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  1. Need some help! Pick 2

  2. Need some help! Pick 2

    Need help picking 2 (WR, Flex) out of these guys. PPR league. Lamar Miller, Agholor, Humphries, and Tre’quan Smith
  3. PPR - Fournette, Mack, Chubb, Lewis....not sure about Fournette since it’s his first game back in awhile...any help is appreciated.
  4. Start Mack or Lewis?

  5. Start Mack or Lewis?

    Who should I start? PPR.
  6. Kittle Trade

    I don’t think I can trade White even with Michel and burkhead coming back, he has just been too good...might just stand pat...thanks for everyone’s feedback.
  7. Kittle Trade

    Yup just popped up on my phone lol
  8. I would but thats me lol. I love Gurley but CMC is going to be out there at least 90% of plays, he is their bread and butter and same with Kelce and that potent offense.
  9. Kittle Trade

    I would totally try with Dez but apparently he just tore his Achilles!
  10. Maybe still make the offer anyway and the trade should go through after Sunday, no?
  11. Kittle Trade

    What would be a fair offer to send to the Kittle owner? I was thinking of sending Burton back but who should i package with him? My Team:QB: BreesRBs: Kamara. McCaffrey, J. White, A jones, Dion LewisWRs: Hill, Thielen, Funchess, Kupp, Humphries, Dez Bryant TEs: Burton His Team: QB: Dalton, Stafford RBs: Elliot, Mixon, Michel WRs: D Adams, Cooper, M Jones, D Jackson, Shepard, Tyrell Williams TEs: Kittle, Engram
  12. Can you re-engage for CMC and Kelce?
  13. I hope you reconsidered that trade...