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  1. WR...Rob Foster or Baldwin

    Baldwin. This isn't even close. NE's secondary weakness is covering the slot. Having said that, I hope I'm wrong because I have Foster and my opponent has Baldwin. But given a choice I'd take Baldwin.
  2. If Gurley doesnt go

    Zenner is also available. DJ Moore, too (it's a flex spot)
  3. Gurley, Kamara, Henry or Lindsay

    Kamara and Henry.
  4. Lineup help

    I'd try to get Damian Williams in the starting lineup if you can.
  5. If Gurley doesnt go

    Who starts in a .5 ppr league? CJ Anderson at AZ Trenton Cannon vs GB Mike Davis vs KC Jalen Richard vs DEN Even though Anderson may "start", will he get any carries? McVay is tricky like that.
  6. Any other thoughts before the game starts today? Currently leaning Wilson.
  7. Sorry, Jeffery and Baldwin. Didn't see Doug at first.
  8. Jeffery is Foles' favorite target and HOU is pass-funnel...golladay is in a similar situation. I like Golladay and Jeffery.
  9. I'm confused as well. If it's Rivers go with Dak. If it's Brees go with Brees.
  10. If Breida sits, Wilson over Gurley?

    Somehow I was able to pick up CJ. My opponent picked up Hogan. So If Gurley sits I'm obviously starting CJ. If Gurley is active, should I start Gurley or CJ? I have a feeling Gurley is going to see 25 snaps max, even if he gets the start. .5 PPR Would you go Mike Davis over Anderson?
  11. If Breida sits, Wilson over Gurley?

    Yeah, I'm screwed. 0 FAAB dollars left; surely someone else will pick up CJ Anderson. I shouldn't have blown it on Ian Thomas. I'm an idiot.
  12. If for some reason Breida sits - it's unbelievable how reckless Shanahan is with his RBs - should I start Wilson vs CHI over Gurley at AZ in a .5 PPR league?
  13. I'm actually curious who you started in week 14. Most of those guys had pretty down games that week... Or did you have a bye? I'm jealous if you did. My 14-team big money league has no byes. 8 teams make the playoffs, no byes. Really f--ked me over this year considering I was the #1 seed.