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  1. Martavis Bryant traded to the Raiders

    Talent wise it makes sense, but Gruden cut King because of his personality. Does he really want to bring in Dez in at this point in the offseason?
  2. Hunter Henry torn acl

    And by 'move,' I actually meant the Henry injury
  3. Hunter Henry torn acl

    Still see this move benefiting Gordon the most. Then Allen/Williams. Gates will get red zone looks if he comes back.
  4. Amari

    +1 for doing it
  5. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    Little baby bitch boy
  6. I hate to say it, but it's usually not a good sign He doesn't sound good in that video either. I really hope he kicks this things ass for good. I can't imagine the hell this family has been through with every bout of it. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000935559/article/jim-kelly-will-receive-the-2018-jimmy-v-award?campaign=fb-nf-sf191050111-sf191050111&sf191050111=1&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral
  7. Oakland Backfield

    Damn, that takes balls. Shouldn't we be concerned that he AND Carr have both regressed each of the last 3 years. Plus, if there's not a clearcut lead back that backfield is going to be a mess. I don't think Lynch OR Martin will be the third down back if they're playing catch up or hurry up offense. The fact that Gruden is taking over and is a coaching dinosaur doesn't make me overly optimistic.
  8. Oakland Backfield

    I totally understand that. If your bench is that deep, then a lot of those guys will be taken for potential upside. Our bench only has 5, so i'll usually devote 2 to rookie or vet RB's with upside. I dunno, Baltimore was a DND for me last year and probably will be this year too. Only players i'd (maybe) take a shot at on that offense are the rookie TE's in PPR, since Flacco zero'd in on Pitta for as long as he was healthy. You're right, I did say conflicting things. I'm more in the camp of 'no Raiders at their ADP.' I also don't think they'll fall as far as I'd like to grab them.
  9. Oakland Backfield

    DND lists are DND lists. They only had one player on that entire team last year that produced enough to warrant their ADP, and he's gone (Crabtree). Question: Who would you feel comfortable having in your starting lineup on this team? Of course i'll catch someone if they're freefalling, but i wouldn't be happy with any Raiders on my roster. JMHO.
  10. Oakland Backfield

    Not touching anyone in this backfield. Not a believer in Carr, or Gruden's Raiders. Passing on all their skill players this year.
  11. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    While he wasn't dazzling, you gotta give Brissett his credit. Bare bones team, AND he literally came right off a plane, picked up the playbook, and started the next week. He's no Luck, but he should be even more serviceable than last year. All skill players should finish higher than last year. I think TY could have be an amazing buy this year in PPR if he drops to late 3rd, or even better yet - 4th.
  12. Rashaad Penny

    He has breakaway speed, but not in the same vein as Barkley/Penny.
  13. Rashaad Penny

    And when I say elite breakaway speed, it's not a knock against Chubb. Chubb is in that next group and I think he's ahead of guys like Guice/Michel/Johnson fwiw. If Chubb wasn't paired with 2 other talented RB's I'd be higher on him.. Next year I think he'll separate himself from Hyde.
  14. Rashaad Penny

    Yeah, even if we're talking about Chubb, it's hard to argue that he's more athletic than Penny though. Very few RB's take mulitple kick returns to the house. Barkley, and Penny were the only ones that did that coming out of this draft. Chubb is great, but he doesn't have that elite breakaway speed that Penny does. DJ was another RB that fit that mold.
  15. Deeper Sleepers

    Mike Williams and George Kittle are 2 I like past 150.