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  1. Obligatory - How'd I Do?

    Thanks for the input! I obviously waited a long time on qb's... Got Plummer in the 8th round as I was grabbing RB/WR's for the entire first half of the draft...
  2. Drafted: Please Rate

    I think your RB's will be excellent. You should have 3 solid performers on a weekly basis which is probably a leg up on your competition. People are often down on Brooks but every year he puts up decent numbers, I think you're okay at QB. I think Roy Williams is a star in the making. You might be able to get yourself another solid WR with your RB depth, but you don't need to jump to any moves just yet. Very nice team. If you're gonna be strong somewhere, be strong at RB.
  3. Yet another "Rate My Draft" thread...

    I like your depth at RB. This looks like a solid 12teamer squad. Not much depth in the WR dept, but what can you do. Lelie and CJ should be enough given your RB's. You'll probably be playing matchups with Palmer and Lefty. If Cinci struggles you could have some problems but I wouldn't worry too much about the pre-season. LJ is a lower tier TE and your D will be on the field a LOT... any other D units worth taking a stab at?
  4. Should I be fine?

    Your WR's and CPep will get you big points on a regular basis. If Anderson does keep the job (who knows on that)... you could be okay. If not, you might be able to package a Roy Williams and Cadillac for a RB upgrade... You've got some depth for potential moves in the future. You'll have to wait and see what your borderline RB's give you and play it from there.
  5. Obligatory - How'd I Do?

    no takers?
  6. Priest....Question for KC fans

    I'm going to try and avoid Priest if at all possible in my drafts this year. I hate this scenario.... so many RBBC situations and this one looks no better to me, especially if you're spending a #4 pick or something comparable... Tonight I have my first draft and a #6 pick. I really hope Priest is off the board so I'm not sitting with a Priest or Deuce choice in the 6 spot. I really don't want the Priest guessing game, nor do I want to spend a pick on LJ all that much... too risky imo.
  7. How does your league pay out?

    We use EQUAL payouts for 1st/2nd/3rd place standings in both Total Points AND the playoff finishes. We also tend to give a weekly bonus to the high point scorer every week. So if we had $1000 to dole out, it would look like 1st points - $200 2nd points - $100 3rd points - $40 Superbowl winner - $200 Superbowl runnerup - $100 Consolation bowl winner - $40 Each weekly high score - $20 x 16 weeks ($320)
  8. This ESPN draft on tv.....

    ahh... it's mildly entertaining for a little bit... but it quickly gets frustrating as they take a whole bunch of qb's in the 2nd round while the likes of Deuce McCallister sit on the board... or a defense goes early in the 4th... those things just begin to get annoying... :doah:
  9. This ESPN draft on tv.....

    I don't think any 'secrets' are being leaked by this ridiculous draft... the averge Huddler would destroy this competition... soooo many awful picks. 8 team league's are kind of a joke to begin with.. most teams will be star studded anyways, but Scwab's team is already looking monstrous as he obviously has a clue... I wouldn't worry that ESPN is ruining the fantasy landscape by giving away too much trade info... Yes, FF is becoming more and more popular and YES it'll get tougher to draft against the competition each year... but would it actually be any fun to win THIS league against people who obviously don't have as much FF knowledge?
  10. Should I allow owners to trade picks offseason?

    I don't understand a keeper league where there's no trading of draft picks... ESPECIALLY in a league where the keepers are lifers. It seems like it would be even harder to grab the good players in that situation, so they might have some real value in draft picks to a team with lesser choices. Yes, the system benefits the teams that did well, but I don't particularly see anything wrong with that. There was a 'year 1' at some point in this league... and somebody got the terrific draft spot to get LT or Peyton or whatever... and then they get them 'forever'... how is that any more fair? The reality is there's always a viewpoint that can skew things as unfair. I think a free market system in a keeper league is the way to go. Allow owners to gamble their draft picks if they want imo...
  11. Help me...please help me.

    If you can land any of those 3 qb's for your pick, keep Rogers, he's more talented than the other options, and worth more in fantasy points or trade bait. I don't see Driver ever starting for you ever given your WR options already.
  12. Keeper Decisions....

