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  1. Sit 1 WR, Sit 1 RB

    Sutton and Breida.
  2. Which 2 WRs and Flex?

    Thanks, now it's down to my flex. Leaning toward Fitz. Any reason to plug John Ross in over Fitz?
  3. Which 2 WRs and Flex?

    How does this change now that Darnold is out? Fitz or Jones over Crowder?
  4. Stafford, Mariota, Carr or Winston?

    I'm a little surprised there's not more love for Dalton. He's good at home and that offense hummed last week.
  5. Stafford, Mariota, Carr or Winston?

    Dalton is also available
  6. I can pick up Stafford, Mariota or Carr on the ww. Should I start any of those guys over Winston?
  7. WR ROS

    Agreed, I just don't understand why the SF offense (outside of Kittle) gets so much love for never consistently producing anything. To the OP, still Brown.
  8. Brady or Jackson?

    I also have Matt Ryan (yeah, yeah, I know...) Any reason he should start vs PHI?
  9. Brady or Jackson?

    Yes. Yes it would.
  10. WR ROS

    Brown. Drop Pettis. Most overhyped player ever. He played 2 snaps last week.
  11. 2 teams: flex help

    Brown and Jeffery Murray
  12. Who do you like best for the season?
  13. Trade grade.

    A+ on both of those trades.
  14. Drop Jameis Winston?

    Winston is lousy and will probably benched after throwing 3 more INTs this week. Drop him.
  15. Good trade?

    I'd do it. I think McLaurin is going to have a season.