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  1. Monday night Rams/Chiefs game, field issues

    Imagine how many torn ACL's there would have been yesterday
  2. K Johnson to the locker room

    Yay, sounds like he'll only miss 1-2 weeks .
  3. How have you kept your team afloat?

    Oh, I was just reiterating that the same thing happened with me too because of the gold rush on RB's
  4. How have you kept your team afloat?

    Seems like this was the year of the WR's at their price. WR1's in the 3rd? Sign me up
  5. Pick one WR

    Wrong forum, but MVS.
  6. Joe Mixon added to injury report

    Tough call. Hurts me to say, but I like Miller's and Barber's chances of finding the endzone better.
  7. Joe Mixon added to injury report

    They went 27-111 5-18, I guess that's a pretty good line. This Bengals team has been on the downslide and might be without AJ Green though. If Bernard is solely carrying the workload I don't think he'll match that week 2 line.
  8. Joe Mixon added to injury report

    In PPR? Yes.
  9. Joe Mixon added to injury report

    Hmmm, Bernard and Mixon did really bad against the Baltimore run D in week 2 of this year... Unless it's a multiweek injury I don't know if Bernard would hold much value this week if you're desparate for a start.
  10. How have you kept your team afloat?

    Thanks bud. I think this might have been the year to zag. There was a huge rush for RB's across nearly every league, but so much uncertainty. E.g: Bells contract dispute, DJs change of coaching staff, Fournette/Cook health, Howard/Cohen timeshare, etc etc. You could have a WR1 in Rd. 3 with the way that RB's were coming off the board, and later trade them to someone who got lucky on a few. Gurley and Kamara were about the only 2 RB's I would have felt 100% comfortable drafting at their ADP's, and in hindsight wish I had taken Kamara over AB.
  11. Well, they should replace me with the scrub that drafted Bell 1st overall.
  12. How do I get in on this league next year?!
  13. How have you kept your team afloat?

    Week 2, after 2 shaky weeks with Watson whom I drafted.. I think he was in ranked in the ~15 or so range, and we only have 5 bench spots so people don't carry a lot of 2nd QB's early on.
  14. TE toss up

  15. How have you kept your team afloat?

    Went WR-WR-WR at the #6 pick in a 12 man PPR, and have steam rolled with AB/Adams/Hill. Started off the year with Collins/Breida as my 2 RB's, but luckily had stashed Kerryon and Chubb. Got Goff and OJ/Hooper on waivers, and Lutz after their bye week. Also drafted the Bears D/ST. Sitting at 8-2 right now
  16. Bengals Hire Jackson

    What a joke and little bitch move by Hue Snitches get stitches!
  17. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    Honestly wouldn't be surprised if he calls it quits after this year. He's got his health to think about.
  18. Jackie Doyle

    This. Doyle might be on the field more, but it's not to catch passes.
  19. Jackie Doyle

    This. For those saying Doyle will have weeks where he'll outscore Ebron..okay, maybe. But far less weeks than Ebron outscoring Doyle. Luck has a mancrush on Ebron.
  20. 1st Overall 2019

    Chubb. What a beast!
  21. Jackie Doyle

    Luck loves Ebron. Moreso than white boi Doile.
  22. Is this cheating??

    Yeah, that's an absolute sh*t trade and everyone should fight it. Friends and work together? Guy's probably throwing $50 his way once he wins the pot.