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  1. Trading Conner

    Going against TB I might roll the dice for a monster game
  2. Trading Conner

    How much longer should I ride out starting Conner and trade him. Pittsburg seems to be imploding and Bell could decide to play any day. Do I keep Conner or trade him for a WR or upgrade at RB etc
  3. Trading Conner

    Where would you place Conner’s value? What should I expect in return? RB2 and WR2? WR2?
  4. You Probably Don't Want to Answer This, but...

    You keep forgetting this is a 2QB league, so whatever love Wentz. Still need a better 2nd QB than Dalton
  5. Golladay is averaging 10 targets a game. He was well on his way last season before he got hurt. Hes going to end the year at 1b in Detroit
  6. Still a no for me I own Carson, trust me you don't want to. Golladay is more consistent that Cobb
  7. No, keep all Golladay stock. Collins is getting his TDs stolen
  8. Coleman for Enunwa

    Trade away Tevin Coleman for Enunwa. I don't own Freeman, and the Freeman owner doesn't want Coleman so I received this offer this morning from another owner DJ, Conner, L.Miller, C.Thompson are my other RBs M.Thomas, Landry, Jones Jr, C.Davis, Godwin, M.Williams are my WRs
  9. Trade DJ away, or wait it out.
  10. Week 2 Milk Carton

  11. Is it time to make a move from David Johnson

    I got him at 6th and 10th overall in the two leagues I own him, and I wasn’t going to trade him before the season started
  12. Need 30 from Russ tonight

    Wilson to outscore Howard by 24 in 1 Burton and Robinson to score less than 40 in another
  13. Forced Acceleration Of Dues Payment To Process A Trade?

    you need to pull a Vonte Davis on Fantasy Fooball
  14. Rules say its a league vote and not your sole right to remove a player. You need to step down off your high horse and let your leagues run and stop intervening or you are not going to be able to keep them full for years to come. Just a suggestion from one LM to another
  15. Lincoln Riley (OU)

    How long do you think it takes for a team to convince him to leave Oklahoma to come to the NFL
  16. Greg Zeuerlein out with groin injury

    If Russell Wilson outscores Howard by 24, I will forgive Zuerlin
  17. Week 2 Milk Carton

    David Johnson
  18. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    Zane Gonzalez will be joining him packing up after his blowup
  19. Flex option..?

    Hyde Lindsey Cobb Hogan
  20. Fournette? Out??

    I wouldn’t let Lindsey sit for to long on WA
  21. Who should I flex?

  22. Is this a wash?

    I would go with Enuwa
  23. Should I trade Allen Robinson for Lamar Miller?

    Yes I would make that trade. Last year with a healthy Watson, Miller was a top 10 PPR RB
  24. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    Could be fun...could be a nightmare, I am just glad the "could have had Wentz" talk is quieting down