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  1. Joe Flacco to Denver

    At this point in their careers, is there really that much of a difference between Flacco and Keenum
  2. lol... Von Miller to CLE?

    Dont be to quick to dismiss Ogbah. Last season was actually a statistical outlier and if I’m not mistaken he was being forced inside a lot. DT is a bigger need than DE. I think if you get another big body to play beside Ogunjobi than Ogbah will be a much better player because he can play outside.
  3. Divisional Game Thread

    Refs need to calm down on the early whistles next season
  4. Mortensen: Browns to name Kitchens Head Coach

    I don’t get the love for Williams from the general public. Don’t get me wrong he did an amazing job with that roster in a time of need after the firing of Hue. However, his defense was ranked 30th and 28th in 2017 and 2018 respectively. So for everyone’s confused as to why he didn’t get the HC job, was he even really qualified to keep his job as DC for next season? As for Kitchens, the most important person in the Browns building right now was Baker Mayfield and his development. If the Browns played like expected next season he would be interviewed as a HC elsewhere. So why not make the move now. Freddie Kitchens Ryan Lindley Drew Stanton Those 3 people are key to Mayfield’s development.
  5. Wild Card Officiating

    Especially that fumble by Miller with no clear recovery. They just kinda threw their hands up and had no clue what to do.
  6. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    I’m curious as to how much of this is stemming from the Bell saga The teams bell cow RB, being ripped apart by the team and media because a younger, fresher RB was putting up similar numbers and he was refusing to play. Maybe Brown saw who the people in the locker room really were. The only thing you have to do is take out Bell/Conner and insert Brown/JuJu
  7. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Contract/Cap Details
  8. what does Philip Lindsay have to do to be OROY?

    Pepsi Rookie of the Week Winners S. Barkley (1 win, 9 noms) D. Ward (2 wins, 2 noms) P. Lindsay (1 win, 6 noms) D. Leonard (2 wins, 4 noms) B.Mayfield (6 wins, 8 noms) N. Chubb (2 wins, 4 noms) T.Smith (1 win, 2 noms) J. Samuels (1 win, 1 nom)
  9. Eliminated Owner No Longer Cares, But Making A Trade

    This shouldn’t surprise you. Most people are so tired of your situations that they don’t read and vote, or go against the obvious answers
  10. what does Philip Lindsay have to do to be OROY?

    251+ yards 1+ TD 3- INT 23/30 gets him 65%
  11. FLEX and WR Question

    1/2 PPR FLEX David Johnson v LAR Marlon Mack v NYG Kalen Ballage v JAX WR Jarvis Landry v CIN Kenny Golladay v MIN Dante Pettis v CHI I also have Fournette and Baldwin on my bench that I’m not really considering.
  12. Joe Mixon

    I am sure @Shaft has those same fingers crossed for Rodgers and Gurley to sit.
  13. Josh Gordon is done....facing indefinite ban

    Josh Gordon timeline 2009 - Accepted to play college football at Baylor 2010 - Arrested for possesion of Josh Gordon - Suspended by Baylor due to his arrest 2011 - Suspended indefinitely for failing a drug test for Josh Gordon - Kicked off the Baylor football team - Transfered to Utah where he never played 2012 - Drafted by the Browns in the second round 2013 - Suspended for first two games for violating substance abuse policy - Made the Pro Bowl when he led NFL in yards with 1646 2014 - Arrested for DUI - Suspended by the NFL for entire seasons - Suspension reduced to 10 games - Reinstated by the NFL after missing 10 games - Suspended for final game for violating team rules 2015 - Suspended the entire season for violating NFL substance abuse policy - Forced to enter NFL's substance abuse program 2016 - Failed drug test in January after filing for reinstatement - Suspended for first 4 games of the season - Left the Browns in September, one week before being reinstated, to enter in-patient rehab - Suspended indefinitely in October by the NFL 2017 - Reinstatement denied in July - Reinstatement denied in September - Reinstatement approved on Novemeber 1st - Eligible to return on December 3rd 2017, his first game in two years 2018 - Skipped training camp and preseason to attend rehab - Rejoined the team in August - Injured hamstring during photo shoot, showed up late to meetings, team claims his problems with alcohol have returned - Team plans to cut or trade him - Traded to the Patriots - Announced Week 15 he was leaving the team and going back to rehab Shout out to the guy that posted this on Facebook. Personally I hope he gets better. As for a football fan his opportunity in the NFL has to be over
  14. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    I’m convinced @Lone Star is the commissioner of this league and he is mad because either no one wants to trade with him or he’s looking for loop holes
  15. The Browns...

    The offensive line is playing great. Greg Robinson is playing well. JJ Watt J. Clowney V. Miller B. Chubb Those pass rushers combine for 49 sacks. They had 8 tackles and 1 sack combined vs Cleveland