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  1. Should I make any changes to my lineup? PPR. QB: Mayfied WR: Hopkins WR: Edelman WR: Callaway RB: CMC RB: MacK TE: Burton Flex: McGuire Bench: Watson Humphries Thomas Ballage C Anderson Blue
  2. Jarwin vs Tampa or burton vs San Fran? PPR.
  3. Who should I start mayfield or Watson and Humphries or callaway? I have dehop so the QB/WR combo is helpful but it would also be there with Mayfield and Callaway. PPR league. Your help is much appreciated!
  4. PPR need to start one for my flex spot
  5. Lineup Help!

    Hey guys should i make any changes to my starting lineup? Standard League. QB: Brees WR1:Thielen WR2:Hill RB1: CMC RB2: Kamara TE: Brate Flex: A Jones K: Badgley Def: Vikings Bench: Humphries J White Adams Mayfield Ware Hamilton
  6. Which defense to go after?

    Teams on the left are who are available my bad lol.
  7. DUDE....people still commenting on this lol
  8. Hi guys need some help picking a defense this week. Here are my options (bold teams are available) and thanks for your help this season! Baltimore vs. Bucs Atlanta vs. Arizona Detroit vs. Buffalo NY Giants vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Denver Washington vs. Jacksonville Saints vs. Carolina
  9. Who should i start?

    Need some help for first week of playoffs. PPR league need to pick a 2WRs and a FLEX out of these guys: Edelman, Boyd, Humphries, Tre'quan Smith, or Chris Thompson. Thanks for your help guys!
  10. Watson or Mayfield this week?

    Anyone else?
  11. Pick 1 QB, 1 WR, 1 RB, 1 Flex

    jameis, moore, drake, pettis
  12. First round of playoffs here and need some help picking a QB. Start Watson vs. Colts or Mayfield vs. Panthers? Any help is appreciated guys!
  13. Kareem Hunt suspended?

    Holy 💩!!