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  1. Who is the most overated player in the league?

    This is easy for me. Jeremy Shockey. This guy drops 2-3 passes that hit him in the hands EVERY week.
  2. Jamal Lewis' ANKLE-

    Straight up bruising runners have had success against that 'tough NE D'... Jamal is the perfect mold for that... we'll see...
  3. Eli looks composed early on

    Well, it was another loss in a season that's rapidly slipping away for the Gmen, but regardless, I was pretty happy with what I saw from Eli. He looked composed, his arm is SO much stronger than Warner's that comparisons are not even worthwhile. There were several, 3-4 plays, that Warner would've been sacked where Eli moved around and either completed a pass or took a shot at making a play. The kid did look a little over-anxious early, and missed some receivers that were open, but I like the fact that he's learning now. His team-mates didn't help him a whole lot, dropping balls left and right yesterday. He's got a chance to pretty good, so let the maturation process begin.
  4. Anyone else's good season turn to crap suddenyl?

    Hey... this thread's about b*tching not patting your own back
  5. Anyone else's good season turn to crap suddenyl?

    In my local keeper league I was decimated by injuries last season real early on (Pennington, Vick, Faulk, Dillon ect....) So I made moves to get more durable players, Randy Moss being the primary. He hadn't missed a game in his career. Well I was 4-1 going into the week that Randy went down at halftime. I lost that week, and haven't won since, sitting at 4-6 now. It hasn't helped that I've faced either the league high or the 2nd highest score in each of the last 6 weeks (a little unreal but it happens). For the last month and half it seems like everybody simply goes off on me... Pittman's 3 td's... Brees's 5 td's.. Rod Smith's 200 yd day... Gates's 3 td day... it goes on and on. I'd like a little cheese with my whine at this point, but I simply can't replace Moss in my lineup, I'm down almost 15ppg on my total scores, and that's a killer. I've made more trades for next season, my 3 keepers will likely be Moss, McNabb, and Jamal Lewis, along with a top draft pick the way things are going... But after sitting at 4-1, this has been a tough season in my local.
  6. Question for Chris Brown owners

    not very optimistic... his game a couple weeks ago was a total tease as I had him on my bench... When he turned in a stinker after 2 weeks off I had him back in my lineup... Now it's hard to trust the guy again and we're running out of time. Too bad. His tag before the season started was a guy who got nicked easily and I guess that's pretty much turned out to be true.