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  1. Trade Fitzmagic?

    You mean if you were the other guy, right? Hmm. I guess I'm kinda stuck with him, then? Gotta let it play out?
  2. Who won this trade?

    You won as long as you didn't sacrifice RB depth.
  3. Trade Fitzmagic?

    My team is on fire right now but I know how quickly things can go south. On one hand I'm worried that Fitz will have a rough outing against CHI and that Winston will take over after the bye. On the other, he's the #1 player in fantasy. What can I get for him, realistically? It's a 14-team PPR league without a ton on the ww. I've never traded a qb before, much less one in this sort of situation. I was thinking of offering Fitz for Landry, straight up. Is this too much or too little to ask? My roster is below. Rivers, Fitzpatrick Gurley, Kamara, Hyde, Ekeler, Cohen Evans, Hilton, Cole, Boyd Burton JAX Butker
  4. Interesting Trade Offer : DJ / Evans....

    Cool, good luck! I'm curious to see if he accepts. I think Funchess has more upside over Crab.
  5. My current QBs are Newton (bye) and Cousins (vs LAR). I am going to drop Barber since he doesn't have much of a role in that TB offense and possibly pick up a QB to stream this week. There are a LOT of QBs in very good spot start matchups with garbage time stat potential this week. Would you pick up and start: Eli vs NO Ryan @ Cincy Tannehill @ NE Flacco @ PIT Keenum @ KC Or would you just start Cousins and hang onto Barber or pick someone else up instead? My RBs WRs TE and Flex are all set. Thoughts?
  6. Another Jimmy G Owner

    If Dalton is available go for him. He's been very good this season.
  7. Need a change?

    Absolutely drop Barber for Carson. Also, I like the Jeffrey for Ridley swap, just because I think Jeffery is one of the most overrated WRs of the last 10 years, and I love Ridley's upside. BUT do you want to have to decide between him and Julio every week?
  8. Interesting Trade Offer : DJ / Evans....

    If you could get Evans and Collins for DJ, and drop Crabtree to even out the roster, I would do that trade. Don't be surprised if the other owner doesn't want to give up both of those guys though.
  9. Who to drop?

    Drop Mack. You'll never start him.
  10. Interesting Trade Offer : DJ / Evans....

    Hmm. That's tough. I don't love your starting RBs or any of your WRs after Allen, so getting Evans would be an instant upgrade at the WR spot. You have nice RB depth and some upside guys but your starters are a bit weak. Who would start alongside Hyde on a weekly basis if you got rid of DJ? Who do you normally flex?
  11. I'm 0-3 and don't know what to do.

    I understand drafting for trade value, but having 4 QBs - one of which is very good and your obvious starter - does nothing but hamper your depth and limit your upside. I would get rid of Wentz (the stars just happened to align for him last season and he's coming off a brutal injury) and Dalton. You may not even be able to trade them but I bet you can drop them for some WW guys that can really help you out down the stretch. Also, don't do that trade.
  12. Waiver Advice / Rank these players

    Carson Boyd Williams Snagging a starting RB is addition by subtraction; not only will you be able to spot-start him, other teams won't be able to get their paws on him.
  13. Which of these TEs do you like ROS, and especially week 5 when the huge flop that is Tre Burton is on bye? Austin Seferian-Jenkins (week 5 @ KC) Vance McDonald (week 5 vs ATL) Watson (week 5 vs WAS) Ricky Seals-Jones (week 5 @ SF) .5 PPR
  14. Blow #1 waiver priority on Boyd?

    I picked up Boyd last week in my .5 PPR league strictly as a depth move. I may start him this week over Cole. I like him a lot this year. He's the second coming of Houshmandzadeh. He's the clear-cut #2 option in that passing game, which looks to be hugely improved over last year. I think he's a huge upgrade to your WRs. As you mentioned earlier, you never truly know when you're going to need to use that #1 waiver priority. I say go for it.
  15. WDIS: Cam or Cousins?

    Of course this happens.