    I'm in a 10 team standard performance keeper league. I just traded Trent Green in the off-season to a KC fan for Corey Dillon. We can keep up to 3 players. Before this deal, my keepers were looking like Jamal Lewis, Randy Moss, and D.McNabb.... Would you keep Dillon over McNabb? It's a standard performance league. We start: 1qb 2rb 3wr 2flex (qb,rb,wr,te) and (rb,wr,te) K Team D So we can start 2 qb's, or potentially 4rb's with the 2 flex spots... McNabb has 1 year of keeper eligibility left... Dillon wasn't kept last year, he has 3 years of eligibility left.
  13. Who Do I Keep?

    I keep McNabb/Ward/Henry if you HAVE to keep 3. I think C.Brown is brittle like balsa wood and could be in a backup role fairly quickly... The clock on Thomas Jones' job is ticking as we speak after they drafted the rook, and I personally don't think SF will find the endzone much at all this year.
  14. Draft Strategy

    If choice A's available, that's the way I'd go. After that, choice B... it's hard to say what RB will be available on your 2nd pass, but if there's anybody decent, grab them +WR imo... You can get a solid QB in rounds 5-7 of most 10 team drafts.
  15. Keeper Decisions....

    bump - any other thoughts out there... Dillon or McNabb? (given the info above)
  16. Draft Help

    DEFINITELY take a solid RB with one of those first two picks.
  17. Keeper Decisions....

    Well there's absolutely NO chance of getting McNabb back. In fact, which ever guy I let go will get picked up in the supplemental picks before our draft starts. I will NOT have a supplemental pick (as I'm keeping 3 players). My 1.2 pick is in our normal draft AFTER the supplemental rounds... Do I want to start with: -McNabb, Moss, Jamal or -Moss, Jamal, Dillon with the #2 pick and 30 players gone. That is the question... I could see landing a qb in the 8-12 Huddle rank range... or a rb in the 15-20 range with that first pick... NOTE - This league we can keep 0 to 3 players. I'll be keeping 3. Any team that doesn't keep 3 will be making supplemental picks before our draft starts. My 1.2 pick is for our draft AFTER the supplemental picks have been made. Every team enters the draft with 3 players, so 30 players will be off the board. There is no chance of me getting EITHER Dillon or McNabb back after I let one go. The guy I traded Trent Green to is still deciding whether to keep Green or Tory Holt as his 3rd keeper. Regardless, whoever he lets go, will dissappear in the supplemental round as well.
  18. Keeper Decisions....

    well, after the top 5-7 qb's it's a crapshoot... RB's will definitely fly off the board.... I will be picking at 1.2 after 30 players are off the board before our draft starts. I really only see Manning and Culpepper as definite keepers... Then, in the supplemental rounds I'd expect -McNabb (if I let him go) -Green -Bulger -Favre -Hassleback all these guys will be gone before the draft most likely... I'd expect the top 15rb's or so, and then a combo of qb/wr's for the other 15... but that's mostly a guess. Yes we can start 2 qb's, but that almost 'even's out' as everybody gets points out of those spots... If you've got 3 solid RB's you're in excellent shape.
  19. Critical Keeper Help Needed

    Yeah, my initial reaction was to go with Heap.
  20. Lewis or Dillon?

    As with everyone else, I like Jamal more... on nothing more than instinct. The Huddle likes Dillon more. I think both are solid, but I think Jamal's ceiling is higher and he's the focal point of that offense. I think last year and the offseason will just serve as motivation for Jamal.
  21. Keeper Decisions....

    anybody... bueller???
  22. Keeper Decisions....

    yes, every team pretty much always starts 2 qb's (unless they have ridiculous RB's, but rarely does a team have 4 rb's worth starting... people are hip to grabbing the top RB's...) If I let Dillon go, I will not get him back before my first pick. I have the second overall pick in our draft, but 30 players will be gone... either McNabb or Dillon will be gone if I let them go... We have a supplemental draft before the 'actual' draft, so if you don't keep 3 players, you pick in the supplemental... Essentially either guy I let go will be gone... RB's will be scarce, but I might get a mid-level QB with my first pick...
  23. The Very Important Topic of Member Numbers

    I can see the EBAY auctions now... "RARE Huddle Member Number Up For Grabs" let the bidding start at....
  24. Past Posts put to the Test

    Yeah, I hear that... but you're talking about the top options to see the ball almost every time on those teams... they're still solid viable 'fantasy' plays. Andre slowed down dramatically after getting hurt last year, but I like his upside. Roy seems to have major skills. I think you know what you're getting in DJax... pretty solid production, not likely to go nuts and post 12-14 td's... Clayton is not a burner, but a solid producer in a scheme that throws quite a bit... I don't mind the 'eggs in 2 baskets' problem all that much...