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  1. Shane Vereen

    I think you'd be better off avoiding this backfield altogether. I don't think anyone is going to emerge, and they'll just take up a spot on your bench with you no never being comfortable enough to start them. Better off taking a flier elsewhere, imo.
  2. OBJ trade

    Do the trade.
  3. Who would u rather have as ur RB?

    Personally, Bell/Gordon.
  4. Best and worst of week 2

    Best: Have Buck Allen, D. Henry, and Engram Worst: On my bench
  5. Week 2 Milk Carton Thread

    This might be the end of Murray in Tennessee. How are they going to be able to justify keeping him on the field after 2 weeks with how Henry looked?
  6. what is up with McCaffery??

    4 for 34 on 5 targets isn't bad. the 10 yards on 8 carries is brutal though. FWIW Stewart is averaging less than 3 ypc now too, the Panthers are just having a terrible time running.
  7. Flex Thielen or Cohen Ppr

    I'd roll the dice on Cohen with Bradford out.
  8. I'd stick with Bryant. I'm sure you spent a 4th/5th pick on him, and I wouldn't start panicking just yet. Roethlisberger always balls out at home too.. Help with mine if you can!
  9. Derp. I'm from San Diego and was a Chargers fan. I'm still getting used to reading the LA You're right about Ingram/Bosa and LAC front, but i'd feel better about Landry now even. Just hopefully Cutler isn't on his ass that much.
  10. God, that's a tough one. I wonder how the Dolphins o-line holds up against the Rams front. Both those guys hold most of their value in PPR. With Bradford out, I'd go Landry though.
  11. Jags or Vikings D

    I'd roll out the Jags. Pittsburgh always plays way better at home. Please help with mine if you can!
  12. RB choice

    I feel like most of Ingram's value is in PPR. I'd roll out with Terrance West over him. Please help me with mine if you can!
  13. Which RB would you roll out this week? I'm tempted to roll out Kamara since the NE/NO game could be a shootout. Also, the guy i'm playing is starting Brees. What do you guys think?
  14. Thomas Rawls

    Should be, but I'm sure all 3 of the other RB's will have touches as well. SF was his big coming out party the other year, I think he'll stay on my bench til I see what's up with the touches with him healthy.