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  1. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    C'mon, no one outside of Texas thinks Emmitt is better than Sanders..
  2. Dalvin Cook

  3. Drop Reed for Olsen?

    Olsen (the really bad word)ed up his foot after stepping on a lineman's foot, its that brittle. He also elected to not have surgery on it, which means he's another little setback from going on IR.
  4. Brate, Howard, and Hooper

    So would you have Brate and Howard both on your roster? Or a choice of Brate/Howard, and Hooper?
  5. I have Brate and Hooper on my roster, and Oj Howard is available on the waiver. Do I keep what I have? Or do I play hooper this week and stash Howard over Brate?
  6. Carson or Kerryon?

    I like Kerryon personally. The guy has done great with a decent amount of touches. If they increase his workload you could have a league winner. Carson needs a ton of volume to put up numbers, and is injury prone as well as not too involved in the passing game.
  7. Kamara owners

    I think it's this more than anything, and I wouldn't worry too much. Sean Payton was quoted as saying that 'it would be nice to keep the ice bags off of Kamara.' He's been getting used too much, and I think Ingram coming back fresh off of suspension gave him a much needed break this game...and he was still in for a big amount of the snapcount!!
  8. PPR? I would. I'd be elated to roll out Gordon/Barkley every week and be rid of the headache that is rostering Bell.
  9. SIX offers for Mike Evans

    Julio is the only one i'd consider. The other ones are a slap to your face, and insult to your intelligence.
  10. Kamara owners

  11. Playoff Strategy/Losing on purpose

    There's too much unpredictability, and you never know when someone's roster that you believe is weaker than yours can have a career week and just maul you out of nowhere.
  12. Ajayi goes on IR

    You just put it back, didn't you?! I swear I went line for line looking for that thing
  13. Congratulations Brees!

    Just because Bridgewater has already given one
  14. Ajayi goes on IR

    Clement has already been dealing with injuries as well.. They need to pick up someone through free agency as an insurance policy, but it sounds like they don't want to pony up any cash. They're throwing the season away if they plan on leaning on Clement/Smallwood/UDFA Adams, and maybe Sproles. The first two started the year as the RB3/RB4 on the squad. Maybe Darkwa's getting a phone call? Btw, did the shrugging emoji get deleted?
  15. Dayum. I didn't have him on my team, but i'll never forget watching him that season.. amazing. You were sadly probably in the minority of people who lost their league while having him
  16. go out and get this guy

    I was just about to bump this thread, haha. Kids got wheels!
  17. Chris Carson is inactive

    Well, I gave Bobby 'his shot,' but now he's on the bench
  18. Congratulations Brees!

    They brought in Teddy Bridgewater to take a knee, that's f*cked up!!
  19. Kamara owners

    Kamara will still get his, i'm sure it will look the same as it did last year. This was just Ingram's return back party.
  20. Congratulations Brees!

    Happy for Breezy, couldn't have happened to a better guy. I was sad to see him leave SD after the injury, but glad he found success in Nawlins. Was lucky enough to interview him in person 2 months ago and couldn't be a more stand up guy in person as well!
  21. Chris Carson is inactive

    You are such a joke, haha. For someone that's been here as long as you I can't even recall a single one of your posts, and one's like these are a testament to why. Should I come beat my chest in here when Carson puts up a stinker, or goes out injured again? We'll see, but I probably won't lower myself to the level of a sh*t tier poster like you. The irony here is that I was touting Carson last year before most people, including yourself. Also, people that listened to me just as recently as last year, had Kamara and Engram on their bench before the year started. League winners. Do you have any such claims? What do you really add to this board besides troll jobs? Guess I shouldn't be surprised when someone name's their account after a dirtbag like Bobby Brown Fitting. Anyways, another troll added to the ignore list.
  22. Ajayi goes on IR

    Trade incoming?
  23. Matt Breida limps off field

    Hope they give him a week off to recuperate. The fact that he's been sitting out and/or limited in practices throughout the week, and playing despite not being 100%, is just leading to more injuries for him. The 49'ers don't have a bye until week 11.. he's got a long road ahead and they (as well as I) desperately need him as he's their best offensive player. I hope they don't think he can crawl his way through the schedule until then.
  24. Chris Carson is inactive

    0/10 troll job