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  1. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    when I google boi its slang for a bottom seeking male so you might be on to something here
  2. Landry to Cleveland

    At first the numbers jump off the page and you think wow that's a commitment...but lets not forget Sammy Watkins got a 3 year $48m deal with KC and 30m guaranteed so thats a 16m a year deal for Watkins
  3. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    He should've just used "source" once he established who his source was
  4. Landry to Cleveland

    Landry just signed his extension with Cleveland....5 year 75 million 47 million guaranteed per Rapoport
  5. General Rookie Chatter

    I got a 38
  6. Who does Cleveland take at 1.01?

    I’ll start each post with
  7. Jets Trade up

    Its all relevant, because if your Cleveland you want this to turn into a draft the QB draft for picks 1-3 and then have you pick of everyone that doesn't play QB at 4. If you announce the QB you want, then you could be potentially eliminating potential suitors for people to trade up into the top 3 for a QB.
  8. Jets Trade up

    Lets pretend for a minute... I am the Buffalo GM and I want Darnold - If Cleveland says "We are 100% drafting Darnold" -Why would I trade up to 1.02 or 1.04 if the player I wont be there. -There becomes zero reason to leapfrog Denver and the NYJ By not telling the world who they are drafting they keep all their cards on the table. If they announce it to the world then the 1.02 pick becomes more valuable than the 1.01, because the NYG would have the #1 pick and the draft would just be minus one player.
  9. Jets Trade up

    - I do not believe Jackson would spill to the media who they are picking, just a fun little jab at Hue - I listen to the chatter, because there is really nothing else to follow until tomorrow when baseball starts - I believe I am more of an idiot for some of the things I do, not things I say I enjoy the fact that some reporters think they can pry this information from people. No one in their right mind would risk ruining months/years of work by letting the press know their plan.
  10. Jets Trade up

    Jackson said today that no one will know who Dorsey intends to pick until draft night, Dorsey will not even tell him.....The fact that Jackson told Mary K this is exactly why he shouldn't be surprised Dorsey will not tell him.
  11. Who does Cleveland take at 1.01?

    1.01 for OBJ and 1.02 OBJ might be a bad decision with Josh Gordon on the team tho...
  12. Cleveland is dealing today

    I think this move shows we are trying to deal Kessler or plan to cut him
  13. Cleveland is dealing today

    Even Josh Jackson, a little early for him but if they trade back I could see them using a 10-15 on Jackson
  14. Cleveland is dealing today

    Cleveland adds EJ Gains
  15. Darnold killing it at pro day

    So, it wasn’t overwhelming...but they would give up 2 1sts, 2 2nds, and a 3rd?