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  1. Calvin Johnson says he may retire this offseason

    Ahhhh, thanks for the clarification. For some reason I thought they could sit a year to force Free Agency.
  2. Calvin Johnson says he may retire this offseason

    But trading him is not really a threat to him. It is one of a couple desired outcomes for him. Detroit is in a very hard spot. They have a valuable asset, and they are about to see all of that value wash away. They could ask him to restructure his contract. This is their best option IMO. They have to restructure it in such a way that Calvin would say yes to it though, and I'm not sure what kind of wizardry that would require at this point. They could try to trade him. This isn't very likely. Not very many teams would take on an aging WR with a huge contract. But there's no doubt he is still a very talented player and a ticket draw, so it's not out of the question. But Detroit won't get much in return for him. If they get any kind of offer at all, they probably have to give it some serious consideration. They could cut him. They'd still be on the hook for a big chunk of change. Fan backlash would be at an all time high. I just can't see this happening. They could just continue with the status quo and keep him on roster at his current contract. The cap hit hurts them. And Calvin might decide he just doesn't want to play for Detroit anyway, and then he retires. I suspect it would be a tactical retirement where he sits for a year in order to become a Free Agent and get a new deal with a much more competitive team. I'm just guessing that that's what he really wants, but who knows, maybe he really is considering a permanent retirement. Calvin's retirement would certainly be a better OUT for Detroit than cutting him would be.
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Spoilers ahead... First of all, I REALLY enjoyed the movie! I thought it was a great addition to the Star Wars films, and can't wait to see what happens next. I'm sure I will see the Force Awakens multiple times, and will for sure buy it as soon as it's released on DVD/BluRay. But here are some things I didn't like... First of all, Finn and Poe became best friends a little too easily. Finn breaks him out, but for his own selfish reasons. That's the extent of the development of that relationship, but somehow they turn that into BFF's. Um, ok. I understand the whole mantra of what has happened before shall happen again, blah blah blah, but really... another desert planet, and another bigger badder death star? I sincerely hope that the future movies are A LOT more unique. Leia and Han. A lot has been said about them getting old. Wow. You're not kidding. I don't mind that they looked old, in fact that doesn't bother me in the slightest. But Carrie Fisher's voice was NOT Leia's voice, unless Leia smoked 3 packs a day for the last 25 years. And somewhere around the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Harrison Ford simply forgot how to act. Seriously, he has been absolutely awful to watch lately. I'm glad they killed him off just for that reason. I loved Han Solo, but he had to go! Lastly, it seems to me that Kylo Ren was advanced enough in his understanding of the force, that he should have been able to easily handle dispatching Finn and Rey, even as Rey was starting to figure things out. She might have been more powerful, but she was still a newbie, and that should have been enough of an advantage for Kylo Ren. I know, I know... you can't kill off the main protagonists or antagonists right away. But I still wasn't believing that Rey was able to survive against him. Do you guys agree or disagree with any of that?
  4. This trade...makes no sense

    I was wondering if Team A was desperate for a TE, but then I looked more closely and saw him giving up Kelce as well. I would ask Team A to give any kind of logical reasoning for wanting to do this. Could it be as ridiculously stupid as trying to fill a bye week for Kelce?
  5. league mananger question

    This is a REALLY interesting idea! I might have to think some more about that and consider proposing it. Wow!
  6. Hi!

    Hey, I've missed some of you guys.
  7. Say it with me..

    I cut way back on my FF leagues (down to just my 2 local leagues) and a VERY large part of the reason why is because Thursday Night Football has sucked the joy out of it for me. I pine for the days when we had a full week of leisurely watching injury reports and scooping up potential waiver wire darlings on a Friday afternoon. Now you've got one day to get your crap set for the week. Bah! Back in my day, we did it right! And we were grateful!
  8. Probably because there are a limited number of elite players at each position (particularly at RB due to both talent, injuries, and coaching decisions), and if you miss out on those elite, then you either have to grind it out with the usual suspects each week, or try to hit a homerun by finding the next big thing before anyone else does.
  9. The Legacy of Tom Brady

    This is why the lawsuit will actually be pretty damn important. It will do nothing to address whether Brady did or did not have involvement with the deflated footballs. It will address the scope of the Commissioner's power in handing out punishment. The CBA certainly gives Goodell a lot of power, but he presumably must have to meet some level of criteria before handing down fines and suspensions to players (who have a right to work and receive pay for their work). What is that criteria, and did this particular case meet it? I wouldn't mind seeing Goodell knocked down a peg or two in this case. But most likely they will rule against Brady.
  10. The Legacy of Tom Brady

    I've never cared about the Patriots slightly deflating their footballs. If it gave him a little bit of a competitive advantage, then good for him. I don't consider it cheating even in the slightest. And I've just been laughing at everyone that has gotten themselves worked up over something so incredibly insignificant. He is one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game. This PR-generated suspension does nothing to change that in my opinion.
  11. Jason Pierre Paul burns his hands in a fireworks accident

    Hmmm, seems China has launched a very clever terrorist attack on the red necks of America, simply by using shorter fuses on their fireworks. Well played Beijing.
  12. Moving to the Olympia, Washington area.....

    That's Bigfoot territory... please be careful!!!
  13. Eagles release Evan Mathis

    Crazy. And just because nobody wanted to trade for him doesn't mean teams won't be tripping over themselves to try to sign him as a Free Agent. He should be getting approximately 31 phone calls tomorrow. Will be very interesting to see where he lands. Wouldn't mind seeing him in Minnesota blocking for AP and Teddy, but he'll probably end up with a Superbowl contender.
  14. Which team improved the most this offseason?

    Should be the Vikings! Mike Wallace added and Adrian Peterson back in action, plus they brought in some help for the O-line.
  15. Peterson still not back on the Vikings bus...

    Peterson's Agent has siphoned off all of his potential trade value by the way he has handled this. The Vikings won't trade him for less than his perceived value to the team. They would rather have him sit out the entire year than to take pennies on the dollar and have him assist another team (which could end up hurting their own potential playoff run). If Peterson really wanted to be traded, the only smart move would be to show up to the Vikings OTAs and Camps, ensuring that any possible trade value stays high.