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  1. I was just coming to post Matt Dayes and you beat me to it! If Duke Johnson plays out wide all year he could be a bargain at his ADP Keep and eye on Kareem Hunt in KC
  2. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2726949-ezekiel-elliott-suspension-letter-details-actions-warns-of-potential-future-ban ^Article contains the photos the NFL has http://larrybrownsports.com/football/nfl-warns-ezekiel-elliott-banned-from-league/387674 ^Shows that apparently the league is pissed and threatening to ban Elliot from the NFL is there are any future acts of personal misconduct
  3. 1. The Ex GF refused to testify to the police and lied about what happened. Elliot is not in legal trouble anymore, just problems in the workplace 2. The NFL can suspend players for anything that they want, as long as it brings negative light to the league. He was suspended for personal conduct violation 3. Agreed, fight away. Just know this when you do, you will be suspended next year, and then you might not be able to appeal for a reduced suspension
  4. How about the Rams getting fleeced by the Bills tho. Your teams best CB and a 2nd rd pick for a WR with injury issues
  5. I think McCoy's stock might have gone up a little as well. No more stacking the box....well on every play at least
  6. http://deadspin.com/report-ezekiel-elliot-suspended-six-games-by-nfl-1797752285 Here's an article that states why the police didn't persue charges to make you feel a little better about the Law Enforcement involved
  7. He's no longer behind Jeffery on a depth chart so that can't hurt. He was listed as the 3rd WR on the Eagles behind Smith and Jeffery
  8. Good move for the Bills, Watkins can not stat on the field
  9. The took a year to investigate and have photographic and physical proof of abuse numerous times
  10. Given that article and how the NFL really messed up the whole Ray Rice situation, I will be shocked if the suspension gets reduced
  11. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2720233-ezekiel-elliott-reportedly-suspended-6-games-for-domestic-violence
  12. My point wasn't that the police found nothing. It was the fact that Elliot has been immature as a profession since joining the league and I would enjoy him maturing up so I can watch him play for years to come.
  13. Good, the kid needs it! For the fantasy aspect of it, does this drop him all the way down to the 3rd rd, because I would snag him on the turn of 2-3 if hes there
  14. Browns brass apparently want to find ways to get the ball in Duke Johnson's hands. How much of an impact to his ADP should it have. http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/article-5/Browns-asking-a-lot-from-Duke-Johnson-and-he-couldn’t-be-happier/38fb4f34-08c4-4520-bfc0-0dcb5614c2d8
  15. This! Jay Cutler is like 60 grit sandpaper abrasive. I think they pony up and trade a 2nd for Osweiller, the Browns were asking for a 3rd and willing to eat 10m of his salary. However now you need him so the price goes up a tick. Or just play Matt Moore and Jay Ajai becomes a more attractive RB option for us fantasy owners