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  1. Chubb or Johnson?

    I know Roto reported Duke as the 'starter' for that game, and I think other outlets said the same thing, I don't recall what they were citing though.
  2. Week 7 Milk Carton

    He hurt his ankle on the first play, then came back and fumbled, and I think ended the game with only 3 total snaps. Just terrible luck. I wish they would give him a week or two off to get fully healthy and let Mostert handle things for now.
  3. Chubb or Johnson?

    Chubb could have had a second TD when he got the ball to the 1/2 yard line on another GL carry. They opted to try and QB sneak it with Mayfield on the next play (never a good idea with Mayfield). We'd be talking about how he had an RB1 point outing in his first start if that was the case
  4. Fishy Trade Advice

    Wait, what kind of league scoring do you have that OBJ is rank 52? Other than that, tell them to (the really bad word) off and leave if they want, but you're allowed to veto and they aren't getting their money back as that would take away from the prospective leader. Plus, their brothers and in cahoots over leaving together if the trade goes down? Yeah..nothing shady about that at all. Cause i'm soooo sure that one brother really, really wants Shepard and Davis on his squad.
  5. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Marquise Goodwin, ginger.. Only 5 targets in a HUGE blowout, wasn't expecting that.
  6. Cardiac Browns

    What a crazy ass game!
  7. Cardiac Browns

  8. Chubb or Johnson?

    That wasn't even close to gloating Merely facts in my post.
  9. Sony Michel leg injury

    Really bad. Poor guy Looks like a season ender.
  10. Chubb or Johnson?

    It's not even close to 50% split. 14-4 at the moment. Oh, and Chubb for the TD baby! Time to admit without spinning snap counts that this is Chubb's backfield.
  11. Chubb or Johnson?

    51% of the snaps =/= 50% split on touches, just to be clear. Hyde got 120 touches compared to Johnson's 33... Not even close to 50% of the workload no mater how you try to spin it with snap count. It's going to be 70/30 Chubb. And lemme guess, you whiffed on Chubb and got Duke? :P
  12. Which 2 would you start this week? Leaning Chubb and Collins
  13. Chubb or Johnson?

    I think 50/50 is overly optimistic for Johnson's outlook. Hyde has been dominating the carries all year, and they just dropped him for Chubb.
  14. Chubb or Johnson?

    Reason being look at the volume Hyde was getting, coupled with the fact that Haley loves running his offense through a workhorse RB.
  15. Chubb or Johnson?

    Chubb, easily.
  16. Royce Freeman

    I compared his situation on another board to the Jets, with Crowell/Powell. Almost a 50/50 timesplit in Denver's backfield too, but Freeman isn't as talented as either Crowell or Powell. I think the workload starts shifting more towards Lindsay after this week, and Freeman was sitting on a majority league's benches to begin with.
  17. Royce Freeman

    Did you watch the game? The guy is the quintessential plodder, and is completely outclassed by Lindsay. He also tweaked his ankle tonight. The inconvenient truth is that you'll never start him all season, and the bench spot is better spent on someone who could actually develop into something.
  18. Royce Freeman

    Droppable at this point.
  19. Arizona Denver Game Thread

    Hated when we had Mike McCoy when I was a Chargers fan. The guy should not be an offensive coordinator ANYWHERE. He'll probably get the axe first. Also, Rosen is dogpoo. Glad he's having these struggles after all his arrogance surrounding the draft.
  20. Worst trade made this season

    Meh, Saints are off their bye and you could roll out Kamara/Ingram ROS, and flex Drake if you really dont have a better WR3 option. Don't think you broke your roster.
  21. Thoughts on trading draft picks?

    I'd trade all my future picks, win the championship and the pot, and bow out the following year. Yeah..that's a strange way to run a league.
  22. WDIS RB Lindsay or KJohnson

    I'm flexing Kerryon out of desperation this week, and you should too!
  23. Rivers is the only QB in the league who has at least thrown 2 TD's a game right now... gotta roll out with him.
  24. Vampire league suggestions

    Sounds fun, but if only I was the vampire and there was no entrance fee.