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  1. Julio, Allen, Kelce, and Henry
  2. Here you go, champ: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=printable+fantasy+football+draft+sheet
  3. Agreed, that's what I believe to. Like I said, he did have a little bit of flex value last year on some weeks, and that should only get better this year. I feel like his floor will be a weekly flex play, and if he starts going nuts or Murray gets injured, he's the #1 lottery pick of the season.
  4. God, that's tough. Safest pick would be Aaron Rodgers or Landry, with me leaning slightly towards Rodgers. Highest upside is probably Ajayi. I'm really surprised someone actually took Cooper at #2. I'd rather have Landry over him. Honestly, i'd probably take a risk and pick Ajayi.
  5. Let me get right on that
  6. I was completely surprised, cause it's a big buy in league and I can confidently say 9/12 members are extremely solid. I think a lot of them were skeptical. Ironically, Zeke flew off the board at #2.
  7. Hard to say. I think their roles will start almost identical to how they were last year. Murray will be the lead dog, with Henry taking over on some drives. That being said, I don't see with how talented Henry is how they don't try to involve him even more this year as the season goes on. All I know is this offense is going to be dynamic this year, and i'll want some piece of it. I'll probably buy into Henry if he's in the 6th round. He has a chance to completely take over of this backfield should anything happen to Murray, and already has some flex value. Henry and Duke Johnson have the best cuff situations in the league at the moment. Worst comes to worst, you can dangle him as trade bait in front of the Murray owner and look for an upgrade at another position.
  8. Agreed. I'd be surprised if they didn't cut him, and then maybe resign him with as much money as he's going to be due this year. He got a huge contract, played like crap, and then let them know he didn't care by getting suspended for drugs. They also picked up another RB this year in the draft. Not huge on Martin this year.
  9. Nothing wrong with that brotha, as that can pay off huge. Paid off for me last year when David Johnson fell to me at the 8th pick in PPR. I'm sure you get gut feelings about those picks, and I hope you're right about Gurley since you're looking to invest. I'm not planning on taking any shares of him so I can afford to be wrong :P
  10. "Pretty much common sense" when you made a statement about how 3.2 and 3.3 ypc was pretty standard these days. C'mon... And of course they're going to feed him the rock. After the fiasco with draft picks spent on Goff, and spending a first round draft pick on him, as well as not having any other viable 2-3 down back on the roster, they have to hope he returns to form. They can't afford to be wrong about everything. He didn't pass the eye test for me last year or make me think that the fault lied on everyone else. I've said that i'm not so much anti-Gurley, as I am anti-Gurley at his current ADP. I think he finishes outside the top 10 RB's again this year, that is value in the 3rd round. I'm not saying breaking off big runs is a bad thing, or am counting it against him. That's a great trait to have in a running back. But how much are you willing to bet that he breaks off that many big runs again this year? I'm not willing to hedge my bets on that. Last year shows the results for when he can't. Crowell broke off a lot of big runs last year too, and now he'll be playing behind a top 5 line. I almost hate to say that right now I prefer Crowell over Gurley. I'd also get a lot of shares of Duke Johnson this year because if anything happens to Crowell, Johnson is going to be one of the most valuable commodities in fantasy. And do you believe more in Mixon or Fournette? The Bengals O-Line is dicey, and we don't know which Bortles or Jaguar offense is going to show up this year. I might be going the Rodgers or Brady route unless someone homer's them before I'm able to, haha. The mid to late picks of the second round this year feels more uneasy than a lot of others in years past for me. EDIT: Btw, where are you getting your ADP from? Just curious, as I don't really like the sources I'm looking at.
  11. Fair enough. We're standing on opposite sides of the street yelling into megaphones, and i think we'll always going to be in disagreement about this, haha. He may do very well this year, but I don't like or enjoy using my first 2 picks on players with so many question marks surrounding them.=
  12. There haven't been many players that saw the same kind of regression that Gurley did. Historically, it might be the worst. And if you're going to make that comparison, I could just point you towards Arian Foster. Undafted, and had a big year his first starting season and went in the 1st round the following year. Ultimately, we're talking about value vs respective draft position, and Crowell screams value, whereas Gurley screams risk.
  13. And the fact that he ran the ball far, far better than Gurley last year, amassing 70 more yards on 80 less carries. The Browns O-Line could also very well be top 5 next year. Crowell also has a late 3rd/4th round ADP.
  14. I'm not complete 'doom and gloom' on Gurley. Only in regards to where he's currently being drafted (late 2nd in 12 man). I think if you can get him mid-late 3rd/early 4th, you're going to get a fair return on him, and there is definite upside, as he is going to have volume. I just have a problem with his efficacy and TD opportunities given his situation. He needs those in order to be a bonafide 2nd rounder IMO. Crowell from last year is a good comparison IMO. Talented RB, who had the volume, but never ran it over 15 times a game or had many redzone looks because the offense and team was bad as a whole, and they were having to abandon the run.