8. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    I've got to agree with some of the previous posters that you won't see Mayfield anytime soon. Living here in Cleveland I can say that most of the fan base is actually being fairly patient. Whether or not the coaches will be, I suppose is different. But Dorsey traded a third round pick for Taylor, and he's gotten nothing but glowing reviews from the staff. I don't think they want to invest that much for only one or two games. Regarding the subject of the thread, it's Hyde's job for the foreseeable future. Chubb is coming along well enough, but he's a liability with his pass blocking. Short of injrury, I don't see him getting very significant play.
  9. Michael Crabtree or Quincy Enunwa

    I have the same decision, and I'm rolling with Crabtree in standard.
  10. QB situation

    But how confident are you that Wentz will be 2017 Wentz when he comes back? Genuinely asking.
  11. QB situation

    I'd absolutely consider it, but I think people are going to be tentative until we see what happens with his knee.
  12. Which 2 QB's do i stick with

    I agree, Keenum and Smith. Better track records, and better teams around them. I do like Jimmy G, but to me he is the odd man out here.
  13. QB situation

    I'm in a very similar boat, carrying Rodgers/Rivers/Mahomes. I hate carrying so many QB's, but I feel like I should be able to cash in some value. I'd explore trades as much as possible before dropping anyone.
  14. Is this waiver claim suspicious?

    Thank you all for the input. I talked to the guy about it. He's been our commish for over a decade, and never done anything remotely shady before, so I give him the benefit of the doubt. His explanation was that he was online and checking his leagues late. He saw that waivers were in a pending status, but not yet processed. He was able to pick up anyone as a FA that wasn't already claimed and in pending status. Yahoo usually will send a notification if any league settings change. And that did not happen. So I tend to believe him, and that this was just a timing issue. Thanks again for the input.
  15. The guy in question is the commish of my league, and a good friend of mine. So I wanted to get some other opinions before i bring it up to him. He has the #1 waiver claim. Yahoo shows that waivers processed at 4:08am this morning. But somehow, it shows that he added Geronimo Allison as a free agent at 4:06am, and then Phillip Dorsett as a free agent at 4:09am. So the progression went: 4:06am - Geronimo Allison FA add 4:08am - All waivers process for the league 4:09am - Phillip Dorsett FA add Does that seem odd to anyone else? The guy still has the #1 waiver claim after all this. It very well might just be a timing thing with Yahoo, but it seemed strange.