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  1. Let me count the ways ...

    hmmm... yeah... I've had a similar issue this week... But whoah Mr.Volek!!! ... He single handedly pulled my butt outta the fire and put me in the finals next week.
  2. First round of the playoffs for my local today and I've got that feeling... looks like I made all the WRONG choices today... -Started Jets D over the Hou D (we subtract points scored..) -Started Kitna over Bledsoe -Started Moulds over Santana Moss... It's early but I'm down 16 points right now... with those 3 changes... I'm up 40... ugh...
  3. Ever just make all the WRONG call?

    I'd say both of your calls we're almost no-brainers... hard to second guess those
  4. Bledsoe or Kitna?

    Who thought people would actually be deciding to play Drew Bledsoe during FF playoffs.... It's a flex spot in a 12 team H2H league... QB Scoring: 1pt per 5 completions, 4pt TD's, 1pt per 50yds passing, -2 for INTS Last week Bledsoe posted 6 points vs. a terrible Cle team and only managed 100yds passing in bad weather... Kitna will likely be passing more... Kitna posted 5 points in 1 quarter vs. NE coming off the bench.. WDIS? Bledsoe vs. Cinci Kitna vs. Buff
  5. Okay, so I'm in a 12 team local H2H league that's been running for almost a decade. About a month ago an owner submitted an illegal lineup (didn't start 3 wr's) because Sportsline lets you. In our league WR's and TE's are the same, but not in sportsline, so you can start from 0-5 of either postions (with 2 wildcards)... so you can not have 3 starting WR's and sportsline might still say it's okay... Anyway, we caught his illegal lineup, but he complained that the rules weren't written down (and they weren't) so he didn't get a zero, we swapped out his highest point guy for his lowest point wr on his bench... At that point the commish put all the league rules down in writing on the site. The written rules now do say an illegal lineup results in a zero.... ...okay, so the 4th seed with a team on a roll put in an illegal lineup this week. He only started 2 wr's and nobody noticed till I just did, moments ago. I'm the #1 seed and I'm gonna have to play him... But I just emailed everyone that he had an illegal lineup. If we go with the rules as written now, he gets a 0, and he'll miss the playoffs AND get blown out of the points race for money... essentially, he'll blow several hundred dollars of winnings. We let one owner slide for the same infraction a month ago, but now the rules are written down and very clear. It's a tough penalty... but it's also very clear. What would you lean towards doing? I know there's gonna be a league vote tomorrow...
  6. Javon Walker

    He does seem to be alternating with big/small games from week to week, so hopefully he comes out strong this weekend.
  7. Javon Walker

    Yeah, Walker is kinda killing me... He went from STUD status to mediocre pretty quickly. Suddenly Favre is locking on Driver all the time. In a PPR league, Javon was rocking for me, but he's slowed down dramatically over the last month... I keep hoping he rebounds with a big performance soon... it's PLAYOFF time.
  8. Commish's out there... tough league call

    I don't disagree with either of the last 2 remarks... and I voiced a similar opinion to the league... We still have a couple days to sort this out so I'm hoping we sway the crowd to let this owner into the playoffs... btw - I'm the #1 seed and I would be playing the owner that was booted. We played once during the regular season in one of the highest scoring matchups all year, and he edged me by a nose... I want the rematch, and have voiced that opinion with our league... and the 'replacement' team that would slip into the playoffs in his place is a much softer squad, I'll pummel him...
  9. Commish's out there... tough league call

    There is no configuration in Sportsline that I'm aware of that currently solves our problem. We consider wr/te to be the same position at the moment. We have 2 wildcard spots in our active lineups that can be any offensive player. Hence an owner can start from 0-5 wr's or te's any given week. You could start 5 te's (as your 3 wr/te and 2 wilcard spots) or 5 wr's any given week. So right now the system will NOT catch someone who starts only 2 wr's as having an illegal lineup. If sportsline had the option of making wr/te the same position (as some sites do)... then we could set it as 3-5 any given week and it would alert you if you only started 2 wr's.... But sportsline considers the 2 positions as different, so you must enter 0-5 as acceptable for each position. This then creates the 'hole' and allows for the possibility of submitting an 'illegal' lineup by our league rules that the computer doesn't catch.
  10. Commish's out there... tough league call

    It was written down 2 months ago on the league site after an owner tried to play an illegal lineup BEFORE sunday and the commish stepped in, fixed his lineup, and posted all the rules... At the time the owner argued that the rules weren't posted so he had every right to play the lineup he wanted. The league has been playing for 10 years so everybody basically laughed at him, said "nice try" and forced him to play the legal lineup. So yes, it was written down when the current instance happened... This new owner is the first person to actually play an illegal lineup all season (nobody caught it), and the punishment according to the rules is a zero. He obviously thinks the same thing that happened to the other owner should happen to him (swapping players to make his lineup legal... although the other owner never actually played an illegal lineup). This is a very tough punishment for making a lineup mistake, a zero is tough to swallow in a playoff race. The basic problem is that this is not TE required league, so you can play 0-3 TE's or WR's at the WR position... hence if you only start 2 wr's the system doesn't see it as an illegal lineup. We are probably moving to a TE required league next year simply to avoid this issue ever again. You should not be allowed to enter an illegal lineup if the system is setup correctly.
  11. Commish's out there... tough league call

