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  1. I am expected to lose by a 20 pt margin. I need explosive plays. Who is your money on out of... Golladay, DJ Moore, Sutton, Conley I need 2. Thanks!
  2. Bench Kamara?

    I like Cooper. He has been steadily trending up since joining the Cowboys. And of those guys I would bench Conner and play Kamara, Mccaffrey and Jones. Pittsburgh's offense has looked pretty bad the last couple games.
  3. Pickem - need 1 RB and a Flex

    I vote Ingram and Adams but Golladay is close. I also like Riddick in ppr if K. Johnson is out again - probably higher floor but lower ceiling than Ingram
  4. RB's decimated

    I like Yeldon with Fournette sitting, but if Mack is out multiple weeks then I might lean towards Riddick. Yeldon has done very little when Fournette has played, and Fournette should be back at 100t next wk. Riddick has been a pass catching machine since return from injury and with no Jones or Tate. The fact that Detroit is behind every game has kept his floor high. Also, as a Riddick owner watching their last game, Riddick came VERY close to scoring twice. Blount was on mop up duty and got the two touchdowns, but Riddick looked good and one of those should have been his.
  5. Playoff prep/WW advice

    Here is my roster, 0.5 ppr. I have secured a playoff spot already but my roster has some weaknesses. QB: Watson WR: Golladay, DJ Moore, Tre'Quan Smith RB: Chubb, Breida, Ekeler, Riddick TE: Ebron, Cook K: Butker D: Washington, Tennessee We start qb, 2 wr, 2 rb, flex and K/D I have an open roster spot but don't want to waste waiver priority (I'm 4th currently). Would you pickup... J. Jackson Yeldon Humphries Mayfield Or stay put this week? (again, don't need to win this week to make playoffs)
  6. K and D/ST for playoffs?

    So I'm in a 0.5 PPR league and have already secured a playoff spot. I'm trying to think ahead because I have some holes and my team is going to need serious help/luck to advance in playoffs. Who do you like in the playoffs if you have to pick between... K: Butker, Gould, Rosas D: Wash, Tenn Also would you be strongly interested in any of the following free agents for playoffs? Mayfield, J Reynolds, Yeldon, McGuire, Kirk
  7. Pick 2: Nick Mullens, Sony Michel, Nick Chubb

    Not on the same team, but i agree, I would start Jackson and Chubb
  8. Matchup worries making me second guess

    I like Brate at TE, Hilton and Adams at WR, Jones and White at RB
  9. Sony michell vs rashad penny

    Yeah, Michel has proven himself more than Penny. Both have bright futures but Carson is young and is ahead of Penny
  10. 1/2 PPR league, i am debating starting Smith tomorrow (if healthy) over DJ Moore and Sutton because of matchup. What do you guys think?
  11. D.J. Moore or Courtland Sutton

    I think the matchups are pretty even too. I have those same two guys and am starting Moore.
  12. D.J. Moore or Courtland Sutton

    Moore. Both are dart throws who could go off but Carolina's offense is better
  13. Veto This Trade? I Will Respond to your Thread

    Gurley for Conner and White doesn't seem to me extremely lopsided, i wouldn't veto that
  14. Veto This Trade? I Will Respond to your Thread

    Outside of last week Conner has been on fire and White has been gold in ppr. I get that Gurley is an elite player but i don't think it's veto worthy

    Are you trying to make a playoff run? PPR league? Roster? I'd say yes if your focus is on the next few years