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  1. Our league is a FULL PPR 12 team keeper league. Couple teams have folded and looking towards next season basically and I have an opportunity to get one of these 3 RBs, for a middle rd draft pick or a possible keeper potential trade. Who would you prefer long term? looked at their schedules, and Millers looks to be the best. Thoughts?
  2. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    My man GGL - In need of a TE this week... Slim pickings but a couple decent prospects. This week and ROS possibility (until Clay returns): George Kittle @ Wash AJ Derby vs NYG Ryan Griffen vs Clev Thanks man
  3. TE Help this week

    I picked up Derby last night, but was thinking it over, hence the reason for my post. I'm leaning Kittle more now as well if he practices today or tomorrow in FULL.
  4. TE Help this week

    With Clay out, need a TE this week. Who would you rather start: George Kittle @ Wash (Ranked 30 vs TEs) or AJ Derby vs NYG (ranked 32nd)? Thoughts? Thanks
  5. Trade Help - Gronk

    You're a Fins fan upset about his ranking LOL.. Look at any site with rankings right now (Fantasypros, the fantasy footballers, pff, and on and on), he's ranked anywhere from 6th to 13th, so is his 11th rank that GGL gave him absurd? Evidently not. Not to mention GGL has give some tremendous advice on this site over the last season or so. To a tremendous amount of people, No clue who you are..... Take off the rose colored fins glasses.
  6. That's a hard question to be honest due to their situations. They're both injury risks, they both are in high volume passing attacks with solid QB's, both defense's arent the greatest so they will be on the attack often. I have D.Allen myself and thought he would be a really good value later in the draft which so far so good, but I thought the same about Ebron and he was my second choice if I didnt get Allen.
  7. Help please!

    Wait, so the other guy has Brady, Brees and Big Ben? and this is a 12 team league WTF? Ah just read "super flex" So i assume you guys start 2 QBs regularly?
  8. Gurley for Amari Cooper and T Rawls?

    Rawls and Cooper, I would jump on that.
  9. LOL PT... I actually watch Saints games since I'm a Saints Fan and PT isnt in the same class as Ingram. PT never had a season of 50 receptions in his entire career. Ingram's only issue is staying healthy. CJ Spiller was signed to be the 'receiving/3rd down back" in New Orleans, due to injuries last season he couldnt play in TC and early in the season, so they used Ingram in that role during TC and pre-season and saw what he could do and were extermely surprised and they continued to use him during the season instead of Spiller. Who they just released because did not see a need for him anymore in New Orleans, and also signed Ingram last year to a 4 year extension. Gore is a good RB but is 31 years old, Ingram is 26. You mentioned the huddles ranking, well I dont ever go by one sites rankings ever, way to much info out there to rely on one source. Look at numerous sites, and you will see Ingram is in noway ranked as a tier3 RB. He was and is regarded as a top 10 fantasy RB. Also to answer your question Ingram had 900+yds Rushing 9 Tds 29 rec's 145yds in 2014 in 9 games started, and that was BEFORE the Saints decided to use him as a 3rd down guy,
  10. Lets make a trade! WHIR

    I would love to have Woodhead, but not at the expense of losing Ingram. Ingram is in a high octane offense and is the main guy. He was on a tremendous pace last season before his injury esp in PPR, if their OL can play well, and he stays healthy I see no reason he can't finish as a top 10 back. (he was the 3rd ranked RB last season after 12 games before his injury)
  11. You realize Ingram had 50 catches for 405yds last season in 12 games right? Do you watch Saints games? They utilize the RBs in screens and checkdowns probably more than any other team. Ingram's value is actually higher in PPR due to that, considering the Saints do not give any RB 20+ carries. Ingram is the main back though and averaged 14 carries, and 4 catches a week last season....
  12. Flex Position PPR

    Yeah the Coleman Freeman thing is annoying,just give it some time and it will work itself out. I think Coleman will emerge. After all this is the regime that drafted him and it's obvious they want their 3rd rd pick to be involved heavily. All really good choices to be honest. I think Sanders matchup is slightly better then the others, but you can't go wrong with any of those choices.
  13. He has Marshall and Ingram and was offered Julio and Gore I would not make that trade. Marshall should be fine with his knee and will have a solid year. I think the upgrade from Marshall to Julio isnt enough to warrant the drop off from Ingram to Gore
  14. Even though you have Reed you need more then Fuller for Kelce. He's a top tier TE.
  15. WDIS - PPR League

    You really need to ask if you should start DJ? Murray vs ATL