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  1. Need help: Most competitive league settings?

    Active owners, 5 bench spots. Competitive as hell, and insanely tricky on bye weeks.
  2. Need help: Most competitive league settings?

    Less bench spots makes it more competitive.
  3. NFL owners vote to make PI reviewable

    This makes the game better. Such a knee jerk reaction from people.
  4. Fitzmagic To The Dolphins

    Dolphins in full tank mode! This is the best way to still sell some tickets, AND get #1 draft pick next year
  5. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    Coleman was Shanahans guy in Atlanta if people remember, before he got injured and Freeman went bananas. He got 20 carries in his first game as a starter. I honestly think he'll be the lead dog here. Just because McKinnon is being paid more, doesn't mean he's the lead guy imo. Breida will be the CoP guy and come in late when defenses are slow and he can exploit that.
  6. OBJ to Browns

    Got 2 WR's in OBJ and Landry who can, and have thrown TD's too
  7. OBJ to Browns

  8. OBJ to Browns

    Lol, c'mon, Giants fans jeers in this thread is worse than Browns homers elation.
  9. Did Gruden just land Bell?

    Bump for OBJ
  10. OBJ to Browns

  11. OBJ to Browns

    OBJ/Landry/Chubb/Hunt/Duke/Njoku. That is 100% the best skill position team in the NFL, not even close.
  12. Browns sign Hunt

    It doesn't mention anything of it, but what if Johnson is chirping and has expressed that he wants to be traded? They hardly used him much last year it seemed like, and they just brought in Hunt who at some point will take even more snaps away from him. Johnson is a talented dude, but probably wants to be somewhere he can have a bigger role. And if teams are reaching out for him, and offering something nice, why not take it?
  13. Hmmm, AB has T.O, Chad Johnson, and Jerry Rice in his corner. You know spoke out against AB? Larry Fitzgerald. Think that says a lot about the kind of diva AB is. Cancer.
  14. Browns sign Hunt

    I dunno. Chubb can catch it well and they can draft a satellite back late in the draft.