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  1. M. Davis, A. Morris or A. Collins

    I think I'd go with Davis because he can catch the ball and could be leaned on since Jacksonville has a killer secondary. After that, probably Morris since his match up is a lot better than Collins.
  2. Indy D/ST and Jack Doyle?


    Baltimore's not giving up much to opposing QB's, I'd roll with Keenum even in a hard match up. And I think I'd go Ajayi, Gore, Anderson cause I think the Bucs' coach is insisting on staying with Doug Martin.
  4. Season on the line .....Wdis at qb

    I like Keenum better. But it's close.
  5. Dez Bryant or Josh Gordon WDIS

    I would start Gordon. They threw to him a million times last week and he's had more time to get in shape and on the same page with Kizer.
  6. Tough choices....W the hell DIS

    I think I'd go Howard/Hunt because of volume. Mckinnon's workload is a bit unpredictable. I prefer Funchess slightly even though the match up isn't great, cause Hogan has been injured and Cam doesn't have anybody else to throw to. And I guess Rams defense? Both match ups are terrible, but they're a good D and maybe they can follow the blueprint Seattle used to stop Philly.
  7. Indy D/ST and Jack Doyle?

    So I currently have the Bengals D as they're facing a weak Bears offense. Also starting Seals-Jones over Doyle (standard scoring). But Nathan Peterman looks likely to start. Buffalo and Indy defenses are available. Would you make a change at TE or D?
  8. Mccafrey or Gio? (Half ppr)

    I'd probably start Gio this week since there's pretty much no one to take carries from him, and yeah, McCaffrey has a rough match up.
  9. Bench 1 WR: Gordon, Cooks, Hill

    My gut is to start Gordon and Hill because they both have blow up potential - I feel like Cooks' ceiling is a bit lower... although there's no Gronk. Definitely a tough choice.
  10. C Patterson, J Reynolds, C Davis, or D Inman?

    I like Patterson, but he may not have opportunity with Cooper and Crabtree back. Corey Davis and Tennessee's offense seem pretty untrustable to date. Reynolds could maybe do something with Woods still out. Not the best match up though. So...Inman? He at least doesn't completely suck. Sorry, man
  11. Hold onto Barber?

    I would probably drop Jones for Bernard. I don't think Jones will see heavy usage unless Williams gets hurt because Williams has actually played well. Doug Martin has been pretty lame this year so it could wind up Barber's job even with Martin back.
  12. Hold onto Barber?

    I would say it's questionable that Barber should be rostered. I would keep an eye on the chatter about who starts for the Bucs. But I would definitely add Bernard, whether you drop Barber or somebody else. Mixon is almost certainly out and Bernard was effective as an every down back without him.

    Freeman Green Fitzy Lewis Engram
  14. Help with flex spot

    Coleman is always dangerous, but I think the edge goes to Tate because of the match-up with Tampa's putrid secondary.
  15. TE this week?

    Burton could probably have a good game with no Ertz, considering what he did after Ertz left. Hard to say, though, as him, Anderson, and RSJ are not exactly known entities. Brate is a good TD bet I think with Winston back, and it's a good match-up. I think I'd probably roll with Brate, followed by RSJ because his upside is more established.