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  1. Get Luck. I would trade,away Cooper too. He is very overrated
  2. Keeper for next year

    Rodgers. Gordon will fall off if Woodhead returns healthy
  3. Who to start?

  4. Dez Bryant or Tyreek Hill

    Yeah. Dez had the best game of his career. I bet hill goes to high in drafts next year. I think teams will figure him out.
  5. Week 17: Pitt or Ariz Defense? Arz. The Rams give up big fantasy points. Pittsburgh will be sitting starters
  6. Final playoff week -- need some WR advice I agree. Sit crabtree
  7. How's My Championship Line Up Start thomas over Allen robinson. Flex Rodgers over Murray
  8. Pick 2 RBs to start Coleman and Rodgers Kelly is not good at football. Since his big game vs GB he's been garbage
  9. Who to start?

    Standard scoring Zeke at Philadelphia Merideth at Minnesota Dixon at Cincy Not sure how much Zeke will play.
  10. Two broken legs! Need a QB

    Yeah. Alex Smith. I agree with someone who has something to play for
  11. Dez Bryant or Tyreek Hill

    Dez. Hill went off on Denver in the 1st meeting. That won't happen again
  12. Inman over Tyrell?

    Tyrell williams at Cleveland or merideth vs Washington.. Standard Scoring
  13. Which 3 WRs Start

    Hill, merideth and Inman
  14. Merideth vs Washington Tyrell williams at Cleveland Standard scoring