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  1. Long year for Alexander owners

    Yeah, the Hou OLine probably isn't great, but that may be the best defense in all of football... I wouldn't panic on DDavis/AJohnson just yet... it's only game, and that D they faced is awesome.
  2. Long year for Alexander owners

    The Jags D is a solid unit. On a side note, I see similar issues with the Rams D. They are gonna have problems, and that's fantasy GRAVY for Bulger owners, cuz he's gonna be hucking that ball up A LOT this season.
  3. San Fran up 21-6

    Well, the D still seems incapable of putting up a stop..
  4. San Fran up 21-6

    WOW. The Rams really have no D at all...
  5. Jamal Lewis to split carries
  6. Benson to start week 1

    I'd steer clear of either guy this week... start em if you absolutely have no other choice... Who knows how the carries are split, and that's a very solid def for a poor Bears O to try and move the ball on...
  7. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    In my work league, a newbie took P.Manning at 1.2... now maybe that's not 'awful' (it is just a 4pt pass TD league)... but here's the kicker - on the rebound, he took MCNABB next cuz he was the 'highest' point guy left... even though we start 1 qb. His 3rd round pick was Travis Henry (with Chris Brown still on the board). Needless to say, he's going to have problems.
  8. My 2005 Squad: Thoughts? Comments?

    He's already posted those numbers, so 'no way' is far too definitive. Maybe last year was a career year, but given the poor AFC West D's I see no reason he can't be near those numbers again.
  9. jolley not starting?

    Baker's a better pass catcher than you're giving him credit for...
  10. No TE Required-but u can use them

  11. OK, it's official: I can choose from

    I like what you've done... I've managed similar teams drafting the 6 and 9 holes of two leagues already. I got Deuce with my first pick in both those leagues. For whatever reason I think he's got a big year in him, and like him better than some of the other guys slotted right around him.... we'll see... My last draft went very similar to yours in the 1st round, with Dillon going right before my pick where I took Deuce. I don't know what to make about Cadillac Williams. I'll be making a big choice in my keeper league draft next week that opens with me having the 2nd pick after 30 players are gone. He might be there. It'll be a tough call for me... I might have to take him, but I just don't know what I'm getting.
  12. McNabb deal... do this?

    10 team league... this crazy dude in my league drafted Manning with his first pick, then draft MCNABB with his 2nd pick... we can only start 1 qb. Of course now he's looking to trade for a RB. I can have McNabb if I wanna part with Brian Westbrook... Here's my squad qb-Plummer, Brees rb- Deuce, Julius, Westbrook, C.Brown, Mewelde, Moats wr- R.Wayne, S.Smith, Lelie, Boldin te- Heap We start 1qb 2rb 2wr 1te 1flex (wr/rb) 1k 1d I can upgrade from Plummer to McNabb... but then my flex becomes C.Brown or Lelie/Boldin... is it worth it? Or do I ride plummer and hang onto the 3rd solid RB? If I can get McNabb and Travis Henry (he's got Henry) to compliment Brown, would that make more sense? Would you make the QB upgrade, or stand pat?
  13. McNabb deal... do this?

    If I can turn the deal into say... I GIVE C.Brown/Boldin for McNabb, would you try that instead?
  14. Please rate my team ....

    LOL... you did AWESOME. You will definitely WIN your league. Good job.
  15. What's the Pick?

    All keepers have been declared (30 total), I have the #2 pick in my long running 10 team H2H local keeper league. Fairly standard performance scoring with bonuses for long TD's... So far I have: -Randy Moss -Jamal Lewis -Corey Dillon We can start: 1qb 2rb 3wr 1qb/rb/wr 1rb/wr 1k 1D/ST As you see we have 2 'flex' spots... you can start 2 qb's (which everyone does as QB's are high scorers), and potentially 3-4 rb's... Now that all keepers have been declared, I can see who I'll be choosing from with my upcoming pick in our draft. The choices look like: -Cadillac Williams -JJ Arrington -Bulger -T.Green -Favre -Javon Walker -Horn Who would you pick in this spot? After I pick, 16 players will dissappear... probably most of the top 12 qb's, the last couple RB's, and most of the 2nd tier WR's... I'm thinking it'll be hard to pass on one of those top QB's... any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  16. What's the Pick?

    I think it'll be REAL hard to pass on Bulger if he's there... almost no chance those young RB's are there on my following pick though which is making me pause.
  17. OK, it's official: I can choose from

    I like Deuce myself out of that group. Got him on 2 of my 4 teams already this season. Something tells me he rebounds to have a very productive year.
  18. Obligatory - How'd I Do?

    Just finished my 1st draft of the season. 10 team league. We start: 1qb 2rb 2wr 1flex (wr or rb) 1te 1k 1D My squad: qb: Plummer, Brees rb: Deuce McCallister, J.Jones, Westbrook, C.Brown, M.Moore wr: R.Wayne, S.Smith, Boldin, Lelie te: Heap, Jolley k: Wilkins d: Carolina We have fairly short benches but given only 10 teams, pretty solid lineups. How'd my draft go? Anything I should look to upgrade wirewise? Thoughts appreciated... thanks!
  19. Obligatory - How'd I Do?

    I don't anything on Plummer... just hoping he comes close to last year's performance. At least he's got 6 games vs. the weak D's of his division. I'm not sure Carolina is much of a 'surprise' D if you ask me... that DLine is monstrous.
  20. This guy is 2 time champion of my league

    What I don't understand, in a WR heavy league, how he was ABLE to draft Randy, Marvin, AND Chad Johnson... you're looking at 3 of the top 6 wr's on most boards? Did everybody else go RB/RB and ignore a strategy that has been winning for someone else? In this league RB/WR or WR/RB would seem like the ONLY way to go... if not WR/WR to start the draft??? I don't get it.
  21. This guy is 2 time champion of my league

    the fact that your league start 4wr AND a TE waters down the RB points quite a bit imo... in a normal 2rb/2wr league he'd be toast... cuz his superior WR's couldn't offset his crud RB choices... but in this league, he'll be competitive before making any deals... It probably still hurts him if S.Davis gets any significant time starting... A month from now when Duce is back things get much better for him. If he can secure one more starting RB, he could be tough... it's not crazy, but I don't like the format
  22. The Bulge

    He's got a nice schedule... plus he's got a young healthy S.Jackson in the backfield all year now. No more splitting time with the Vet who doesn't have the moves he used to have.
  23. Just Drafted

    I've been curious to see how "manning" first drafts would go for people. I think you did VERY well considering no RB in round 1. Portis/Green/Martin should be very solid given that you have a big difference maker at QB. Good job. Obviously your WR's hurt a little going qb early. I think Smith will be solid, but you could be wire scouring for production out of WR2. I'm not a big Driver fan, I actually like TJ more and you got him rounds later, good pick. McMichael will be a serviceable TE and your K/D situation is fine. Good luck, I think you did well with the 'manning' draft. A guy in my 10teamer last night had an AWFUL draft with Manning as his first pick.
  24. Post your team names here

    -Ricky's Traveling Reefer Circus -Cookie Monster Rules
  25. Obligatory - How'd I Do?

    Haha... pick 6 overall in the snake actually. Deuce was my #1.