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  1. 3 quick hitters

    Half PPR 1) Landry vs Denver tonight Golladay at Buffalo 2) Would your guys start Carson at SF Mack vs Dallas over DJ at Atlanta Fournette vs Washington 3) Newton vs NO Luck vs Dallas
  2. what does Philip Lindsay have to do to be OROY?

    Stats aside, watch a Browns game with Taylor as the QB. Then watch a game after Week 9 when Hue/Haley were no longer there and Mayfield was finally allowed to check out of a bad play call. Mayfield is without question the most important player on that football team and the unquestioned leader of that offense. I do still think its Barkley’s award. I just don’t think it’s a landslide at the moment. Mayfield has also won 3 Rookie of the week honors and rookie of the month in November. Our friends in Vegas have the odds at
  3. what does Philip Lindsay have to do to be OROY?

    (Player Name) wouldn’t be nearly as critical if (Players Team) had a decent (Player Position) before him. It is Barkley’s to lose That being said, it’s Mayfield’s if: - Browns finish 7-8-1 or better - 3600+ yards (2639) - 25+ TDs (18) - 14- INTs (10) - ~67% Completion % (64%) That would put Mayfield in the argument for top 5 season by a rookie QB all time
  4. TNF - Jags vs Titans

    No one thought to actually tackle Henry there...not just push him
  5. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    http://www.tmz.com/2018/11/30/kc-chiefs-kareem-hunt-attacked-kicked-woman-surveillance-video/ Apparently the Chiefs are also just finding out about this.
  6. I drafted the Rams in the 10th and Zuerlin in the 12th in numerous leagues
  7. Week 13 Milk Carton

    The way my week is going I’m just going to add Austin Ekeler to this list now.
  8. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Correct, 2016, then they drafted Hunt and Ware got hurt. It had nothing to do with Ware’s production or lack there of. Jordan Howard is just a product of that offense changing directions under Nagy.
  9. Week 13 Milk Carton

    In 2016 Ware had over 1300 all purpose yards in a much less potent offense.
  10. Week 13 Milk Carton

    +1 for Ware
  11. RBs ROS Pick 3

    Conner (LAC, OAK, NE, NO) Mixon (DEN, LAC, OAK, CLE) D.Johnson (GB, DET, ATL, LAR) Fournette (SUS, TEN, WAS, MIA) Ware (OAK, BAL, LAC, SEA) I also own Mack and Carson. This week I’m starting Conner, Mixon, DJ. I’m debating on Ware or DJ though. Next week and for the ROS it will most likely be who to start at my flex between DJ, Fournette and Ware .5 PPR
  12. Kareem Hunt Altercation

  13. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Even if Ware doesn’t produce, was there a better option on waivers at this point in the season?
  14. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Anyone else feel a little guilty that the second this story broke they ran and grabbed Ware everywhere he was available?
  15. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    I think the team knew about the incident. Just found out a video was in the possession of TMZ, pure speculation but there was a tweet from some sports reporter that the team found out just like the rest of us.
  16. Marvin Jones is done for the season

    Sounds like it’s time for TJ Jones
  17. Even if Arians were to become the head coach, it would be awesome to keep Kitchens as OC. Groom him for a few years and give him the job when Arians is done.
  18. Fournette or Mixon

    .5 PPR Mixon v. Cleveland Fournette at Buffalo Im already starting David Johnson and James Conner
  19. Bears or Jags

    Chicago in Detroit Jacksonville in Buffalo
  20. Evans fum rec TD?

    Can’t speak for CBS, but it is a scoring category under “Miscellaneous” in ESPN. The TD counted in all 4 of my ESPN leagues
  21. Fitzmagic is in

    Well, given his comment was made on the 5th of November the timeline of the article fits
  22. Bengals Hire Jackson

  23. Bengals Hire Jackson

    Rumors are swirling as to what his title will be. The article I was reading said Lazor was doing well so the opening isn’t OC. Right now it looks like “Assistant HC” or some type of assistant that “oversees everything” Either way I’m going to enjoy the game after the bye week.
  24. Leonard Fournette?

    Half PPR Do I start him today, or roll with David Johnson. Also, Landry or Golladay?