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  1. And they say Gurley wouldn't do anything

    I was absolutely wrong about him, and very vocal about it. I'll happily eat crow on this one. Personally, I still think he sucks, but he's clearly been the fantasy performer of the year so far. Congrats to everyone who got him this year...he was a great buy in the 2nd, and exponentially better if you got him any round after.
  2. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    True...just remember the Loaf's and Stevegrabs of the forum!
  3. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Cowboys and Packers fans talking about the days of being bad...Remind me again who has the most Lombardi's/Championships
  4. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    You gotta think back reeeeeeeeal far Not many franchises have been able to easily transition between QB's like Favre and Rodgers.
  5. Derrick Henry

    And he straight up trucked Ramsey at LEAST two times that I saw during last weeks game, one time making a great tackle at the goal line but still wasn't able to keep him out of the endzone. I'd love to see him run over Sherman a couple times for several reasons
  6. Derrick Henry

    Yeah, I think his hamstring 'issue' has been nagging him since preseason. He's no spring chicken anymore at 29. I think the eventual changing of the guard between these two that was going to happen, is happening a lot earlier now. Glad I reached a couple of picks down in the 10th to grab him, I didn't want to be a year late on this. If Henry takes over for the rest of the season you have your league winning ticket.
  7. Derrick Henry

    Starting if Murray sits? Hell yes. Sitting because its Seattle? Hell no. They just made Hyde/Breida look like LT/Turner out there. Their defense looks spent this year and hasn't been able to stop the run thus far. Henry is going to beast out there behind the Titans line.
  8. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    Aw c'mon, you can't lump the greatest RB in modern history in there!
  9. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    Interesting little nugget I read elsewhere: ChargersHype @ChargersHype With the signing of Tyler Marz.. Melvin Gordon now has the same fullback & left tackle from college when he was a Heisman Trophy finalist
  10. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    I guess it's not as bad as Luck's shattered cervix
  11. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    C'monnnn, you've made this lame joke before.
  12. Shane Vereen

    I think you'd be better off avoiding this backfield altogether. I don't think anyone is going to emerge, and they'll just take up a spot on your bench with you no never being comfortable enough to start them. Better off taking a flier elsewhere, imo.
  13. OBJ trade

    Do the trade.