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  1. Undefeated SZN

    Nice. First time here, clearly. Gotta show someone, I guess. Who was on your roster?
  2. Never again list

    Montgomery. JuJu (without a real #1 WR lining up and playing the big boy role alongside him). Michel.
  3. What do you think my chances are?

    Ha. I would be, too. It's the championship! I'm up by 5 with Rodgers and Jones vs his MIN DST and I'm not counting on anything.
  4. Thank you fellow Huddlers!!!!

    Oh yeah. I replied to your other thread. I have run all of the possible simulations and it looks like you will win.
  5. Thank you fellow Huddlers!!!!

    What's the scoring?
  6. What do you think my chances are?

    There certainly in no sure thing in fantasy. I give you 95% if it's PPR. 90% if it's .5 PPR 80% if it's standard.
  7. Boone or Boyd

    Cook is out and Mattison is doubtful....
  8. 2RB, WR, flex

    Need help picking 2 RB, a WR and a Flex from the following: .5 PPR Chubb vs BAL A Jones at MIN Ekeler vs OAK Boone vs GB Lewis vs NO Diggs vs GB McLaurin vs NYG
  9. KC DST or IND DST?

    For all the balloons. KC at CHI IND vs CAR
  10. 2RB, WR, flex

    Rodgers is my QB, too. You don't think that's too much Monday Night?
  11. Who flexes?

    For all the bananas. Non-PPR D Washington at LAC Boone vs GB Waller at LAC Lewis vs NO
  12. Now that Henry is out, who flexes? .5 PPR Lewis vs NO Montgomery vs KC Samuel at IND
  13. Start Tannehill with Henry out?

    Possibly Lock...
  14. Washington or lewis.

    Full PPR you gotta go Lewis IMO.
  15. Henry’s out!

    Mattison is not going to play so go with Boone.
  16. Mostert or Kupp

    Hopefully Mostert but it was close anyway.
  17. RB help

    Where did you hear that Mattison will play?
  18. Interesting format. So you don't have a bench?
  19. How in the world are those guys available? Boone, Drake, Freeman, Washington.
  20. .5 PPR league. For all the bananas. Pick 3. Boone vs GB Chubb vs BAL Jones at MIN Ekeler vs OAK McLaurin vs NYG I'm so torn on this.
  21. Not worried about Chubb vs BAL?