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  1. Have Pascal but Gallup is available. Who do you like ROS?
  2. Which defense to stream??

    I made the same mistake in 2 leagues last week. I like NYJ here. Adams is a beast.
  3. Goff or Rivers?


    Drop Cooks and and snatch up PIT. Addition by subtraction from the ww.
  5. Non-PPR. Who flexes? Michel at PHI John Brown vs MIA Pascal at JAX
  6. Need an RB2, WR2, WR3 and flex.

    McKissic over Montgomery? Bold. I like it. Any love for Deebo if Kittle and Sanders are both out?
  7. 14-team .5 PPR league. From the following meh guys I need the following: RB2 WR2 WR3 Flex RBs: Ekeler vs KC Montgomery at LAR McKissic vs DAL WRs: C Samuel vs ATL Boyd at OAK M Williams vs KC D Samuel vs AZ Which 4 do I roll with?
  8. Pick up and start Carr?

    Agreed. Andrews is better than my other flex options; def keeping him as it's also addition by subtraction from other teams. Would you go with Carr over Ryan this week?
  9. Should I pick up and start Carr over Ryan this week, esp given their respective matchups? Carr vs CIN Ryan at CAR If so, who gets dropped? QB: Ryan RB: CMC, Carson, Hyde, Breida WR: Evans, Woods, Landry, Parker, Westbrook, Green TE: Waller, Andrews DST: OAK K: Gay
  10. Cut the cord with JuJu?

    I don't even care about trading him; just looking to pick up a WR that could outscore him on a weekly basis.
  11. Top 2 scorers for Thursday

    I'd say Landry but Fitzpatrick has been lights out against the slot.
  12. I've had it with this guy. For some stupid reason I keep abusing myself by starting him cause he's supposed to be the #1 in PIT but Rudolph never seems to look his way. Is it time to move on?
  13. Kelce for Mattison and Gesicki?

    Did it. Now I'm hearing talks of veto. Such b.s.
  14. Kelce for Mattison and Gesicki?

    Did it. I'm stoked. I finally have a TE!
  15. 14-team, .5 PPR league. Start QB-2RB-3WR-TE-D-K. Currently 8-2, 3rd in points and virtually locked in for a playoff spot. TE has been a problem spot for me all year. I was just offered Kelce for Mattison and Gesicki. His season is over and he's looking for late-round fliers to keep next year as 15th rd picks. I take this trade, right? Or does he know something that I don't know about Mattison? My roster: QB: Winston RB: Kamara, DMont, Ekeler, McKissic, Mattison WR: Julio, Boyd, C Samuel, M Williams TE: Gesicki, Smith D: PIT, NE K: Prater