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  1. WDIS at RB and WR

    0.5 ppr, I need a WR, 2RBs, and a flex out of these bros: K. Cole, S. Watkins Conner, L. Miller, Fournette, Breida Thoughts?
  2. L.Bell??

    It's a gamble, obviously. Nobody knows for sure what Bell will do, but picking him up for cheap could almost win the league if he comes back and plays like himself. With Edelman and Jeffery due to return i think you could afford to offer the likes of Hilton/Landry/Sanders, whoever you like the least
  3. Team Help/Advice Needed

    Trading FOR M. Gordon could be good too since you already have his handcuff. Who does that dude have at tight end?
  4. PPR which WR to start

    PPR Corey Davis could be useful. High target share and his team is likely to be behind and have to throw. I also like Jones, but less in PPR. He shares work with other good receivers, so he's a good bet for yardage/TD but not necessarily a lot of catches
  5. Watson or Rivers this week?

    Who would you start based on matchup? Watson v. Tennessee Rivers v. Buffalo
  6. 0.5 ppr, I need to start one of the following guys opposite Julio this week: M. Goodwin (Q) C. Godwin R. Anderson K. Cole At flex I have Fournette or Breida, leaning Fournette but I don't like the injury status.
  7. 0.5 ppr, i own Conner and Bell, and was offered Fournette for Bell. Any way you would take that?
  8. Replace Olsen on WW

    So i lost Olsen for who knows how long, and i don't have a backup TE. J. Cook, ASJ, Ben Watson, and Ebron are available. I currently have the top waiver priority, but i kind of want to save it. Is Cook worth it do you think, or should i just see who i can snag as a free agent?
  9. Waiver Wire advice....

    I like Lockett with Baldwin out. Depending on how Williams plays i don't know about Jones' workload. Big upside though. I think i might pickup Enunwa given it's ppr, his workload looks the surest. Maybe instead of Lockett given that the Seattle offense just doesn't look very good
  10. Fill in for Olsen?

    So...Olsen just popped up on the injury report and i don't have a backup TE. Would you wait and see what happens, or should i pick somebody up now? Options are Clay, ASJ, Jesse James, Brate. I would have to drop either R. Matthews, R. Anderson, K. Cole, or Rivers (backup to Watson). Leaning Matthews since he's hurt, but i don't want to drop him for nothing. Thoughts?
  11. WR's to start

    Thanks for the input! Amendola, T. Williams, and John Ross are available free agents if that makes any difference
  12. WR's to start

    0.5 ppr, forgot to mention. And I'm off to a good start with julio at wr1, and my opponent starting Matt Ryan
  13. WR's to start

    Having trouble selecting. I need to start one of the following: K. Cole M. Goodwin R. Anderson R. Matthews I'm leaning towards Anderson because the Jets are a good bet to be behind. Any other thoughts?
  14. WDIS week 1 - Bell Dilemma

    So if Bell is not playing...would anyone start Conner and Breida? Or one of those WRs still
  15. WDIS 3 out of 6

    I would say McCoy, Barber and Robinson. Mainly because i don't love Seahawks offense and Baldwin <100%. Hyde/Barber is close though