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  1. Adams, Smith-Schuster or Cooks??

    You cannot sit Davante Adams. He has the most rec TDs since 2016. The Cooks decision should be with JuJu, not Adams. I would say Adams and JuJu
  2. TE Scramble: Njoku or Ian Thomas?

    Anyone? Denver/Cleveland kicks off in a few hours so would love some input.
  3. Njoku vs. Den or Thomas vs. NO. 0.5 PPR league?
  4. 0.5 PPR. Njoku has been very disappointing 3 of the past 4 weeks, but has a good matchup against Denver (28th against TEs, thought skewed by Kittle's monster game last week) Thomas has been very good the past 2 weeks, but has a tough matchup against New Orleans (4th against TEs) All of the rankings have Njoku far above Thomas, but Thomas has been getting a lot of volume the past two weeks (14 catches over past 2 weeks), while Njoku has been very inconsistent.
  5. Lockett for low risk. Pettis for high risk/high ceiling.
  6. Set my lineup?

    Mixon Martin Landry Lockett Unsure who to flex. Maybe Henry since Giants are bad against run.
  7. Big Dilemma: Fournette or Chubb for flex?

    I'd go Chubb. He's very consistent with high ceiling.
  8. Wrecked by Injury

    Samuel has nice 8-12 point consistency. McGuire is lead back with Crowell on IR
  9. I'm so eff'd

    Yeah Ridley and Henry can easily have 5 point games. Ebron has been inconsistent. Barkeley and JuJu will probably get 40-45 but the rest are ? It's a toss up.
  10. Pick my lineup! (Some tough decisions)

    I would sub in Cooper or Cook for Edelman. Probably Cooper.
  11. Two pressing Qs

    Cam Ebron Minn