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  1. Jamal Lewis
  2. Jamal Lewis

    Looks like Jamal Lewis is OUT for this Sunday again... Chester Taylor will tote the rock... Quick Hits: Jamal No Go 12-1-04, 1:55 p.m. BY GEOFF HOBSON The Bengals emerged healthier than the Ravens, at least on Wednesday, when Baltimore Pro Bowl RB Jamal Lewis told The Baltimore Sun he won't play on his injured ankle. How big of a relief is that for the Bengals? He's 7-for-7 in 100-yard games against them, not to mention averaging 183 in the last two games.
  3. which FLEX starter

    Need one Flex spot option... It's a point per reception league. 1 pt for 15yds rush/rec... 6 pt rush/rec td's... qb scoring: 1pt per 5 completions, 1pt per 50yds pass, 4pt td's, -2 for INT's (same rushing rules as other players) Here are my options: -Ronald Curry vs. KC (scoring well lately, mid teens, faces awful secondary) -Brian Griese vs. Atl (solid, only a couple big weeks, but gets 10-12pts regularly) -Jermaine Wiggins vs. Chi (if he scores he gets in the teens, if he doesn't then 6-9pts) Who would you throw out there this week?
  4. #3 WR.. Tough Choice

    Looks like Gabriel's out this week for OAK facing KC... I'd probably roll the dice with Porter and hope he keeps clicking with Collins.
  5. Shockey or McMichel

    Probably McMichael... The Giants O is a mess with Eli learning the ropes... and it doesn't get any easier vs. Was this week.
  6. Is this cheating?

    In my book intentional tanking is cheating and collusion. If I were commish of that league and found out your intentions I'd kick ya both out. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Chris Brown

    When anybody knows... (ahem, Spain)... give a holler if this guy is playing or if it's Antwain again...
  8. Chris Brown

    The Titans website is reporting that A.SMITH will start today in their actives/inactives section:
  9. Chris Brown

    The HUDDLE update is saying Brown had a setback and SMITH will start... I'd go SMITH right now
  10. Chris Brown

    also from Fanball: There is some confusion regarding Titans' running back Chris Brown's status for Sunday. A stadium official told that Brown will start at running back for the Titans. However, ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen said that the only reason Brown is active for Sunday's game is that the team didn't have room on the inactive list. Meanwhile, reports that the second-year back will be available to the Titans this week, but head coach Jeff Fisher plans to split carries between Brown and Antowain Smith. Sounds like a mess to us. Fantasy owners should consider using any comparable options they might have this week.
  11. Chris Brown

    oh this sucks... hopefully we're confirmed in the next 30 min
  12. Chris Brown

    WOW...thanks for the catch
  13. Christ Brown not playing

    WOW... cuz another site posted he was starting... UH OH
  14. Chris Brown

    from another site: Chris Brown is active for today's game and will start. He's got a solid matchup versus the Texans. Start him and hope he finishes the game
  15. It's a MESS here in NYC

    It is POURING rain and there are wind gusts up to 50mph here in NYC... The meadowlands will be a giant MESS today... not sure how this will affect the Giants-Eagles game, but it could throw a wrench in the passing game... You might want to temper your expectations through the air on this one...
  16. Chris Brown

    He practiced on Friday and the word is that he will likely start, but you never know with him. I'd like confirmation just in case.
  17. It's a MESS here in NYC

    Yup, sorry, didn't see that... at least my dog walks are gonna be REAL short today...
  18. It's a MESS here in NYC
  19. Randy Moss Predictions!

    Yep, he was definitely rushed back the last couple times... but neither time did he practice all week. He has practiced all week with no limitations. It looks like he's back to full strength... I wouldn't be at all surprised by a normal Randy day of 100/1...
  20. Randy Moss Update Thread

  21. Randy Moss Update Thread

    From the St.Paul Pioneer Press (I'd put a link but it requires one of those annoying sign in's)... posted today 11/24 Moss still on target to play BY SEAN JENSEN Pioneer Press Vikings receiver Randy Moss endured more physical tests Tuesday and remains on track to play Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Moss tested his strained right hamstring Monday by hopping on each leg three times and running three 40-yard dashes. He did similar, though more rigorous, exercises Tuesday under the supervision of trainer Chuck Barta. Coach Mike Tice is cautiously optimistic that Moss will play upwards of 25 plays against the Jaguars. "He's on pace," Tice said. "He'll do more each day." Moss is expected to be listed as doubtful on today's injury report, but the team hopes he'll be upgraded later in the week. Although he made two token appearances against the Tennessee Titans and New York Giants, Moss essentially has been out of the lineup the past five games. During that span, the Vikings are 2-3. In the first five games of the season, the Vikings averaged 353 yards passing and 30 points; over the past five, they've averaged 225 yards passing and 22.8 points. Moss has 394 yards receiving and eight receiving touchdowns. If he wants to extend his record of 1,000 yards receiving to start an NFL career to seven years, he will need to average 101 yards over the final six games.
  22. Randy Moss Update Thread

    Avernus, was he running with first string? I read a report of how he caught a 50yd bomb for a td in practice.... against the scout team guys. So not really sure how much that counts... just curious...
  23. Randy Moss Update Thread

    I may have no choice but to start him and hope for the best. I'm about to play one of the highest scoring teams in our league, and I'll need every break to win. I'm gonna wait for more practice reports as the week progresses, but right now I'm leaning towards rolling the dice. My other options are not great anyways.
  24. Randy Moss Update Thread

    This is from the Minny Star Tribune today: Moss 'superb' The Vikings put receiver Randy Moss through a rigorous 26-minute workout Tuesday, after which coach Mike Tice declared Moss was in "superb" condition. There were no indications of swelling in Moss' strained right hamstring, even after a workout that included 23 consecutive minutes of running pass routes with 25 seconds of rest in between each play. This came after a heavy workout on Monday, so apparently there was no swelling... I guess that's a good sign.
  25. Jamal Lewis

    Well, this would effectively end my season. First Randy Moss, and now this... ugh.... what a crap year.