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  1. Big dynasty trade PPR

  2. Big dynasty trade PPR

    Side A gets Smith-Schuster and 18 2.16. Side B gets Mike Williams, Tarik Cohen and John Ross. 16 team dynasty PPR league. Need votes ASAP. Thanks in advance guys!! which side you think will win this year and beyond? my RBs are Guice Thompson Burkhead Carson my WRs are OBJ Thielen Juju Sanders Enunwa Kupp
  3. Which side would you rather have in a 16 team deep dynasty league?? Team is 8-2 atm. Lost Watson n it hurt. Struggling for a QB. Diggs n Stafford or Thielen JoshGordon n Rudolph My QBs are Watson Hundley Beathard Bortles My TEs are Witten Rudolph Clay My WRs are MikeWilliams Thielen Kupp Enunwa Gordon Godwin Thanks in advance
  4. Need trade help ASAP

    I’d trade Mike Williams, Tarik Cohen and 2018 2nd rounder which could be a last pick in 2nd round. We do 3 round rookie pick only I’d be receiving Jordan Reed, Kenyan Drake and Robby Anderson. This is a 16 team dynasty league and PPR. My WR are Kelvin Benjamin, Adam Thielen, Mike Williams, Cooper Kupp. My RB are Tarik Cohen, Todd Gurley, Chris Carson, Buck Allen and Jeremy Hill. My TEs are Kyle Rudolph, Jason Witten, Charles Clay help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Need trade help ASAP

  6. Trade offer

    Its not bad but I’d prob stay safe and keep Thomas.
  7. Thielen for Dak?

    Standard, Dak all day!!
  8. Trade offer

    I think I would take that too! If it’s dynasty then hell yeah! But in redraft, I might wanna keep Michael Thomas!
  9. I don’t think Ajayi will be ready for the Eagles this week. I’d go with Drake imo!
  10. Advice asap please??

  11. Advice asap please??

    I could get these two possibly trades. Is Cohen or Carson worth trading in 16 team dynasty PPR league start one qb. Only have Watson n Bradford at QB. check out these possible trades please. low 18-2nd/Cohen for Goff/Crowell n 1 of Bal/Jax/KC d. low 18-2nd/Carson for Goff/Darkwa n 1 of Bal/Jax/KC d. also I have one on the table with Gore for Beathard. Thanks guys. I can give my input on your questions too. Team is posted.
  12. DMC/Morris, Snead, Luck

    Grab Darkwa and Kelly help me?
  13. AB Trade Offer

    Take AB all day!! Help me?
  14. I think it’s not terrible. CT n DJJ could be decent pieces. Yes prob could have gotten more for Watson but it is what it is with trades. Watson is a beast! help me?
  15. Waiver Advice

    Grab Engram. Help me with mine?
  16. Gronk trade

    I would be receiving Gronk and DMartin I’d be trading KelvinBenjamin, 18 2nd, MikeWilliams and KyleRudolph Its a 16 team dynasty PPR league with deep benches. Team is posted. I’m 4-1 and maybe 5-1 if my team pulls off a win tonight.
  17. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Is it time to drop Kenny Britt?? 16 team dynasty league.
  18. Would either one of these trades help me to keep my winning streak going?? Bradford for JaronBrown. Witten/Cohen for DougBaldwin. 16 team dynasty league. Input?
  19. Team one would trade Tarik Cohen Team two would trade Larry Fitzgerald and Zay Jones or Godwin or a smaller WR he has team one rbs are Cohen/Allen/Gurley/AP/Gore/Carson/Booker team one WRs are Sanders/KB/Kupp/ArdStewart/Ellington/MikeWill team two rbs are Bell/Zeke/DMC/Drake/DHenderson team two WRs are Julio/Brown/Fitzgerald/ODB/RAnderson/Godwin/ZayJones team one could use a WR for sure n team two could use a RB for sure. Team one try to shop Cohen or trade him for Fitz n smaller player?! advice much appreciated.
  20. Zeke or Bell trade

  21. Zeke or Bell trade

    Okay guys I have a tough choice to make here. Need a lot of advice. Im looking to add Zeke or Bell with Gurley in a 16 team dynasty league PPR with deep benches. This guy is asking for Tarik Cohen, Kelvin Benjamin, Kyle Rudolph n Mike Williams He's offering either Zeke Elliott or Leveon Bell and Zay Jones for the 4. Is this anywhere close for me to trade all 4?? Team is down below.
  22. Zeke or Bell trade

    Higgins is available but I'm 13th out of 16 in waiver wire.
  23. Last min roster help

    Keep itbor change it? If change what to change??
  24. Last min roster help

    Thanks guys. I def will roll with Kupp. Lord let him have a big day, maybe get double points as im a Rams fan!