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  1. Trade Newton?

    Would you trade Newton for the likes of D.Murray, Jordy Nelson, D.Adams or equivalent. Knowing that your not going to get a QB better than McCown Bortles or Manning on waivers?
  2. Cam Newton

    I was offered Jordy Nelson and D.Murray for Newton. The only issue is the lack of QB in FA. I think the best one out there was McCown
  3. What do you need? Phi vs Was Monday night

    What’s up with this? Is he even playing
  4. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Is Pryor playing?
  5. Trading David Johnson?

    Your strong but thin RB core is also very injury prone...I would try and buy low on a bell cow
  6. Imagine you drafted this team

    Guilty of drinking the "If he puts up those numbers with the Browns QB carrousel imagine what he could do with someone like Cousins" koolaid. Now I am hopping he explodes vs Philly so I can get some of his ADP value back (24th overall)
  7. Best fantasy player so far

    Your profile picture always makes me think twice before I post...like I legitimately feel like your watching me type right now.
  8. Fuller for Martin?

    Take it and run and don’t wait to long because he might come to his senses
  9. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    I made a trade Friday night sending Elliot and Will Fuller to the team I was facing, he sent me Antonio Brown. I got lucky and he never put Elliot into his lineup before kickoff and completely forgot to replace AB in his starting lineup, so he was down a player
  10. What do you do when a disruptive manager is...your boss?

    You cant take someone’s $250 entry fee and team because you don’t like how they are acting. That’s a very quick way to create a serious problem for yourself, especially when by the rules he’s not doing anything wrong. It was said in a previous post that the only thing it’s doing is “showing” players available at at different time. The only thing he’s doing is wasting his own time, which is something he’s free to do as he pleases
  11. Week 7 Milk Carton

    I almost can’t watch this game between the fog and hearing about the Super Bowl every other snap
  12. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Would like to see something from Hooper so I’m not relying on Pryor tomorrow night
  13. Week 7 Milk Carton

    ASJ Cam Benjamin and I’m gonna put Mike Williams here because with Shepard being out I’m gonna need some of that Clemson magic Watson has
  14. Start Fournette?

    If Fournette is in your RB slot I would put Martin in the RB slot and move Fournette to FLEX, just to give you the most amount of options if need be
  15. Shepherd today?

    With Fournette out I’m left digging deep: Pick 2 K.Benjamin S.Shepherd L.Murray C.Cupp Ty.Williams M.Williams