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  1. Deeper Sleepers

    By the way, I'm having the best Jack in the Box tacos of my life right now
  2. Deeper Sleepers

    I expect Carson to be completely irrelevant or injured by week 2 or 3.
  3. RIP Tony Sparano

    Like Billy said, I don't know where you get the notion I said anything about a lawsuit. I was misdiagnosed once when I had a bleeding ulcer (they thought I had a tear in my esophagus, lol), and I almost died as a result of it, so I've personally experienced hospital negligence. When I fainted from blood loss a couple days after being released, the second hospital I went to found out what was going on immediately. Ironically, the first hospital I had visited was supposed to be 'the best in the county.' I never ONCE thought about suing the hospital because of it, even though I accumulated a ton more medical bills and had to pay for an ambulance ride because of their mistakes.
  4. RIP Tony Sparano

    And you sound like someone who is completely devoid of all empathy/emotion, and just wired to argue about anything.. Your only posts in this thread are argumentative towards other users, and none actually having anything to do with the passing of this gentleman. Pretty telling. If your mother went to the hospital for chest pains, and was released later that day before dying of heart complications 2 days later, i'm sure you'd feel the hospital had no responsibility for taking the evaluations more seriously? I'm sorry, but it's not like he went in for foot pain, and had an aneurysm 2 days later.
  5. RIP Tony Sparano

  6. RIP Tony Sparano

    Went to the hospital, and was released the next day. Did they not do a thorough checkup or something? Jeez.... RIP
  7. Andrew Luck "Good to go"

    Excited about this too. Assuming he's the starter opening day, Hilton is severely undervalued at his current ADP and could return the same kind of value he did 2 seasons ago.
  8. Le'Veon Bell may sit out half the season?

    I have an idea that most of that contract isn't guaranteed, is back heavy and laden with incentives. A better contract for the organization than the player.
  9. Ricky Seals-Jones

  10. Who has been here since the 90s?

    Man, that is one ugly hat
  11. Who has been here since the 90s?

    There's a guy that posts on Roto with the same name. Not sure if it's the same guy.
  12. Ricky Seals-Jones

    Sam Bradford loves big athletic TE's. When looking at his last few (almost) full seasons, Zach Ertz and Kyle Rudolph had the best years of their CAREER, when Bradford was throwing to and targeting them. Gresham = Celek, Seals-Jones = Ertz. I think this will be a big year for him so long as Bradford stays healthy. And if not, a rookie QB's gonna love his TE too.
  13. Who has been here since the 90s?

    You guyz r so kool
  14. Deeper Sleepers

    There some hot news on him or something? Never heard of him. I love the name though