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  1. Non-PPR, need to pick 2 from

    Cooper vs Balt with EJ Manuel at QB

    Watkins vs Seattle

    Landry vs Ten

    Funchess vs Detroit


    Thinking Funchess as Slay should be on Benjamin and his target share has gone way up since the Olsen injury, then going back and forth on the rest.  Cooper and Watkins have the highest upside but bad matchups.  Landry has the higher floor and WAY better matchup.... Any thoughts?

  2. Seattle gave up 15 to Montgomery because of a short TD after a Wilson fumble, other than that they held him to like 2.7 ypc.   Hyde broke a couple nice runs, that's true, but I'm still shying away from Seattle if I have other options, but I'm also not dumping a guy just because of a match-up.  Just throwing it out there so he has all sides of the argument to look at.

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  3. Gurley will be just fine.  Low end RB1 or high end RB2 at worst.  Now that being said, he has had about the easiest schedule for RBs that you could possibly ask for in his first 3 games and it's only gonna get tougher from here.  Looking forward to the playoffs, the first 2 weeks he starts out with Philly and Seattle.  His value is absolutely as high as it can be right now, so I wouldn't blame you if you tried to sell high and see if you can get someone to overpay.  You'd have to be sure to get a big return though.

  4. Do I go with the Balt D against turnover prone Bortles in London (where they've actually played half way decent in the past for some reason.), or Denver's in Buffalo against a Bills team that looked awful against CAR and not overly impressive vs the Jets?  Or do I just flip a coin?

  5. So my options this week at WR2 are Watkins @ SF, Landry @ Jets, Higgins @ Indy, or T. Williams vs KC.  Not PPR or it would be Landry easy.   Can't see Miami or LAR being too pass heavy, so do I give Higgins the shot?  It is the Indy defense after all....

  6. Thursday nights always seem to be run-heavy since they are on a short week to game plan and neither of these teams has stopped the run very well this year, I see it as the Hyde vs Gurley showdown.  Add to that that GB has said they want to reduce Ty's role because he's playing too many snaps and still has issues with their O-line, and I'll take Gurley.  

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  7. Any reason to hold on to this guy?  Still seems to be the most talented guy in NY, but their play calling and o-line suck.  Not great options to pick up instead though.  Would you sit and wait or drop him for Sproles, Duke Johnson, or Forte?  Leaning toward Sproles with Blount already out of favor.

  8. With John Brown's issues it's not worth wasting a roster spot on him anymore, even if it is just as my #5 WR.  Nelson is on waivers (not sure why the guy that was smart enough to pick him up this week dropped him already) so he'd cost me my #2 waiver position, otherwise he'd be my guy.  Hate to lose my waiver spot and miss out on the next RB injury for a guy that would still probably be my #4 WR after Cooper, Parker, and Diggs (once Bradford is healthy).  Sanu probably has the highest floor, Higgins the highest ceiling, Kearse is probably only OK until the Jets switch QBs....  Any thoughts?

  9. I'm not as worried as most about Landry.  I know the story this year has been "Cutler had his best year with Gase" and "he's a gunslinger and likes to throw it down the field so Parker gets a big boost" but the problem is those 2 claims don't go together.  The reason that he had his best year with Gase is because he got him to focus more on the short and intermediate throws and stop taking as many shots down the field.  I think Landry's value is as low as it's going to be all year right now.

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  10. I think Stafford and Ben is a bit of a wash and maybe they guy is buying into all the Devante Parker hype and not on the Cooks train.  Add in that Parker sees a slight uptick in value as he's got an extra game on Cooks due to having his bye week one, throw in a wild card in Jordan Matthews, and I don't see the issue.....

  11. I'd do it.  Tate is probably not starting for you any time soon anyway and once Martin gets back you may be forced into starting Theo Riddick....yuck.  Diggs is a bigger loss than Tate, but if Luck gets back soon and Cousins pulls his head out of his butt TY and Pryor should be just fine.  Seems like a way bigger improvement at RB than the hit you take at WR.

  12. Crazy as it may sound, I would consider Baldwin.  That Seattle O-line is a mess and they are not going to want to put Wilson in harms way in the pocket any longer than necessary. Lots of runs, short passes, and abandoning the pass as soon as they have the game in hand, which could be early on.

  13. Yeah, not sure why I typed Indy, must have had that in my head from another question....   Anyways, true Hyde looked good, but he still ended the game with only 15 touches, it took 19 carries (at 2.8 ypc), 4 catches, and a short TD plunge after a fumble to get to that almost 20 points from Montgomery and he did it against a defense that was playing back a bit to respect the pass.  You think Sea has any fear of Hoyer and Garcon and won't just cram the box all day?  As for usage, Hyde had 15 touches, Cohen had 13.  Cohen was also targeted 12 times and lined up at 4 different positions.  IF I tought that Hyde was going to get a full workload it wouldn't even be a question, I'm just afraid of that 6-10 carries and abandon the run again.

  14. Cooper is a top 10 WR this week so if you have him in your flex you're doing great there.  Gore has volume on his side and while the Ari D can be stingy at times, I think their offense stalls enough to keep Indy close long enough to keep them from abandoning the running game. Only other other way I could see going would be Dez over Gore, but against that DEN D I'd stay clear.

  15. Yeah Cohen is definitely just a spot start or insurance guy, Hyde is my #2 back as long as he is healthy.  That said, this may be the one week that I go against Hyde.  Shanahan was pretty quick to completely abandon the run last week, but Hyde did catch 6 passes which is quite a lot for him.  I also think that this week we may see more of Cohen at wildcat QB with Howard in the backfield with him, which intrigues me a bit.  Hyde probably has the higher floor, but MUCH lower ceiling this week, so I'm torn.

  16. I need to decide between Cohen @ TB or Hyde @ Sea. As a Bears fan I've been on the Cohen bandwagon since preseason and I actually drafted him in the 14th round, but as a realistic fantasy player I'm still on the fence.  Cohen is not going to catch anyone by surprise this week, but they will still find ways to get the ball in his hands.  Hyde on the other hand could be a workhorse as long as the game is close, but in Seattle I don't expect it to be close long and SF really struggled to move the ball at all last week....

  17. I wouldn't.  After watching a very old looking Forte continue to steal playing time from Powell I think it leaves you too thin at RB.  Sure West is ok, but to me you're exposing your weakness at RB for what may only be a slight upgrade at WR, especially since you can never be sure that Julio's foot problems are really in the past.

  18. Luck is gonna be out a few more weeks, Wilson has no offensive line and is going to get killed, I would hold on to Brees and I'd be starting him this week.  As for the WRs, Dez misses time.  Missed 5 games last year, finished #26 WR. 2015 missed most of the year and was #79 in WRs, so you gotta go all the way back to 2014 to find when Dez was an actual can't miss fantasy stud.  To me the sight improvement of him over Martavis is not worth giving up Brees and having to rely on Luck and Wilson to stay healthy.