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  1. Cleveland? Chicago? SF? What about Miami? With Coleman's inability to stay healthy Cleveland should give him a deal and pray he buys into the hype like McCourty did
  2. The data looks like its from 2011 because that's when this thread was from and it is 2011 data?
  3. NFL Profile The link above gives him an NFL comparison of Greg Olsen, which it might be a little to early to do. The Browns didn't release Gary Barnidge to have Njoku play a limited role. He's only 20 years old and measures like 6'5" 240lbs. He was recruited to Miami originally as a WR, a former National High Jump champion, and had a 37.5" vertical at the combine and a 6.97 Three Cone. He has every single tool to be a matchup nightmare and he has been doing nothing but impressing at camp so far. Oh and as I mentioned before he is only 20! I still get a kick out of him thinking Joe Thomas was a coach when he first met him.
  4. Kareem Hunt....and I am a little surprised no one has mentioned Dalvin Cook
  5. Njoku will be a big sleeper this year, kids a freak
  6. Yeah, Ogunjobi is going to be good. Ran an under 5 second 40 and weighs in over 300lbs. Not to mention the whole Gregg Williams as his DC part of the equation.
  7. https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/864908458293907456/photo/1 I am waiting to hear Mary Kay's apology, or jumping on the Caleb Brantley wagon article
  8. News Report
  9. Given the fact that the case has been thrown out, and was a projected early second day talent, how big of an impact will Brantley have on the Browns defense this year? It certainly will not have a negative effect on the performance of the Defense this year...I can hope
  10. https://arrowheadaddict.com/2017/05/02/chiefs-plan-let-kareem-hunt-spencer-ware-compete-rb-reps/ KC seems open to the idea of it.
  11. Kareem Hunt
  12. What about Mike Williams for the Chargers?
  13. Sashi Brown was channeling his best Kevin Costner last night, except they didn't have to trade up to first, they were already there. Before his submitted his pick, he looked at his Sticky note and stuck with the defensive player. Its almost like they watched the movie the night before. Watson is the next Bo Callahan, and Pace looked like the Jaguars GM after the Browns blew up their draft in the movie
  14. Imagine how Pryor would feel if this happened..."I finally get to play for a QB who gonna air it out to me....wait he got traded to where?!?!?"
  15. Makes the Garoppolo situation a little more interesting