    THIS is exactly what I suggested when I took a straw poll of leaguemates for the sake of consistency... but the commish is standing pat.
  12. Commish's out there... tough league call

    As I've learned today, the first guy did NOT get off... I mis-stated what happened. It was closer to two months ago and I was away that weekend so I missed it at the time... The commish found his illegal lineup BEFORE deadlines, and that owner argued that since it wasn't written down he could play it the way he wanted... Well the commish said no and forced him to play a legal lineup by swapping players... As it turns out the guy only had one other player on his bench to make his lineup legal so there wasn't a whole lot of choosing to do... Anyways, after he forced him to make his lineup legal BEFORE the deadline, he posted the rules and told everyone to check them and what the consequences were... So long story short, the first owner DID NOT play an illegal lineup and have a different punishment than this 2nd owner who's getting punished now. He was forced to submit a legal lineup per league rules BEFORE Sunday's games started. So this is the FIRST owner who actually went through games with an illegal lineup. That's a bit of a different story, if not still a very tough sentencing....
  13. Official McNair Watch

    PLEASE keep Volek in there... He's rolling and putting up very nice numbers....
  14. Commish's out there... tough league call

    The commish has emailed the league, he's giving him a Zero. He misses the playoffs. He was third in the points race, and his team was rolling so he could've won it all (he was the Julius Jones owner and was reaping the recent benefits).. He had a shot at winning upwards of $500 (first place points was probably out of his reach), but now he's got no shot at any money. This was not a rule 'change', we've been playing for a long time... the change is that somebody got away with it like 5-6 weeks ago with a lesser punishment cuz as he argued it wasn't 'written down' anywhere. At the time the commish let him slide with a player swap, emailed everyone that all league rules had now been posted, and told everyone to look them over. This is a TOUGH one for the guy who just got the Zero, but the commish is sticking to his email when he notified everyone that all rules had been posted.
  15. Commish's out there... tough league call

    yes, the rules are written down and clear now... which means the 4th seed gets screwed because he made a mistake... It's a tough pill to swallow for that guy, but I'm leaning that way on simple rule enforcement
  16. Commish's out there... tough league call

    that's the problem, the rules were NOT written down a month ago, the commish hadn't posted them since we moved to sportsline (hence the first owner had a legitimate gripe, a technicality, but legitimate at the time)... but they are written down now SINCE that incident, and the commish emailed everyone when he posted them...
  17. Commish's out there... tough league call

    yup, that's a point, but that guy's argument was 'the rules aren't written down'... (it's a league we've been playing for 10 years), EVERYBODY knows we have to start 3 wr's, he was using and out to avoid the punishment... anyway, the commish said fine, swapped players, and then emailed everyone that the rules had now been posted, and that there would be no more deviation... so now we got's a controversy... At the least the 4th seed owner MUST have his lineup altered cuz he scored big this week and he's in a tight points race for money... He can't win with an illegal lineup. At the worst he's f'd and out of both the playoffs and the points race. I literally don't know what I'd do as commish.
  18. How far into the game does Chris Brown play?

    3 quarters... no touches in the 4th when they're way behind and passing passing passing...
  19. If anybody has any updates on who's starting at RB and QB for the Titans tonight, please give a holler... THANKS!
  20. Tenn GTD's... updates if ya got em...

    thank you! now it's just C.Brown/A.Smith to wait on....
  21. Eli Manning ... is he a bust?

    again... WAY TOO EARLY to make any judgements on him... simply too early... The supporting cast is pretty bad, and the oline is downright awful. Drew Brees was a bust before this season... It might take another year or two before you can really say a whole lot about whether Eli is a bust... Toomer had no TD's with Warner at the helm... Hilliard looks like he's 800 years old right now. The oline is so bad they can only put a couple guys in patterns without getting the QB killed... it's gonna take some time... And for all the people who question putting him out there... What's the better option? Lose with Warner and have the kid learn on the job NEXT year? I just don't think so. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, he knows the deal. He's learning, and stinking at the moment. He's got some time to improve, and he likely will. But to call him a bust after a handful of games? Well that's just silly imo. Don't even bother with stats just yet, let's give him some time before jumping to any conclusions.
  22. Jamal Lewis for NEXT week...

