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  1. Breida

    It's just a mere indicator of his attributes, which as you can see in those gifs, makes him leap off the screen. Not many RB's have that kind of shake in the bake in the league, and if there's someone that can utilize a SPARQ freak to their potential it's Shanny.
  2. Breida

    This was posted elsewhere. Morris looks pedestrian next to this guy, it won't remain 50/50 for long 1st & 10 at SF 10 (10:43 - 1st) M.Breida right tackle to SF 38 for 28 yards (T.Tabor). 1st & 10 at SF 14 (1:37 - 3rd) M.Breida left tackle to SF 34 for 20 yards (N.Lawson, Q.Diggs). 1st & 10 at SF 34 (0:52 - 3rd) Matt Breida 66 Yard Rush R.Gould extra point is GOOD, Center-K.Nelson, Holder-B.Pinion.
  3. Ughhh, I only have 5 bench spots and this is KILLING me right now. I don't have a true RB1 (or 2), and am debating whether he's worth hanging on to or continuing to stash upside guys like Clement.. Managed to pick up Crosby this week which should help stop the bleeding.
  4. Breida

    Breida was a SPARQ freak too. I think like in the 99th percentile.
  5. Breida

    Rolling him out over Crowell this week for anyone that might be in a similar situation! Feeling good about it too. Shanny will find more ways to use him.
  6. Breida

    He is real. Definitely the better back between him and Morris. I wouldn't be surprised if they completely phased out Morris. You want the #1 back in a Shanny offense.
  7. Deeper Sleepers

    Carson already playing on special teams and out touched in week 2. Penny will probably be the starter week 3.
  8. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    This x1,000,000
  9. Melvin Gordon Injury

    Look like he got hit in the back of the head/neck. I thought they might have sat him for concussion concerns, but if they're saying upper body, he might have a minor neck injury.
  10. Corey Clement

    Meh, he's the total jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none type back. Ajayi's a better runner, Sproles is the better receiver. He's gonna be volatile unless both of those guys go down (kinda did last week), but you still saw Smallwood got involved immediately running the ball. I don't think he'll be a featured back like people seem to think in a perfect storm type scenario.
  11. I'm so sick of your league drama man, it's every week with you
  12. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    There's no way this was because of hamstring issues. Probably another failed drug test.
  13. Gruden calls out Derek Carr

    Also worth mentioning, AJ McCarron and Cooper's play time at Alabama At least McCarron knows how to get the ball to him!
  14. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

    Not arguing with you at all, I think he'll be very good for years to come.
  15. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

    We can't even blame the line, they didn't allow a sack on Dalton all night. But I agree with him not being able to achieve elite status. Looks like a solid back, but can't get to that god tier.
  16. Austin Ekeler

    Posted it elsewhere, but a big thing we're forgetting is Anthony Lynn is the coach here, the freakin' RB whisperer. Karlos Williams and Mike Gillislee had good games behind LeSean McCoy, and where are they now? I wouldn't read too much into Ekelers production, Lynn makes the secondary and tertiary guys look magical and it will be hard to predict their on weeks.
  17. Lock Team Down Or No?

    Kinda miss him now though, he was good for a laugh.
  18. Week 1 Waiver Wire

    Chicago Bears put up 13 points (in my league) still against a possessed Aaron Rodgers. They could still be this years Jaguars. There aren't many defensive units that are set and forget this year, but believe they're one of them.
  19. League voted on IR slot 😒

    Wilkins. He'll be gone when Mack comes back and didn't look great.
  20. Week 1 Waiver Wire

    Funnily enough, they had the exact same snap count week 1.
  21. Week 1 Waiver Wire

    Yeah, another problem I have with Richard is that I don't think he's inherently as talented as someone like Hines, and Luck > Carr. Opportunity trumps ability, but I still think their opportunity is similar and Hines is the better back.
  22. Fournette - Any update on his condition?

    Dude is too big, powerful, and fast for his little ligaments to handle. I think this guy has hammy and ankle problems his whole career IMO. Yeldon is a must-add and stash for the whole season.
  23. Gruden calls out Derek Carr

    Well Carr's regressed every year since 2015...That's one expensive dude to put on the bench though.
  24. Week 1 Waiver Wire

    Interesting to see Jalen Richard had 11 targets, but historically Carr doesn't pass to his RB's as much as Luck does, nor with the success.
  25. Week 1 Waiver Wire

    Word. Also something that got me thinking - Indy's backfield. Ahmad Bradshaw was a RB2/fringe RB1 in PPR formats for 2 seasons when both him and Luck were healthy a few years back. Nyheim Hines got 9 TARGETS week 1. I have Wilkins, but I think i'm going to drop him for Hines and see how this plays out. Luck loves checking down to his RB's and they'll be incredibly pass happy this year, and poor at running the ball. If he's available in people's PPR leagues he's definitely worth a stash. Only 3 other RB's were targetted more in week 1, and he's tied with 2 others. $$$$$$$$$$$$$