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  1. MNF - What do you need (Week 11)

    Or they don't let Gurley touch the ball at all. So stupid. Had a 20 pt lead w/Gurley and the other guy had Goff. Looks like a loss now.
  2. Surely a win?

    Not even close. Stop worrying.
  3. Got A Shot!!!???

    Gonna be close. You'll get the win.
  4. I have $346 left; tied for most in the league. We get an additional $100 once the playoffs start, which I'm in. How much should I bid for Gus Edwards? What a great name.
  5. Evans fum rec TD?

    Granted, each league may have discretion to count or not count offensive fumble recoveries for TDs, but I'm also wondering if it is a default setting that is rarely changed or adjusted by commishes because it is so unusual. I have Evans in a CBS league and his fumble rec TD is not showing up. My wife has him in an ESPN league and it's not showing up for her, either. Does anyone know the default settings for those two platforms? Are offensive fumble recoveries for TDs usually accounted for or not by default? Alternatively, is this something that may be adjusted by the platforms tomorrow? Thoughts, ideas?
  6. Boyd or Sutton....

    Although I'm afraid Boyd is gonna be a huge disappointment, if still star him over Sutton.
  7. I think it's a great trade. I'd prefer to have Hopkins. If he doesn't want to trade, not much you can do about it.
  8. Cam or Wentz?

    Went. No way is Phily gonna be able to run on NO.
  9. Boyd or Jeffrey standard

    Standard I'd go Jeffery. Gonna e a shootout in NO.
  10. ROS drop? PPR David Moore or Tre'Quon Smith

    Drop Moore. He has far less upside.
  11. I'd sit Sanders. Chargers-Broncos looks low-scoring to me.
  12. Sutton or keke

    Keep him in there. Coutee shouldn't be started until he proves he's back in track.
  13. Help with starting lineup!

    Don't ever pay attention to optimised lineups. Go with your gut.
  14. TE: Vomit, Sewage or Toxic Waste?

    I like Jonnu here in a likely shootout. He seems to be garnering a lot more of Mariota's attention.