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  1. Giants release WR B Marshall

    Completely disagree with you. When he was healthy, and in place of OBJ, he had a number of games where he torched the opposing defense. Just needs to stay healthy like the rest of the team.
  2. Alvin Kamara

  3. Dion Lewis or Derrick Henry?

    I dunno, that article wasn't too convincing for me, as it didn't delve too deep into his actual coaching experience. A lot of the argument was centered around the fact that there have been other young, inexperienced coaches, who have become successful, and that's really the only comparison between them. Thing is, he's more inexperienced and has had the least success of all these other comparisons that are being drawn.
  4. Alvin Kamara

    End of the first-2nd round for me in PPR. I think he only gets more touches this year.
  5. Dion Lewis or Derrick Henry?

    Vrabel ran the worst ranked defense in the entire league his only year as defensive coordinator. Despite big name injuries, it was never that bad under Crennel. Then gets a head coach gig because of 'The Patriot Way.' I implore you to read this article. It's a great read, and breaks it down well. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/titans-hiring-vrabel-team-falling-patriot-lie-article-1.3785914
  6. Dion Lewis or Derrick Henry?

    Vrabel is also the most unqualified head coach in the NFL right now. I think this offense takes a huge step back this year, even though last year wasn't great either.
  7. Have we ranked the rookie RB's yet?

    https://www.fantasyguru.com/articles/yards-created-2018-rb-class-rankings Good stuff.
  8. C.J. Anderson released

    Watch him land in Miami, turning it into a 3 ring circus.
  9. Dion Lewis or Derrick Henry?

    Whoever will be cheaper come draft day. Since I play in PPR, most likely Lewis. I had Henry on my team all last year because of his 'upside.' Well, he rode the pine all year and I was too scared to drop him for fear that the moment I did so, he'd take over from Murray. That never happened, and the fact that they brought in Dion and paid him what they did, doesn't instill too much more confidence in Henry for me.
  10. Dez Bryant cut

    Man... Dak sucks.
  11. Dez Bryant cut

    I could see either one. The most poignant moment of homerism being when I saw Kaepernick go in the 2nd to a 49ers fan, his first starting season.
  12. Dez Bryant cut

    Homerism? Aren't you a Texans fan, not a Cowboys fan?
  13. Dez Bryant cut

    Dynasty owner? haha
  14. Dez Bryant cut

    He's gotta learn how to catch the ball first before putting on the tough guy act.
  15. Dez Bryant cut

    Peace in the NFC East!