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  1. Trade Advice

    Thank you guys for your input. Re-worked the trade in my favor even more before i accepted... Got Ricardo Allen from ATL thrown in and switched the 6th to a 4th next season. Total Haul = Cobb, Marshall, Ricardo Allen, 2018 3rd, 4th, and 2019 1st round pick for Keenan. My taxi squad is full right now and i don't really want to lose any of the players that I have in there, so i removed ArDarius Stewart as they do not have a set QB to throw to him in New York.
  2. Trade Advice

    Have an offer for Keenan Allen... Need advice I give up Keenan Allen I get back Randall Cobb, Ardarius Stewart, Brandon Marshall (LB) 2018 3rd, 2018 6th and 2019 1st rd pick I believe it's highway robbery, but i could be wrong.
  3. Hopefully I didn't get fleeced

    Dynasty Trade- Just made a trade where i give up Shady McCoy and a 2018 10th for Jamison Crowder/AP/2018 3rd round pick. What you guys think? PPR league and I am pretty loaded on RB's already. Needed a little younger WR help. Thanks for the input!!
  4. Please provide opinion on my trade

    So i think i knocked this trade out of the park, just not sure..... I traded a 2018 6th for Mike Gilleslee, and I got back a 2018 9th in return.... The guy that drafted Gilleslee drafted him with a 5th. I traded away James White for a 2018 3rd... I drafted White in the 8th round this year. I feel I did good, but need some sort of confirmation. Thank You in Advance,
  5. Dynasty Trade Advice (Offense + IDP)

    I trade away Djax and AJ Bouye to receive Brandon Marshall and Xavien Howard (Miami CB) Deal or no deal?
  6. Keeper Advice

  7. Dez Bryant or Tyreek Hill

    Where does it stand now?
  8. Keeper Advice

    Pick 3 keepers out of the following, Evans and Dez are pretty much locked up, but any advice is appreciated. Dez Evans Demaryius Thomas Jordan Matthews Jay Ajayi Latavius Murray Jeremy Hill Jordan Howard JJ Nelson Thank You in Advance.
  9. What do you need tonight?

    67 pts from cooper, miller, and murray... PPR league with 5 pt bonus at 100 for each. Its a long shot but its possible.
  10. Dynasty Trade- PPR League

  11. Dynasty Trade- PPR League

  12. Which RB ROS

    I'd do whatever i can to get Howard. He is the real deal.
  13. Dynasty Trade- PPR League

    His RB's are as follows: Melvin Gordon Chris Thompson His WR's are as follows: Cobb Funchess Tyreek Hill Humphries Julio Jordan Matthews Braxton Miller Moncrief Patterson Pryor Watkins
  14. Dynasty Trade- PPR League

    Any other offers you think I could throw out there for the same two players?
  15. Dynasty Trade- PPR League