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  1. Past Posts put to the Test

    I probably woulda taken Andre/Roy... if you have to run some lesser guys out there for one week then that's what you've got to do... WR's are a bit of a crapshoot though so I don't think it's a terrible call either way really...
  2. How TO Trouble Affects "Manning-first" Strat

    In a 6pt TD league Manning is a no brainer first round pick... you could even argue #1... now I couldn't follow that pick with WR/WR even in a rec per point league, cuz your situation at RB will be a MESS no matter who you get at WR. Yes Manning will be HUGE in that format, that doesn't mean you can ignore your starting RB's until the 4th round though... that's probably suicide unless you get ridiculously lucky with an old vet breaking out or a rookie no one saw exploding for you...
  3. Wtd Avg 2005 Projection Spreadsheet (8/6/05)

    If possible, you've outdone yourself yet again. Many thanks hombre.
  4. Just joined the Huddle.....

    Did that MRI come back on Priest yet?
  5. Rules question ...

    Yeah, in essence it's the same system...
  6. Rules question ...

    I play in an optional keeper league where we can keep 0-3 players every year. We have a different system though. Instead of 'losing' corresponding draft picks, we have a supplemental draft before the 'main' draft starts. This way, every owner will have 3 players when the 'main' draft starts. If you keep 0 players, you get 3 picks in the supplemental draft. If you keep 2, you get 1 pick, ect... note - supplemental picks cannot be traded... and that draft is done immediately after keepers are declared among any owners who did not keep 3 players...
  7. Rhino Spreadsheet

    The man does admirable work... it's a very nice tool to have, especially on draft day... all the matchups/bye's right there for you..
  8. AFC East

    It's still NE's division to lose... After them, the Jets probably have the best 'team'... flip a coin on the Bills/Dolphins next, but probably the Bills ahead of the Fins unless JP really stumbles badly (which is always possible with young QB's...)
  9. "Committed" now available in paperback

    Just picked up my copy... I'm 5 pages in and I'll be reading nothing else until this is finished.
  10. Altering your draft strategy from years past

    I do think the RB plateau drops off after the top 5 or so and after that I'm not sure anybody knows who's gonna wind up in the 6-11 range come season's end... Guys like Jamal Lewis and Kev Jones could wind up #3 overall or #15... So I may grab a top tier WR before my 2nd RB this year, just have to wait and see how it plays out...
  11. new "32 Homers" league trying to get started

    This is VERY true... cuz there's NOBODY left on the wires after the draft! Despite the low maintenance, I really enjoy this league. When you find a 3rd string player that puts up some points it can be a real difference maker. If you have an extra WR who catches balls, SOMEBODY will want him and there's room to make deals. Injuries WILL destroy some teams from the get go, that's just the format (depth does not exist). All the backups in the league will get picked before the draft ends. It's really an interesting format, and I find it helps me draft my other leagues...
  12. Fanball or MyFantasyLeague?

    We used sportsline for years and it just became too expensive. Then we went to MFL and while as commish I loved it, my entire league hated the interface. They were used to the much 'prettier' interface of CBS and they all griped that MFL was clunky and ugly. Last year we moved to Fanball cuz the interface was more to their liking, you can post articles (and my local league does a ton of smack talkin), and it was still signficantly cheaper than CBS. As far as flexibility goes, MFL is hands down the best imo... limitless options, and they're quick to respond if you have an issue. Fanball isn't bad, and the front end is nice. Sportsline looks great, but far less scoring options... and sportslines 'articles' are virtually useless imo.
  13. Eagles enter bid to steal Burress

    That makes my late season trade for McNabb in my local keeper all the sweeter...
  14. Giants Sign Feely

    ESPN's Len Pasquerelli is reporting that the Giants have signed Feely (Atl kicker)... I'm getting this on the radio (WFAN and ESPN in NYC)... no links yet...
  15. Plexiglass to the Giants?

    I found this online... still no links: ESPN reports Plaxico Burress did not spend the day visiting the Giants because of an illness. Even as a free agent, Burress is unreliable. The ESPN report indicated the Giants still have interest, but there is probably more to this story which we'll learn in the next few days
  16. Plexiglass to the Giants?

    Do you have this confirmed anywhere? None of the NY media outlets are saying anything about this yet....
  17. Pats to make play for Plaxico?

    Yeah, there's nothing in that article to make you think they're going after Plax... it's an author thinking out loud, no real 'info' there at all...
  18. Giants Sign Feely
  19. Giants intent on protecting Eli

    I just head on the radio that Feely was coming in today... any links on that anywhere? That's another solid pickup for the Giants... WHO ARE THESE GIANTS??? Solid FA moves... I'm stunned here... liking it, but stunned.
  20. Giants intent on protecting Eli

    I'm a VERY happy about the offseason for BigBlue thus far... Two glaring needs have been addressed... Nice work.
  21. Giants Homers

    He's done.. I'd rather see some of the young guys play full time now anyways.... CYA
  22. It's official - Moss a Raider

    If Kerry can do anything it's throw the deep ball well. He can huck it. With Porter drawing attention on the other side, and perhaps Lamont in the backfield, this could be a serious offense to deal with. I think Randy will post his usual stellar numbers, no real reason to expect any major dropoff imo.
  23. to see Danny Kannell on any START list is simply mind boggling
  24. Anyone else want Volek to go down with injury

    Welcome to Fantasy Football. Somebody gets hot late every year, you wouldn't complain if you had him. It's not always a no-name backup out of nowhere, but somebody unexpected seems to go off in the playoffs every year. Last year Joe Horn went nuts on the Giants and earned me some nice holiday $$$$ I'm a Volek owner, but I've had him since week 4 as a handcuff to McNair so I haven't backed into anything... Got my own superbowl this week and I hope he tosses another 4td's
  25. How did you get to your SB?

    I made several moves that helped me into the SB this season. It's a 12 team H2H league... Kind of standard scoring but we get a point per reception so it's a league with a mild weight towards pass catchers. I drafted Michael Clayton late and he's been a godsend all year long. A few weeks into the season I traded for Steve McNair which wasn't a great deal, but I grabbed Volek off the wires as a handcuff at the time, and he's been HUGE on the playoff run. Brad Johnson was my starting QB going into the season, but when he faltered I was second to the wires and got Brian Griese after someone else took Simms. Griese stabilized my QB issues and held things together for me until Volek started going nuts. This has been the year of the handcuff for me... Dominick Davis has been a pretty steady point guy, especially in a PPR league... but Mewelde Moore filled in very very nicely when Jamal Lewis was serving suspension time. The New York Jets defense and ST have also been a pleasant surprise. In a league where we subtract every point that the defense allows, having a solid unit is crucial to success. They've been steady, and with 7 second half shutouts to their credit, they've put me in the SB. My SB starting lineup: qb- Volek rb- DD rb- Jamal Lewis wr- Javon Walker wr- Eric Moulds wr- Michael Clayton wildcard- Santana Moss wildcard- Griese/Bledsoe k- Keading d- NYJ