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  1. DMD is the best

    Pics or it didn't happen
  2. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Yeah, I actually do too. I'll admit i'm just regurgitating something I had read somewhere, but believe it was actually backed up with statistical evidence... I'll try and search for it. Flacco is what he is. He won a super bowl with his mediocrity, and that was because he had an incredible defense. The Broncos have a good defense. Flacco doesn't really win games on his own, but he doesn't choke in the playoffs either which is the kind of security Broncos need.
  3. AAF game thread

  4. AAF game thread

    The San Diego Fleet QB made the best/worst pass i've ever seen in football. I gotta find the video for y'all
  5. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Not sure if it's been mentioned, but wasn't he statistically the worst starting QB over the past 5 seasons?
  6. Browns sign Hunt

    These are by far dumbest comparison I think i've ever read in my life.
  7. Browns sign Hunt

    Who said what she did wasn't wrong? You're a little man if you think that some crazy bitch yelling manure at you deserves to be hit, or if she puts your hands on you and you have 100+ pounds on her. If she said racist crap she deserves to be fired too. Happens to a lot of people on social media. I never said what she did was okay, but some people seem to be trying to justify hitting a woman over words.
  8. Browns sign Hunt

    Lol, who cares if she was saying something rude to him? It's words. He has a room. He can walk back inside it without putting a hand on anyone.
  9. Browns sign Hunt

    C'mon man, that's pretty weak. All 3 are POS. Obviously rape, and child abuse are worse, but that doesn't mean you can't criticize Hunt's actions because they're still in the league too. All 3 should be out.
  10. Browns sign Hunt

    I hate racists just as much as anybody, but nothing justifies hitting a woman, sorry. He was right outside of his own hotel room and could have just cooly walked back inside. He didn't need to engage her at all, that was idiotic on his part. He's just as much responsible for his actions, as she is for hers. And there's lots of POS' in the league, agreed. Do you want them playing for your team though? I don't. What makes his case worse is that he was caught on camera doing it, and it's all over the internet and will persist on forever. Just like Ray Rice's.
  11. Browns sign Hunt

    Think he's a great insurance policy and trade bait. Some team will be desperate and overpay for him. Smart move by the Browns, even if i disagree with signing the POS.
  12. Mediocre RB in a great system = good RB. I posted about this elsewhere too. Look at what James Conner did coming into a good Steelers system. Or CJ Anderson who bounced around 2 other teams this year before exploding on the Rams. Or any of the Chiefs RB's you mentioned, as well as Patriots RB's. I don't think Kareem Hunt is special, or a top 5 back like some people believe.
  13. Running back questions 2019

    DJ still finished as a RB1 despite being in the worst situation possible this year. If he slides in drafts he could be a huge steal. Not worried about him, in fact.. i'm up on him.
  14. 2019 NFL Hall of Fame finalists

    What's wrong with him being on the list?
  15. 2019 NFL Hall of Fame finalists

    Bump for Lorenzo Neal. I don't understand how the best player in the history of the NFL at his position hasn't even gotten a mention.... 10 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons for the HB's he blocked for...CMON!!
  16. Divisional Game Thread

    Kick Jefferey off the team
  17. Divisional Game Thread

    Eagles need to draft a RB next year. Their stable sucks, and you can't count on Ajayi being healthy.
  18. Divisional Game Thread

    Thomas is unstoppable.
  19. Divisional Game Thread

    Yeah, he's not exactly dropping dimes downfield
  20. Divisional Game Thread

    Not afraid or ashamed to say I hate Brady and Belichick, and that's not saying he doesn't look good. Bored of them
  21. Divisional Game Thread

    Someone just do the league a favor and get a crushing hit on Brady.
  22. Divisional Game Thread

    That's cause it's not as easy as finding the armpit on the map
  23. Divisional Game Thread

  24. Divisional Game Thread

    Gotta protect the golden boy!
  25. Divisional Game Thread

    You say that like it's a bad thing