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  1. Any Canadian Huddlers still out there?

    I do a lot of business in Toronto and am just a couple of hours down the road. Depends on what you like for food and drinks. Casual food with a decent atmoshphere well, you can't beat Big Daddy's Crab Shack. If you are into Pub atmosphere then the Irish Embassy is your place. If your tab is being picked up by OTR then head on over to Canoe on Wellington or Bardi's just across from the Royal York. As for OTR...I rarely watch it unless there is someone worth watching. Lansberg does nothing for me as he is one of the most boring sh1ts on the tube but he has been with the network since its inception. When are you going to be on?
  2. Original huddle members

    I arrived on scene at thehuddle after just drafting Jeff Blake and Carol Pickens in successive 1st and second rounds. I learned wholly from thos mistakes while reading DMD answer his and Big Country's questions and ignore Skippy altogether.
  3. RB Battle

    I went with Jordan but I may be a little biased.
  4. Jets trade for tight end

    Jolley is a serviceable TE and I think it is a little shortsighted to state that the Jets gave up a first for Jolley since they received a second in return and while this draft may not be the strongest it certainly is deeper than some recent years. For the Raiders this deal made a world of sense. They need defensive help and have themselves in a position to draft Marlin Jackson in the first round.