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  1. What an idiot. As if the original charge wasn't stupid enough, he can't even show up to his court date WHEN he's suspended, the NYJ WR corps is Enunwa/Kearse/Pryor
  2. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    i've always known it as YAC, or yards after catch you're right about Hyde's YAC being pretty poor though, I was surprised it was that low. Could be on account of how bad their tight ends, blocking schemes, and just overall offense were his first 3 years. You can see it jumped a significant amount with Shanny's first year there. In all honesty, I see this playing out like the Saints situation last year. Chubb will start off with the scraps at first, but could eat into Hyde's role or flat out take it over if he's talented enough at some point in the season.
  3. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    Good job connecting those stats.
  4. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    I'd gladly take him in the last round, you never know. (tangent) Looking at last year's draft I was really surprised to see ~80ish% of the 7th round+ picks were on the waivers. The LOL is directed at Stephen Jones rather than Austin's ability I don't see Austin getting more than 5-6 catches a game, which means on the low end of his estimate he'd be taking another 6-7 carries. I could see him maybe getting those 12 touches on his best day. He's electric with the ball in his hands, but I don't think he's a polished enough route runner to get a significant amount of receptions per game, nor a big enough player to line up in the backfield for many carries.
  5. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    12-24 touches? LOL
  6. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    YPC = yards per carry
  7. C.J. Anderson released

    i agree. he'll probably lead the team in total yards again too
  8. C.J. Anderson released

    Apparently he's bulked up this offseason too. I see CMC getting more carries than last year, although still less than CJ probably.
  9. Rashaad Penny

    How do I join?? Joking aside, I would love to join you guys in a league
  10. Rashaad Penny

    I'd love to have you guys in my league!
  11. Rashaad Penny

    I should have said career disappointment CJ Prosise and Mike Davis. C'mon, you can't be serious in thinking it's going to be a RBBC with them spending a first on him, and saying they're committing to a smashmouth offense. You need a 3 down banger to get a rhythm going.
  12. Rashaad Penny

    with 7th round Chris Carson? or career disappointment Procise?
  13. Mark Ingram suspended first 4 games

    Boston Scott might be a sneaky flex the first 4 weeks
  14. Mark Ingram suspended first 4 games

    Alvin Kamara got him scared for his job security!!
  15. Rashaad Penny

    Yeah buddy!
  16. Rashaad Penny

    I dunno, he said his research was youtube videos. I watched most of SDSU's season last year :p
  17. Rashaad Penny

    I was beating the drum for Carson last year, but let's be honest...Carson was a product of scarcity. They spent a first round pick on Penny, he's going to get the keys handed to him. Procise and McKissic are also not as talented with the ball in their hands as Penny, I'm not worried about them at all. I just don't understand how you think Penny has competition in the backfield, but you think that Michel doesn't in NE. Burkhead/Hill/White are far more talented competition for touches. Makes me scratch my head.
  18. Rashaad Penny

    O rly?
  19. Rashaad Penny

    Explain. He literally has 0 competition back there.
  20. Rashaad Penny

    He should remind people a lot of David Johnson. Got passed up on for being small school talent, but was a RB who could do it all and had multiple TD returns with his breakaway speed.
  21. Sony Michel in NEP

    I thought Michel had good pass protection actually?
  22. Sony Michel in NEP

    Never again... I'm staying away from all NE and Philly RB's this year, y'all should do the same!
  23. Rashaad Penny

    Regardless, bellcow. Penny and Barkley are the most sure fire bets to get 3 downs. Which is the question posed at the beginning of the thread. Freeman and Jones are the next closest bets.
  24. Rashaad Penny

    Yeah, that ACL injury sure stymied Le'Veon Bell and Keenan Allen. Spare me the conjecture. Skill players can recover just fine from ACL injuries, and if the coaching staff thinks he's ready and fine to play this season, he will have that 3rd down role. That bolded part... you won't find many experts, or people in general that would agree with you on that. He's by far one of the best satellite backs in the league.