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  1. Start/Sit Opinions Please - WHIR

    I agree that it's between Dez and Cohen. I think you're hoping for a big play from either. I'd lean towards Dez. And Clay at TE
  2. Flex Thielen or Cohen Ppr

    Think I would lean Cohen here. He seems to have more things working in his favor this week.
  3. Thanks kdko, appreciate it. For what it's worth though, it's at LAC rather than LAR. Good fronts either way.
  4. WR choice Benjamin or Landry?

    In ppr, I'd go Landry. With Benjamin you are hoping for a big play.
  5. Hooper or Rudolph?

    My thought is that Rudolph is actually one of the safer plays with Keenum at QB. I like Hooper, but not sure he gets enough targets.
  6. I think the Browns run D is better than people expect this year. I'd roll with Kamara.
  7. I was ready to roll with Thielen before the Bradford news. Now I'm not so sure. Standard scoring. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thielen @ Pitt or Landry @ LAC
  8. Mike Gillislee or Christian McCaffrey

    I own Gillislee in multiple leagues, and would fee much more comfortable with McCaffrey. Especially in ppr.
  9. I've been getting burned for this trade

    I don't see anything wrong with it. Brees is great, but he's at the back end of his career. Cousins is just hitting stride. Totally makes sense for a keeper league.
  10. Trade Tevin Coleman for cooper kupp

    Agreed, I'd prefer the Mixon and Cupp deal.
  11. Landry for Hyde

    I certainly wouldn't blame you, but I like the team you've got.
  12. Hyde or Gillislee?

    Probably Hyde if you mean for rest of season. Gillislee might have the TD upside, but Hyde should win out in overall volume. At least that is my take owning both in several leagues.
  13. Flex Options Who to start?

    Yeah, I'd agree that you go Quizz here.
  14. Flex Options Who to start?

    Standard or ppr? I'd be looking at either Quizz or Cohen imo
  15. Thielen @ Pitt or Landry @ LAC Post a link and WHIR.