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  1. Pick to Block?

  2. Trade Julio for Cooper & Cook

    Sorry should have clarified it's Dalvin Cook
  3. My rbs right now are Gurley and Wilson Jr or Drake and wrs are Adams, Julio and Diggs
  4. Kareem Hunt second incident

    I heard about it but not sure when. The NFL and media are just adding to it trying everything they can to make him sound even worse. He was wrong but come on, this is blowing it way out of proportion. The video wasn't that bad and I bet there were thousands of guys that punched someone in the face just last night alone. But all the sensitive people out there are gonna cry and say he should never play a game again
  5. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Finally someone who makes sense. Anyone who watches the video and compares it anywhere close to the Ray Rice incident is on glue. I agree he acted like an idiot but this is a huge over reaction
  6. Bell does not have to come back or play at all this year to become a free agent but there is a possibility he comes back. I would stick with DJ and Coleman
  7. Dynasty Trade Dilemma

    Both those trades are terrible. He is trying to screw you
  8. Coleman for Newton

    Would you trade Tevin Coleman for Cam Newton and Robby Anderson. Set at rb and my other qbs are Stafford and Trubisky
  9. Keeper Help

    I would keep Gurley unless there are rules that value qbs higher. I always wait on qbs as you can get much the same value from a QB in the 8th or lower
  10. Keeper help

    Without a doubt Kamara and DJ
  11. Who should I keep?

    Kamara and Green
  12. Nope I would keep the pick and take Barkley
  13. Dynasty Trade Advice

    I wouldn't take that trade. Fournette is better than Hyde by a huge margin. There isn't much separating Julio and Evans and I would actually rather have Julio. Your losing big time on this one
  14. FAs: what do you want for your team

    Would like to see the 49ers sign Robinson. Preferably a short term prove it deal
  15. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Robert Woods