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  1. Thielen is not going to be a top 10 WR even in PPR, more like top 20 or 25.  That being said, Kupp and Cohen is not netting you a top 10 WR.  Thielen is probably right around what you can expect as a return for those two until they prove they can produce for more than 1 week.

  2. He's got another week and a half until he's out of rehab, then he actually has to be reinstated, figure out if Cleveland even wants him back or figure out a trade/release before he hits a practice field.  He should be in shape, but he'd have to learn a playbook, get used to full contact again, etc.  Seems like a long shot that he has any fantasy relevance any time soon. 

  3. I wouldn't really call that shambles.  You can roll with Stewart if needed and Buck Allen may step right into that Woodhead roll and be very productive.  In a 10 team I don't really think you absolutely need to carry a backup QB so if you really want to take the shot at Kerwynn I can see why, but with Ellington being the passing down guy and CJ introduced back into the mix (Clayton is actually predicting he'll get the bulk of the carries right away) I don't think his upside is huge.

  4. I can't see that happening.  Not sure how you think it's fair unless he is desperate for RB help and needs to have 2 in return.  OBJ to Coleman is a huge drop off for him and TEN really looked like they are going to ease Henry into more work this year, dropping the advantage that Murray has over McCaffrey.

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  5. I'd stick with Fournette.  You may be "deep" at RB, but not exactly strong after your top 2.  3 of those guys are on waivers in my 12 team and Charles is pretty much depth at this point.  If you trade Fournette you are then relying on CJ every week and hoping Charles doesn't start stealing carries.  I'd rather hit the waivers for WR help or hope as Flacco's back gets better they open up the offense for Wallace a bit more.

  6. I had the same decision and decided on Ravens.  Seemed pretty even to me, except Balt plays Jax week 3 so I figured I could stream them 2 weeks in a row and see how they look after that to decide if I keep streaming or roll with them.

  7. If you needed a RB I don't mind the step down at WR.  Hyde looked pretty decent on Sunday, but he's got some tough defenses in the division and they project to be playing from behind a ton.  Personally on Parker I still have to see it to believe it.  I know there has been hype about Parker with Cutler at QB and how he's gonna take shots down the filed, but I'd be a little leery until I see it in real game action.  Cutler's year under Gase in Chicago was all about taking LESS chances downfield and being more accurate on short and mid range passes.

  8. I'm not dropping Palmer for either of those guys this week.  Going into Indy to face a terrible D with no David Johnson I'll take my chances on Carson one more week over Bradford going into Pit or Alex Smith potentially going back into game manager mode.  He's not going to hit 75 and 78 yard TD passes every week, especially when one was on a deep route to a RB.

  9. What does McCoy have to do with Buck Allen?????  But yeah, I could see dropping Hill for him.  Allen is going to get a lot of work, especially in passing downs as long as Woodhead is out.  Once Danny is back you may find yourself scrounging the waiver wire again, but you can deal with that when the time comes.  

  10. No way he touches that trade.  He'd be taking a huge hit at WR (and pretty much a wash at TE) in order to bring in a timeshare at best rookie RB who is still on waivers in a lot of leagues and have to drop a player to make the trade go through.  

  11. I know Denver's D is probably the worst matchup which may scare you off of Dez, but I'm still sitting Parker of those 3.  I know the Parker hype train has been a little out of control with Cutler there, but I need to see it first.  OI also expect this week to be very run and quick pass heavy for Miami as they may struggle to block the Chargers' edge rushers.

  12. The full PPR definitely helps you and you definitely have some ok depth, but if you traded away Murray you'd be trailing a little bit on the front end talent.  Cohen I could definitely see becoming a PPR factor as he may start seeing more time split out with all the WR injuries for the Bears, but unless you got a decent return I wouldn't trade Murray.  He was a late 1st or early 2nd round pick for a reason and will see work both running and catching the football.

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  13. I think you're undervaluing Murray after 1 week, he'll be fine.  As for being RB heavy, I couldn't disagree more.  Montgomery had an ok week 1, but I'm still not sold.  Riddick, Ellington, and Cohen are all pass catching backs and not feature guys so they will all have some big weeks and some stinkers, hard to rely on any of them.  Quizz and Martin could be 1 decent back put together, but who knows how the work may get split if Quizz has a couple good games before Martin comes back.....  I actually prefer your WRs to your RBs.