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  1. Lowest points scored in a fantasy game?

    I totally forgot about crumpler lol. I remember him having a 100 catch rating in The nfl blitz that had T.O. on the cover lol.
  2. Steelers hate leveon at the goal line

    Yeah at least give him a shot on 1st down lol.
  3. Mariotta or Goff?

    Take back my thanks lol
  4. Terrelle Pryor

    Pryor could easily bounce back on a diff team next yr.
  5. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    Yeah i started vernon davis.
  6. Jordy dropped

    Hes not worth it. Im debatting dropping him in a 12 team league. He hasnt scored over 8 points full ppr since rodgers got injured
  7. Mariotta or Goff?

    Thanks guys
  8. Mariotta or Goff?

    Marcus plays the colts after throwing 4 picks to the steelers last week. Goff plays the saints who just got lit up fantasy wise by kirk cousins. Goff threw 0 picks against the vikings but also 0 tds and scored less than marcus lol.
  9. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    Im playing olsen and vernon as my flex lol.
  10. Best “under the radar” RB for RoS?

    Add byron marshall. New rb on the redskins. Going to take over the thompson role n should be good to go in ppr.
  11. Hopes and Prayers Weekly

    Needed wilson to score 4.2 points less than he did lol. Seasons over for me, hoping to play spoiler for the teams i still face.
  12. Time to give Mahomes a look?!?

    Smith was replaced on the 49ers when they were 9-2 I believe. He keeps playing like this, the switch will happen. Hopefully b4 this seasons lost
  13. Life long packer fan here. We dont have anyone capable of covering woodhead. I for see a lot of catches for 10-12 yds a pop. Im starting woodhead in full ppr.
  14. Your best 10th round or later target ever

    I got julius thomas his 1st breakout year out of FA the day after the draft. Got Eifert his breakout year in round 14/15. Also got Moss his 1st yr on the patriots in the 4th somehow and i got brady in like 7th. That was an auto pilot championship team lol.
  15. I guess ATL really is that bad

    Turn it off after 1 possession lol?