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  1. OBJ for Cook & Landry

    Like Jared Cook? Accept before he realizes the mistake he is making.
  2. First draft ever -- how'd I do?!?

    One of the keys to drafting is figuring out how to balance a team with safe players and high risk/high reward guys. You don't want all safe, low ceiling/high floor players because you won't score enough points to win and you can't have a team full of high risk/high reward because it likely means you have a lot of guys that are boom/bust or get injured often. I think you did a really nice job at WR. ABrown is about as safe as it gets there, Marshall and Decker are both with new teams but have been very safe players most of their career. Dez has been pretty injury prone recently, so I would classify him as a riskier guy. Matthews is really unknown, but he is about as good as WR5 gets. Running back you definitely slipped up. You have no one at that position that is safe at all. McCaffery is a rookie who should be a really good fantasy player, but he is kind of small and the NFL game is much more brutal week to week than college. Abdullah has gotten hurt both seasons he has been a pro. White is a New England running back. Owning any of them is basically a crap shoot, therefore qualifies as a risk. Duke Johnson, Prosise, and Williams will be decent bye week filler guys, but aren't ever going to be the meat of your lineup. You needed some safer guys here. They don't have to be LeVeon Bell or David Johnson safe, but someone like Terrance West, Frank Gore, Bilal Powell. At least you know what you are getting there. TE is solid. Kelce is an upper echelon player at his position that has a proven track record. He is only going to get better. Ryan is also a solid QB. I like your team for the most part. I would try and package one of your riskier running backs (maybe Abdullah) with Matthews (maybe even Decker if you have to) and target someone like Isaiah Crowell or Billal Powell.
  3. Trying to get a trade for Kareem Hunt

    This is tough. I think the trade is close. I am really high in Hunt and Pryor. Is there a different running back on your team you could throw in there? If not, I say give up Ingram over Perkins just based on competition.
  4. Rate my draft picks!!

    Unfortunately, I have to agree. You did a pretty poor job drafting this team. There is a lot of risk here. Gronk never plays a full season and you drafted him 11th. You have a running back corps of unknowns. Wide receiver is deep but no really consistent guys. Its going to be a headache trying to figure out who to start.
  5. Monster trade offer

    You obviously accept that trade. Would not be surprised to see it vetoed.
  6. How do I look?

    14-Team 0.5 PPR. QB - Flacco RB1 - Bell RB2 - AP WR1 - Dez WR2 - Tate TE - Doyle FLEX - Watkins FLEX - Desean Jackson Bench - Hunt, West, Latavius Murray, Dion Lewis, Curtis Samuel, Julius Thomas, Deshaun Watson
  7. Keeper Help - Cousins in the 11th?

    I think Garcon is the best value. Depending on the size of your league he can go as early as like the 7th. Cousins isnt going anywhere earlier than like the 9th. I say take Garcon and look to draft Cousins in the 9th if you want him.
  8. Should I trade Odell for Tom Brady?

    Its funny that you mocked your friends for trades they made then asked if you should trade Odell for Tom Brady.
  9. Draft strategy help

    Generally, I don't draft a quarterback until round 10. Look for Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr, or Eli Manning. If Brady or Rodgers fell to me in the 5th I would probably grab them though. Def is correct though. The scoring of the QB does not matter because they all have increased value, especially if a lot of it is tied to yardage. It is a rarity that there are not at least 10-15 guys that throw for 300 yards in a week.
  10. Trade offers for Odell Beckham Jr

    I think if you are considering either of those trades you are VASTLY undervaluing Odell Beckham, who is perhaps the best receiver in the NFL and is still quite young and has a lot of opportunity to get even better.
  11. Greatest QB of all-time

    Run plays in second half... -3 yards 5 yards 0 yards 9 yards -3 yards 8 yards 1 yard 2 yards 1 yard Running the ball just wasn't as effective in the second half. The hind sight of this game is just ridiculous. What would everyone be saying if the Falcons ran the ball every play in the second half and they punted every time? The Falcons played "not to lose" and therefore deserved to lose. Coaching in the NFL requires so much strategy that us common folk can't begin to understand or see.
  12. Greatest QB of all-time

    Oh yes, the Falcon game is much more confusing. The Seahawks had one thing go wrong. The Falcons made questionable play call after questionable play call.
  13. Keeper for next year

    As a general rule, never keep a quarterback unless you are starting two of them.
  14. Greatest QB of all-time

    I am not saying that I would not have given it to him myself, but it is just completely asinine to discredit the Patriots Super Bowls because of the actions of other teams. Especially that one because we literally never know what could happen. It is the beauty of sports.
  15. Greatest QB of all-time

    Anyone that believes Seattle surely wins if they hand the ball to Lynch is just dumb. That season he had converted a score from the 1 just 1 out of 5 times. To assume he scores it is idiotic. More than that, the Patriots still would have had time to run down the field to win. I believe like 1 minute left? Not like Tom didn't prove he can move the ball down the field quickly or anything.