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  1. Vikes vs the Saints

    They create names for famous plays. This should be referred to as nothing more than "The Whiff".
  2. Playoff Game Thread

    Typical Reid, has the leading rusher, geez. Knocks out the Chief and the non-Henry pickers from the Smackbowl.
  3. Wild card lines discussion

    Actally, Greg the Leg is probably worth 3.
  4. SMACKBOWL XXI - Accept your destiny

    AFC Team AQB1-PIT-Ben Roethlisberger ARB1-JAC-Leonard Fournette ARB2-TEN-Derrick Henry ARB3-NE-James White ATE-NE-Rob Gronkowski AWR1-PIT-Antonio Brown AWR2-PIT-JuJu Smith-Schuster AWR3-PIT-Martavis Bryant AWR4--Eli Rogers APK-PIT-Chris Boswell ADEF-PIT AST-PIT NFC Team NQB1-LAR-Jared Goff NRB1-LAR-Todd Gurley NRB2-NO-Alvin Kamara NRB3-PHI-Corey Clement NTE-PHI-Zach Ertz NWR1-NO-Michael Thomas NWR2-LAR-Robert Woods NWR3-LAR-Cooper Kupp NWR4--Tavon Austin NPK-LAR-Sam Ficken NDEF-LAR NST-LAR Tie Breaker #1 - Total rushing yards in Super Bowl - 227 Tide Breaker #2 - Total passing yards in Super Bowl - 511
  5. Happy F'n New Year I don't bet the games and when it comes to betting, homerism would never come into play. I assume many of us guess at what lines would be. I guessed the Rams would be -9, hosting Atlanta and would still like the Rams. I see it has opened at 4.5. Rams have the week rest, Atlanta coming off a very physical game that saw Julio getting whacked around, Gabriel go down, etc. Without Shanahan, all Falcons were a disappointment fantasy wise, as their offense is not what it was last year. The only factor in Atlanta's favor is playoff experience. I think the Rams roll in this one.
  6. Merry Christmas, Huddlers!

    Merry Christmas. Got my present today, an NFC west title while starting Goff & Gurley in a Super Bowl. Did not make the playoffs in my other league.
  7. OJ on IR, Brate gets it all, IF he plays the entire game. Wouldn't even ask if he wasn't still questionable.
  8. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    TD only, used USA today. Six points for TDs 1-29 yards, ten points 30+, regardless of position. I mailed the standings every week from the office. League is still going.
  9. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    Playing since '84. What a bunch of whiny quitters.
  10. 12 PPR TE Goff Gurley Kamara Freeman Tate JuJu Brate Lutz Balt
  11. Week 15 playoff edition, what do you need?

    Drinking some good scotch cause outta herb. PPR, he has Bryant & a 29 point lead, I have Ryan & Freeman. Only reason I have a 50/50 shot is because I have Gurley. The winner will have high game of the week.
  12. NOS RBs vs NYJ DEF ?

    I own Kamara in both my leagues, luv him. He took a coupla missteps after he tried to walk after that hit. I agree he shouldn't have returned, have no issue. Cost me the playoffs in one league but I did not feel bad at all. These dude's are dying for some $ and to entertain us. I am hoping they eventually force players to retire after 2-3 concussions and hope there are enough good players to keep us entertained with the increased turnover.
  13. PPR, JuJu or Devanta Freeman v. #1 run D Minny? Cincy has #2 pass D but hasnt faced many passing teams.
  14. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    Ryan, Matt ATL QB Foster, Arian HOU RB Cobb, Randall GBP WR Green, A.J. CIN WR Wayne, Reggie IND WR White, Roddy ATL WR Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK Texans, Houston HOU Def FLS, one of the greatest BOTH leagues ever, despite having Hop (House of Pain) as one owner. 2012, 2 keeper league, kept Roddy & Arian. Same lineup nearly every week, started 12-0 with LARGE total points lead. Finished 12-4, losing both playoff games and most points in the final minutes of week 16. $100 fee, I won $10 lousy bucks. Lesson learned. You have jinxed yourself.
  15. Your best 10th round or later target ever

    Watching Rams > red zone for first time in 15 years.