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  1. Packers or Jets defense?

    Packers defense vs. Giants or jets defense vs. Bengals?
  2. Should i make any changes?

    Anyone else?
  3. Should i make any changes to my lineup? I know Snell should get the volume but still iffy on starting him and Thielen coming off the hamstring burned me the last time i started. Standard league. My team below: QB: Watson WR: DHop WR: DJ Moore RB: Bell RB: Jonathan Williams TE: Waller Flex: Ridley K: Tucker Def: Jets Bench: Thielen Mixon Mack Michel Snell Jr Penny
  4. Who should i flex?

    Standard league. DJ Moore, Jonathan Williams (rotoworld said he will serve as starter for Mack), James White, or Sony Michel? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Take this trade

    Even with the counter of Barkley and Tate?
  6. Take this trade

    Not a chance he will take it or not a good trade for me?
  7. Mixon or Hill

    I like Hill this week. Also Bernard left in first half of last weeks game so thats part of the reason why Mixon had so many touches and he is back this week.
  8. Take this trade

    yeah i am gonna give that a shot. Just based off point totals i can't do the trade with Barkley and Fitz for my Kupp and Conner. Gonna counter and see what he says.
  9. Take this trade

    i agree about being high Barkley, i just feel like giving up both Kupp and Conner is alot. He has Tate and Metcalf on his team and think maybe i counter with Barkley and Tate instead for Kupp and Conner.
  10. Take this trade

    Trade Kupp and Conner for Barkley and Fitz. PPR league. I feel like I’m giving up too much. my team below: QB: Brady RB: Zeke RB: Conner WR: Thielen WR: Kupp WR: Ridley TE: Witten Flex: Ekeler Bench: Michel Rodgers Jones Jr Samuels J Gordon Brian Hill
  11. Stefon Diggs for Tevin Coleman

    I agree. Diggs inconsistent also Coleman is lead back since Breida might miss some time.
  12. Pick 3 to start

    Who should i start: Bell, Mack, Damien Williams, or Mixon? Pick 3. Standard league. Thanks!
  13. Vikings (vs. Broncos) Bills (vs. Dolphins) Oakland (vs. Bengals)
  14. Play Jones Jr with Stafford out?

    Anyone else?
  15. With Stafford out should I play Jones Jr? He is my only option with the bye weeks or should I drop him for anyone of these guys: Kirk, Watkins, Crowder, Or Ginn? Standard league