    Well the HUDDLE update says he re-aggravated his injury and was taken out of the game... The Baltimore Sun story this morning says nothing like that: RAVENS RUNNING back Jamal Lewis was standing in front of his locker with blood dripping down his forearm. He hadn't played much in the team's 37-14 win over the New York Giants yesterday at M&T Bank Stadium, but he did take a few steps toward possibly returning to top form. A few steps are important when you've missed the previous two games with an ankle injury. A few steps mean a lot more when you've struggled through trial proceedings, investigations and court appearances. Those steps were huge for a team hoping to ride your legs into the postseason. The final numbers for Lewis yesterday were eight carries for 32 yards, but it was a great day even for a running back who rushed for more than 2,000 yards last season, and wanted more than 1,500 in 2004. "Heck, yeah, it's been a long year, a real long year," said Lewis, who has 683 rushing yards this season. "You've got pressure on you off the field, and you've got pressure on you on the field against the run because everyone is stacking the box. I got off to a slow start. But today, I played pretty well. The first carry felt kind of funny, but it loosened up, and then things got rolling." Well, not the way Lewis rolled past teams in the past, but it's a start. If the Ravens are to make a playoff run in the final three games, they're going to need a healthy Lewis and his fresh legs. Reserve Chester Taylor has played well filling in as the starter in four games this season, and Taylor had another 104 yards rushing yesterday, but this team needs Mr. Smashmouth back. There is one way the Ravens can control Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning on Sunday night, and that's by controlling the tempo and keeping Manning off the field. He can't score if he doesn't have the ball. That's where Lewis comes in. There aren't many running backs who can dictate the pace of a game the way he can. So when he rushed eight times yesterday and reported no pain, there were a lot of happy people in the Ravens organization. When he left the field before the half and didn't play in the second, there were questions buzzing among the 69,856 partisan fans about his availability for the rest of the season. The final verdict will come today. If there is little swelling and soreness, Lewis should be ready for the Colts. "I had to re-tape it at halftime; it kind of loosened up over the first two quarters," Lewis said. "While I was gone, we gained a 10-point advantage. It was a little sore, but I think it was just more from running and opening up. The ankle has been in a boot for the last 2 1/2 weeks. "Once we were up 27-7, I was only going in for emergency only," Lewis said. "We got everything accomplished. I got my blocking down and got a couple of runs in. Coach told me I would get about 30 snaps. We wanted to warm it up, see where it was, and that was about it. Now, we have to see how the ankle reacts tomorrow to what I did today, evaluate it and then see where it's at." The Ravens would like nothing better than to let Lewis cut loose. Despite his denials, he was bothered during the early part of season by a pending trial on federal drug charges. He later made a plea bargain and accepted a six-month sentence, but was suspended by the league for two games - Oct. 24 and Oct. 31. He came back for three games, but sprained his right ankle on Nov. 21 against the Dallas Cowboys. No one has seen the real Lewis on the field in 2004, not even Lewis. The Ravens' offensive line has been hit hard with injuries, as tackles Orlando Brown and Jonathan Ogden and center/guard Mike Flynn have missed extensive time. But all three were back in the lineup yesterday. So was Pro Bowl tight end Todd Heap. The only player missing for a half was No. 31. The Ravens miss him firing up the defense with a tough, 5-yard run. They miss him on stretch runs to the outside, where he turns the corner and then punishes a defensive back. He is as imposing as a runaway bus going downhill. Lewis has rushed for more than 100 yards 24 times during his Ravens career. In those games, the Ravens have outscored opponents, 611-350. They need a healthy Lewis in the next two weeks to take the ball out of the hands of Manning, and then away from Pittsburgh's balanced offense. "Not just out of Peyton's hands, but to keep us rolling, keep us going as an offense," Lewis said. "Next week, we should have all the pieces together. We got all the linemen back; now we have to go out and find that tempo. I haven't had that long, consistent time in there yet to actually find the groove." Maybe this time, he will. Another week might be too late. I dunno but to me that sounds like he plans to be full speed next week... not one mention of re-injuring himself... am I missing something? Was he hurt again and they're talking around it?
  23. Eli Manning ... is he a bust?

    It's still TOO EARLY to make any real calls on this kid. The team is AWFUL around him... his WR's are limping around, his Oline SUCKS and his defense has lost like, it's FIVE top playmakers... Yeah they chucked him into a meatgrinder, but I doubt they woulda won more than maybe 1 extra game with Warner in there, IF that... and then the kid still has to learn on the job NEXT year. He's played a bunch of tough defenses, and his supporting cast is awful right now. Peyton was 0-4 after his first 4 starts. Simple fact, it's TOO EARLY to make any judgements yet.
  24. Julius Jones!

    It is FAR FAR too early to speculate where he'll go. He's literally had TWO big games and that's it. That's not enough to go on in my book. Remember William Green's huge run down the stretch? Where is he now? I'm not saying that's what'll happen to JJ, we just need to see more. The fact that Dallas has some picks is good, but the QB situation is not good. I'll be thrilled if people start jumping on him in the top 5 next year, that means a reliable proven stud might still be around for me at a later pick.
  25. Brown's comeback short-lived

    After dealing with an EVERY week game time decision and partial game plays ALL SEASON long with this guy, I wouldn't touch him next year. Let somebody else try and figure out if he's gonna play on Sunday.