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  1. Mediocre RB in a great system = good RB. I posted about this elsewhere too. Look at what James Conner did coming into a good Steelers system. Or CJ Anderson who bounced around 2 other teams this year before exploding on the Rams. Or any of the Chiefs RB's you mentioned, as well as Patriots RB's. I don't think Kareem Hunt is special, or a top 5 back like some people believe.
  2. Running back questions 2019

    DJ still finished as a RB1 despite being in the worst situation possible this year. If he slides in drafts he could be a huge steal. Not worried about him, in fact.. i'm up on him.
  3. 2019 NFL Hall of Fame finalists

    What's wrong with him being on the list?
  4. 2019 NFL Hall of Fame finalists

    Bump for Lorenzo Neal. I don't understand how the best player in the history of the NFL at his position hasn't even gotten a mention.... 10 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons for the HB's he blocked for...CMON!!
  5. Divisional Game Thread

    Kick Jefferey off the team
  6. Divisional Game Thread

    Eagles need to draft a RB next year. Their stable sucks, and you can't count on Ajayi being healthy.
  7. Divisional Game Thread

    Thomas is unstoppable.
  8. Divisional Game Thread

    Yeah, he's not exactly dropping dimes downfield
  9. Divisional Game Thread

    Not afraid or ashamed to say I hate Brady and Belichick, and that's not saying he doesn't look good. Bored of them
  10. Divisional Game Thread

    Someone just do the league a favor and get a crushing hit on Brady.
  11. Divisional Game Thread

    That's cause it's not as easy as finding the armpit on the map
  12. Divisional Game Thread

  13. Divisional Game Thread

    Gotta protect the golden boy!
  14. Divisional Game Thread

    You say that like it's a bad thing
  15. Divisional Game Thread

    How about DEM..... oh wait
  16. Divisional Game Thread

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. The Gurley/CJ tandem is beast
  17. Divisional Game Thread

    Theyre all wasted on Miller High Life by now
  18. Divisional Game Thread

    Yeah, I definitely (the really bad word)ed that up haha. He's looked amazing since he took over the starting gig.
  19. Divisional Game Thread

    I think I phrased it kind of weird, I guess I meant fantasy football drafters dont believe in him, because I want to steal him in the draft
  20. Divisional Game Thread

    I like it a lot. I think we all like Gregg Williams as a person, as he's entertaining AF, but the Browns despite looking good on defense in flashes, still finished with the 30th ranked defense. Kitchens was the true unsung hero that turned this team and offense around.
  21. Divisional Game Thread

    Hopefully people aren't believers in Damien Williams next year. Kareem who?
  22. Ouch....Allen Hurns :(

    Dude was laying face down and his foot was sticking straight up. Sad..
  23. 2019 NFL Hall of Fame finalists

    Reed Gonzalez Bailey Coryell Rest of them
  24. Baker is 2 TD's away from tying Peyton Manning and Russell Wilsons rookie TD record... and he didn't even start the season, or work out with the first etam. That puts it in perspective about how special he is. He would have crushed that record.
  25. Wow...

    Well eff you then. That was the +2 point swing