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  1. KC/OAK Game Thread

    Haha will do
  2. KC/OAK Game Thread

    Of course the day I trade for him and play him in my flex.
  3. Should I take this trade

    Thanks for the input and ya it is a very even trade. For me Allen is a WR2 or flex and him getting injured is a concern and alot of mouths to feed on the chargers. Abdullah is a bye week fill in and never gets the goal line work so I think it's a good trade for me. Just needed some reassurance
  4. I was offered M Lynch D Baldwin For my A Abdullah K Allen Would you make this trade?
  5. Bragging rights

    Won 2 out of 4 years and been to the championship game 4 years in a row
  6. Bragging rights

    Should never brag till the year is done and the championship has been won
  7. Matty Ice ... What's wrong?!?

    I would play Wentz unless the falcons fire their oc
  8. Milk Carton

  9. QB Advice!?

    Gotta play Matt Ryan against Miami
  10. Flex start

    Stick with Martin and Hyde
  11. RB START to many to chose from HELP!!

    Stick with Freeman and Howard
  12. Week 6 QB plug in

    Out of the choices I would pick Brissett
  13. Flex Help

  14. Dez for Kelce?

    I would take that. Dez isn't the fantasy receiver he used to be and Kelce a top 3 TE consistently putting up points