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  1. Devonta Freeman Mike Davis Jerick McKinnon
  2. Hmm. Sounds like Brown may not be back for a little while. I still like the idea of Robinson, though.
  3. .5 PPR League. Start 2 RB, 3 WR, and a flex. Guy is offering me James Robinson and AJ Brown for CeeDee Lamb and Zack Moss. My RBs: Cook, Gurley, Montgomery, Moss, Hines, Moss, White, Bell (IR) My WRs: Adams, Moore, Chark, Boyd, Lamb Would you take this trade? Why or why not? I love the idea of getting another starting RB esp since Gurley stinks but I like Moss/Lamb's upside a little bit more.
  4. I'd love to put in a claim for one of those guys but I'm not sure I can given my roster. I'm already strong at RB with 3 solid starters (2 RB plus flex). Would you move any of these players for Mike Davis or McKinnon with my roster, or stay put? I can't move C Davis, because I think I'll already have to get rid of him once Crowder moves out of my IR spot this week...and eventually somebody else for Samuel, too. I'm currently exceeding bench spots by two because of I.R. QB: Ryan RB: Cook, Drake, Carson, Murray, Dobbins, Mattison WR: McLaurin, Chark, Parker, Davis, Ruggs, (Crowder, D Samuel on IR) TE: Hockenson K: Myers D: TB Non-PPR. Start 2 RB, 3 WR, and a flex. Thoughts?
  5. Shocker..Another Trade Offer

    Don't take that trade. Kupp will have some good games along the way...I hope.
  6. My weekly drop for a kicker

    I was planning on dropping one of those WRs 5 min before the first game.
  7. My weekly drop for a kicker

    Uhhh...then I'm down to Davis or Ruggs. Can't drop a player who has already played.
  8. Once again I need a kicker so somebody needs to go! Who gets the boot? Non-PPR Davis Ruggs Trequan Smith Devante Parker Thanks!
  9. Pick him up and drop Trequan Smith? Reagor is available, too... Non-ppr
  10. .5 PPR Conner vs DEN Kupp at PHI Hines vs MIN
  11. Which QB would you Start in Week 2?

  12. WR3: Ruggs, Smith, Davis?

    Ok, seems like a consensus. Even with Brown out?
  13. Drop DeSean

    Do it
  14. Lineup Adjustments

    Slayton...I think he's turning into a beast in this league.