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  1. Both those guys are gonna be a crap shoot and Jacksonville is set on a gameplan of run first, run second, run third, only let Borltes throw when absolutely necessary.  Now that being said, I don't think anyone expects Jacksonville to be blowing people out and abandoning the pass very often, so they are going to have to throw eventually.  I would lean to Lee over Hurns slightly, but don't love either.  I guess it depends on who you would have to drop.

  2. I would grab both for sure.  As for starting Quizz over Abdullah, for sure the next 2 weeks but that's a tough one this week.  Chicago's front 7 is their strength and pretty under-rated. They just held Freeman to 37 yards on 12 carries.  I would still roll with Quizz over Abdullah against the Giants, but I'd temper expectations for this week. 

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  3. Need to pick a WR2 for this week out of my more name than production guys: Watkins vs Wash, Landry @ LAC, Tyrell Williams vs Mia, and John Brown @ Indy.  Normally I'd lean toward Watkins since he's got the most talent, but should see a lot of Josh Norman and still not sure he'll be on 100% snap count, so then thinking maybe John Brown?  Indoors, horrible Indy defense, no David Johnson..... Thoughts?

  4. I'm with Bolton on this, not loving it.  Gordon must have been your #1 and that's fine, but where did it go from there??  Gurley at #16 overall?  That seems like a reach when there should have been solid WRs there. Then was Miller your 3rd rounder?  In a PPR one of those top 3 picks should have gone WR.  

  5. Hey GGL-


    Debating my draft approach:

    12 team, no PPR, second QB eligible for flex (so not a true 2 QB league, but pretty much plays that way other than bye weeks.)  I have Carr as a 4th rd keeper.  Ryan, Mariota, Dak, all off the board as QB keepers.  I know the top 3 picks are DJ, Bell, Rodgers.  Would you take one of the top WRs, or go Brady and run he and Carr out every week?  


    Think I'm leaning toward Brady as Brady, Carr, and 2 mid-tier WRs seems better than getting stuck with a mid-low tier QB in my flex....

  6. As much as I hate to say it I may go with Gore on this one too, but it would depend on your RB depth.  Gore is not a sexy pick and probably doesn't have the upside of Anderson, but I think he's safer.  He's gonna get his carries, he's gonna get some catches, and he'll put up decent but not spectacular numbers.  Anderson on the other hand, has a former All-Pro in Charles, a guy who has shown he's a capable back and should be back soon in Booker, and a rookie they seem to love despite his fumbling issues in Henderson, all nipping at his heels.  A slow start for CJ could mean a slide into fantasy limbo.  If I had good depth at RB I may take the shot at CJ's upside, but if you're relying on one of these 2 as your RB2 then I'm guessing that's not the case.....

  7. I would love to take a RB, but not totally sold on McCoy as high as #4 and I prefer Julio to Brown just a touch with the only concern being injury history.  My only real thought on Brady is with the QB flex they tend to go fast and it's a 12 team league.  It may be a better option to start Carr and Brady along with say a Baldwin and a Watkins/Pryor/Parker/Snead type player than to have Julio and Baldwin, but have Carr and a Dalton/Wentz/Palmer type QB at my flex....  

  8. Sitting at pick #4 tonight and already know that the first 3 picks will be Johnson, Bell, Rodgers.   I have Carr as a late keeper, so I can take Brady and start the 2 QBs every week, or go with Brown or Julio instead.  Actually leaning toward Julio.... Opinions?

  9. I like Cobb over Landry this week. Packers are going to have virtually no running game with no RBs with any real experience in the offense on the roster so they will throw a lot. Since those RBs also aren't super familiar with the blocking schemes there is going to be a lot of slants and WR screens to Cobb, not downfield passes to Jordy as to get the ball out of Rodgers hand as quick as possible. Plus he could get a handful of carries too.

  10. Standard. My concern with Montgomery is that Adams has been cleared from concussion protocol and could still play tonight, which may drop him back to their 4th WR. He will see some time in the backfield, but sure won't be the goal line back. See him as a real boom or bust guy where Britt vs NYG is probably good for at least a 5-6 point floor. And ROS shouldn't be an issue. Evans is my #1, Benjamin #2 on bye, and hopefully Moncrief will be back in a week or 2.

  11. That's way too low of an offer. Brown was a top 3 pick for a reason and people are not going to completely jump ship just cause Ben is out a little while. In the one game last year that Jones played all the way through he targeted Brown on 8 of his 29 attempts and Antonio ended up with 6 catches for 124 yards and 1 carry for 6. He's not going to disappear. 2 boarder-line starting WRs (Snead's value is dropping sharply with Thomas stepping up) and a defense are not going to get the conversation started.

  12. In a vacuum I can see it. Lacy and Martin both have high upside, yet both run a lot of risk with decent backups behind them. Nelson and Gronk should be pretty comparable too, but I'd much rather run with your current TEs and Nelson than to have to try to rely on either and aging Fitz with 2 good younger guys around him or huge boom or bust guys in Parker and DGB.

  13. How big of a league and who else do you have at WR? 10 team league a backup QB could be expendable (although I like Winston and wouldn't be surprised if he challenges Manning to be your #1 this season). Sharpe has looked good, but they do still have Matthews, Walker, and eventually Wright and they are a run first team. With Bell's suspension I'd be afraid to drop RB depth when Jennings is penciled in as your starter.