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  1. Trade Help- Mahomes & Wentz

    Someone just dropped OJ Howard. So i think I'll scoop him up if i can to solve my TE worries.
  2. I have Wentz and Mahomes on my roster in a 12 team PPR, redraft league. Should I look to trade one of them? I need help at TE and RB (I lost McKinnon). My roster is below. Who should I target? QB: Mahomes, Wentz WR: OBJ, M Thomas, Godwin, Anderson, Parker RB: McCoy, Ajayi, Ingram, Thompson, Williams, Morris TE: RSJ, Smith K: Prater Def: Baltimore
  3. Dynasty Trade Advice

    I ended up going with this trade: I send: Fournette Bradford Martavis Bryant 2.01 I get: Ajayi Diggs 1.03 I get away from Bradford (I doubt he ever plays a full season), get a rookie QB with the 1.03, swap Bryant for Diggs (upgrade imo), and only lose my 2nd round draft pick!
  4. Dynasty Trade Advice

    I agree that Fournette is much better! I just worry that I will be stuck with an aging Jones in like 2 years. When I could move away from him and get Evans who is 25 years old compared to Jones who is 30... Hyde is 28, but doesnt have a lot of carries in his career. So he should be good until hes 30-31? There are so many RBs every year that make a splash (Hunt, Kamara, Fournette, etc). Doesn't seem the same for WRs. Does my reasoning make sense? Or do you think Jones will be able to play at a high level until he's 32-33? Thanks for your response btw!
  5. Dynasty Trade Advice

    I just got offered this trade: I send: Leonard Fournette Julio Jones #13 pick I get: Mike Evans Carlos Hyde Josh Doctson Thoughts?
  6. Dynasty Trade Advice

    I have the #13 pick in the draft (I swapped my 1st for a 2nd in a trade and he ended up with the worst record!). I'm not too high on any of the rookies at this pick. Any ideas of current players I should target in a trade? Thanks! Team info in the sig!
  7. [dynasty] ... most under valued players?

    I was able to trade Sammy and a def i cant remember for Tate, Keenum and Minnesota D. It's a 2qb dynasty league and this trade got me to and won me the championship! He wanted to get younger and really liked Watkins for some reason...
  8. That's Fantasy Football for ya....

    Get this! I won 2 champs in the final game of my fantasy season! In one league, by the end of the xmas day games I was up by 8.58 and my opponent still had Jeffery and Elliot on Phili. Long story short Jeffery scores 0 and Elliot scores 8. I hang on to win by .58! In my other champ game I was up by 18.4 and my opponent had Ertz on. Ertz ends up scoring 17.10! Another champ won!! That game took some years off of my life haha!
  9. Dynasty Trade Help

    Oh sorry I have Trubisky...
  10. Dynasty Trade Help

    2qb dynasty league (see sig) with very deep benches. I have been offered the following: Eli Manning + one of the following WR: Shepard, Doctson, Agholor, Ross For Mitchell Trubisky Thoughts on this? Eli has said that he wants to come back and play for the Giants, or for another team. He had a bad year due to a plethora of injuries. He could come back next year and be the same old Eli Manning (just 2 years ago he threw 35 TDs). Do you think Trubisky will develop into a 2qb starter in the next 2 years? I know he didn't have much to work with this year, but I didn't see a whole lot of potential tbh. The Bears could add some receivers and o-line pieces in the off-season though... Of those WR listed, who do you like the most? Doctson scares me if Cousins doesn't resign with the Redskins. I'd lean towards Agholor due to the fact that he plays with Wentz, but that is only guaranteed for 1 more year. Ross could be good, but who knows until he gets on the field! Thoughts? Thanks!
  11. I'm playing the #1 seed and of course Rudolph is out. It's in a large roster dynasty league, so the waiver wire is very thin. My options on my roster are: Adam Shaheen Stephen Anderson Or I could pick up: Jesse James (McDonald is out) Ricky Seals-Jones Tyler Kroft Marcedes Lewis I'm leaning towards Jesse James because PITT vs NE will most likely be a shootout... HELPP!
  12. Down by 32.78...

    Yeah its going to be close. He is projected to win by 6.43 points. We will see!
  13. Down by 32.78...

    Ooops I forgot to update my sig... Yes, it's a full ppr league. I agree that Burkhead can go fro 20. Is Dion Lewis still questionable? If so, that would greatly help Burkhead's value! Hopefully Drake can get another big play TD!
  14. Down by 32.78...

    I'm down by 32.78 and I have Burkhead and Drake going tonight. He doesn't have any more players. Think I have a chance?
  15. Trade help!!

    Thanks for the replies! Even though this is a dynasty league? Watkins is so young and has so much potential! Also, you guys think that Keenum has a job next year, or even this year? Lol