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  1. They're BACK

    before the season started I thought betweeen JJ Arrington, Mewelde Moore, Suggs, and M.Bennet that i would have at least one capable BYE week cover for this Sunday when Jamal Lewis is out... looks like I was wrong...
  2. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    That's true, but their starting center didn't play in game 1 vs a solid Giant run defense... week 2 was better... again, 'wait and see' mode...
  3. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Oh I think Mewelde's value goes WAY up if Bennet is gone. Moe may still goal line vulture, but MM would suddenly get upwards of 20 carries a game and he can do a lot of damage with that. IF Bennet was given the clear #1 in Ari he could have a value bump as well... we'll just have to wait and see...
  4. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Yeah... but a lot of assumptions still... Bennet could wind up sharing in Ari too...with Shipp AND JJ around... but the rook probably falls to the bench if this happened.
  5. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    PLEASE let this happen... that would help me quite a bit ... both Bennet and Mewelde probably get bumps if they both become starters for respective teams...
  6. Possibly the biggest point swing ever?

    I had a similar swing with this lineup qb- bulger rb- jamal rb- dillon wr- s.smith wr- r.moss wr- tj housh flex- leftwhich flex- c.chambers k- vandy d- panthers Week 1 I was a point or two shy of the week high around 120, week 2 with the same lineup I was in the 50's... that's how it goes sometimes...
  7. Cmart

    It's probably been reported already but WFAN in NYC is reporting that Cmart's MRI came back negative, no major issues...
  8. Saints/Giants game

  9. Saints/Giants game

    Like I said, there's no speaking to any such 'related' incidents... There's drunk A-holes in EVERY crowd of 80k people... I'm just saying, generalizations about 'these fans are nasty' are pretty much bunk... And for every such 'incident' you can probably point to three people holding "We Love The Saints" signs... so you say that means nothing, then I can reply your 'story' about beer means nothing... fans are fans. Some towns are a different than others, some are crazier... in general, Giants fans are wealthy and older, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get Giants tix around here... the same rich people own em... Giants crowds tend to be a lot less rowdy than other NY events...
  10. Saints/Giants game

    and my mother's brother's uncle once told me a story about a Philly fan being mean to him at a game in their stadium... whatever... As noted, this was a GIANTS home game, which totally screw New Orleans, and the powers that be set it up that way... yup, the Saints got reemed, it wasn't fair, and it's not fair to the rest of the NFC East that the NFL let the Gmen have 9 home games, but that's what happened... You can try and construe the NY fans as nasty all you want, but I saw all the "We Love New Orleans" signs in the stands all night long. Does that mean anything really? No... but to make the NY fans out as any nastier than fans anywhere else who root for their home team is just silly imo.
  11. Saints/Giants game

    I'm a Giants fan and I can admit that the Saints got screwed. This wasn't fair, but a hellhouse??? c'mon now... that's a little overboard... the Saints did get a standing O last night when they came out. Everyone knows this was a home game for the Giants, to construe it otherwise is simply ridiculous. In reference to that KC game, once the game started, those fans were no more rooting for the Giants than the NY fans for N'Orlins last night...
  12. Cleveland, Miami and San Fran Fans...

    trades rarely happen in the NFL, especially in season
  13. Strahan Downgraded

    WFAN radio in NYC is reporting that the Giants have downgraded Michael Strahan today and he might not play in tonight's game. I missed the actual details of what's wrong with him... If he doesn't play, that hurts the Gmen's pash rush and run stopping....
  14. Minny Mess...

    There's a poll on the front of the Minny Tribune online sports section today that asks... "The Vikings will improve when..." Currently 41% say 'when Tice is gone" but I got a kick out of the 2nd place answer, 20% 'when pigs fly'
  15. Minny Mess...

    From the Minny Tribune this morning: Bennett rushed for 9 yards on his first carry and 23 on his second, but he fumbled after gaining 4 on his third carry, ending the Vikings' first possession. Tice replaced him with Mewelde Moore for two series, and then Bennett opened a second-quarter series by fumbling on a screen pass. He did not play thereafter. "It's tough," Tice said. "He wants to do well. He's got his back against the wall. He wants to show that he should be The Guy. "He comes out running the ball hard, then we have a fumble. You try to settle him down ... and then you have another fumble. It's tough at that point, I believe, to put him back in."