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  1. Breida

    Yup, freakin' sad I really needed him to emerge as a weekly RB2 for my team.. At least Kerryon is on the up and ups!
  2. Fitzmagic or Fitzpatrick

  3. Week 3 Waiver Wire

    You better pray you have the #1 waiver spot. You really had no one else to drop this week for Murray?

    It seemed like all of us did for a while. Leave it to someone like that to actually start abusing it though
  5. Breida

    Breida's up to 200 now after putting on weight this offseason. He may not be able to pound it 32 times like Carson, but he should definitely be getting it more than 10 times a game.
  6. Breida

    I remember last year I kept shouting this game's name out against all the Joe Williams hypemen on the forum Where's that dude now?
  7. Trade targets?

    McCloughen is the new GM, who is a genius by the way. This was his pick to emulate Dorsey's earlier pick of Tyreek Hill in KC. I have HUGE hopes for Calloway.
  8. (He) meaning Dalvin Cook.
  9. Dropped him to make room for Latavius Murray before he was officially ruled out. My RB situation is dire, and we only have 5 bench spots, so I've been stashing every RB with potential value that I can.
  10. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    No idea, but it's really easy and convenient. It has it's hiccups here and there, but now I have more money for beer

    Did @the lone star find his old account info?
  12. Trade targets?

    Collins, Hyde
  13. OK Brown fans - exhale

    Brees even said that himself. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2795496-drew-brees-on-baker-mayfield-i-think-he-can-be-a-lot-better-than-me If people can't see how special Baker is/can be... I don't know what to say.
  14. OK Brown fans - exhale

    Takeaways from the game: 1.) Tyrod sucks. RIP 2.) The Browns became great as soon as Mayfield stepped onto the field. 3.) I can only imagine if they let Mayfield get 1st team reps all offseason (Hue is a moron) 4.) Big boost to all position players with Mayfield at the helm Anyone have any doubts that if Mayfield got 1st team reps all offseason and started the first 2 games that the Browns would be sitting at 3-0 right now?
  15. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    Lol. Reddit NFL streams is the way to go, spend your money if you want. I just run my HDMI cable from my laptop to my TV and watch every game I want to, and just tab between them. So easy.
  16. Kupp or Enunwa ROS?

    I'd rather have Enunwa. He's the clear #1 on that team, and getting a ton of targets, as opposed to being the tertiary target.
  17. Breida

    It's just a mere indicator of his attributes, which as you can see in those gifs, makes him leap off the screen. Not many RB's have that kind of shake in the bake in the league, and if there's someone that can utilize a SPARQ freak to their potential it's Shanny.
  18. Breida

    This was posted elsewhere. Morris looks pedestrian next to this guy, it won't remain 50/50 for long 1st & 10 at SF 10 (10:43 - 1st) M.Breida right tackle to SF 38 for 28 yards (T.Tabor). 1st & 10 at SF 14 (1:37 - 3rd) M.Breida left tackle to SF 34 for 20 yards (N.Lawson, Q.Diggs). 1st & 10 at SF 34 (0:52 - 3rd) Matt Breida 66 Yard Rush R.Gould extra point is GOOD, Center-K.Nelson, Holder-B.Pinion.
  19. Ughhh, I only have 5 bench spots and this is KILLING me right now. I don't have a true RB1 (or 2), and am debating whether he's worth hanging on to or continuing to stash upside guys like Clement.. Managed to pick up Crosby this week which should help stop the bleeding.
  20. Breida

    Breida was a SPARQ freak too. I think like in the 99th percentile.
  21. Breida

    Rolling him out over Crowell this week for anyone that might be in a similar situation! Feeling good about it too. Shanny will find more ways to use him.
  22. Breida

    He is real. Definitely the better back between him and Morris. I wouldn't be surprised if they completely phased out Morris. You want the #1 back in a Shanny offense.