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  1. wr help

    oh for sure lockett is the safer play......if it wasnt the pats i wouldnt even think about it....but u know how they r......but i got 3 top 10 rbs that should carry me all season....
  2. wr help

    pick 2..have robinson and lockett...thinking jones jr for lockett A. Robinson Lockett Edelman M. Jones Jr.
  3. wr help

    lockett plays the pats and jones plays the packers..was thinking it will be a shoot out
  4. wr help

    sit robinson? was either lockett or jones for me....bc jones play the packers and prolly be a shoot out
  5. Wilson 28 points?

    Think he will get 28 points? 6 points passing td.....i need 28 to win
  6. Wilson 28 points?

    He got me 18.... but a long scoring drive in ot would of won it for me but no 2 fumbles
  7. Wilson 28 points?

    Go figure.... had ot and all.....2 bs fumbles.... had perfect situation to win but my bad luck kicks in
  8. Wilson 28 points?

    Kittle is out ....smh
  9. Wilson 28 points?

    That colts defense td that got called back killed me and that lucky Galloday bomb hurt.... he only like 4 points at that point.....smh.... that's a 18 point swing just like that
  10. Wilson 28 points?

    Just looked i need 27.1 lol
  11. Wilson 28 points?

    Go kick him in the nuts for me...
  12. Wilson 28 points?

    I have (the really bad word)ing gesicki....smh.... and i started monty in my flex instead of lockett.... so i could have wilson and Lockett tonight but i really loved monty matchup and coming off 2 20 point games.... but dumb ass nagy
  13. Wilson 28 points?

    Well yeah that's why i asked bc that's asking alot 28 points..... but he averages 30...
  14. Wilson 28 points?

    But with my luck i am sure he will get 28.2 then they kneel 3 times and i get 27.9 and lose....smh
  15. Wilson 28 points?

    He can certainly do it..... just gotta hope the 49ers score a bunch of points also...... all about game stript.....fantasy is all luck
  16. Wilson 28 points?

    Who said it was a slam dunk? That's why i asked bc its gonna take a good game
  17. Wilson 28 points?

    I see more 30's and 40's then 15's
  18. Wilson 28 points?

    Unmm game stript....i know he didn't need to do anything vs atl.... other games i don't remember.....
  19. Wilson 28 points?

    And that was on a Thursday night game with a rb the cards just picked up the day before lol
  20. Wilson 28 points?

    Why they gave up 25 points to Murray and that's the first real offense they played all year
  21. Monty

    Nagy is a terrible coach....... what a joke with his play calling
  22. Monty

    Every rb vs the colts this year had over 100 yards or a td.... this clown rather put in trubisky hands and sad ass Cohen or line up a (the really bad word)ing wr as a rb and run him....(the really bad word)ing idiot
  23. Monty

    Well i knew it but after the saints game kinda looked like he figured it out by knowing he should get his best player the ball in monty but guess he is just a retard and trying to prove some point
  24. Last minute WR and TE help please

    Everett Brown
  25. Jonnu or Gesicki?