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  1. Darnold killing it at pro day

    So, it wasn’t overwhelming...but they would give up 2 1sts, 2 2nds, and a 3rd?
  2. Darnold killing it at pro day

    So it was pretty much an NFL Environment...? Game plans script throws, they throw to their receivers all the time, they don't draft random ones before the game like pickup ball, and you play 8 games in the same stadium per season, another 3 in division rivals so that is 11 out of 16 in a comfortable venue. I agree pro days are a way to keep the NFL in the news during the off-season and hold little value, but conditions yesterday were far less than perfect for him and that was one of the jabs at him not throwing at the combine. Conditions were far from perfect yesterday and he still threw, it would have been more concerning if USC rescheduled the pro day or moved the location indoors.
  3. Jets Trade up

    Jets Trade up to 3 with Indy. Swap 1sts and NYJ Sends 3 second round picks
  4. Cardinals cut Mathieu

    Mathieu declined a pay cut, so he got the boot
  5. Jets Trade up

    Lord Voldimort?
  6. Sherman out in Seattle

    Per Rappaport he has been telling teammates goodbye and that he will not be on the team next season
  7. Jets Trade up

    As a Browns fan I would enjoy them drafting Mayfield
  8. Which washed up RB is not washed up

    Murray just needs to not have a thousand touches and he will be fine
  9. Jets Trade up

    No, he won’t make it past Indy at 6. That’s probably why they were so comfortable moving back. Just like the Celtics did, why not trade back when you can get the same player at 6 and get some value for making the same pick QB QB QB RB Wildcard Chubby
  10. Jets Trade up

    Especially if Denver or Buffalo trades to 1.02. Arizona even?
  11. Jets Trade up

    Bottom line: If QBs go 1-2-3 Browns will wind up with an excellent player at 4. Be kind of like a second first overall pick b/c they get their choice of QB and their choice of best player at every other position. #Browns -Pat McManamon
  12. Jets Trade up

    This may also hurt the value of 1.04 for Cleveland
  13. Jets Trade up

    Remember when the Bears gave up two 3rds and a 4th to move up one spot....and the 49ers weren’t even in any conversations to take a QB. At least the Jets jumped two teams rumored to be in the franchise QB market
  14. Jets Trade up

    As a Patriots fans decisions like this have to tickle your insides a little
  15. Jets Trade up

    Irsay obviously wasn’t involved in this deal...
  16. Cleveland is dealing today

    First Landry for an ‘18 and ‘19, both rumored to be no earlier than a 3rd Then Tyrod Taylor for a 3rd Now Darius Randall
  17. Landry to Cleveland

    For two draft picks per Schefter
  18. Free Agent Thread

    Kirk Cousins to Minnesota Sammy Watkins to KC A-Rob to Chicago Andrew Norwell to Jacksonville Case Keenum to Denver Danny Amendola to Miami Bradford to Arizona Star Lotulelei to Buffalo Trey Burton to Chicago Paul Richardson to Washington
  19. Cleveland is dealing today

    I would like to win 4 games. But seriously. I might be the minority, I don’t think there’s a QB worth 1.01. I wouldn’t mind seeing Barkley still at 1, and a QB at 4 and Mike White in the 3rd rd.
  20. Free Agent Thread

    In case you thought Sammy Watkins' 3-year, $48 million deal with the #Chiefs might not be real money ... he got a $21M signing bonus and is fully guaranteed $30M. Set to make $34M over the first two years. Wow.
  21. Free Agent Thread

    chub or Chubb?
  22. Cardinals cut Mathieu

    Throw the cash at him now
  23. Landry to Cleveland

    Browns own the offseason, its the regular season we cant seem to figure out
  24. Cardinals cut Mathieu

    With what cap space, Matheiu refused to take a pay cut from him 13 million dollar salary this year. The Cowboys only have 19.5m total don't they?
  25. FAs: what do you want for your team

    Yeah not sure whats up there, sucks for DeValve