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  1. What Do You Need/Not Need For Win Tonight?

    Need Bell < 21 in PPR. Thinking 60/40, my favor. In 2 leagues, if lose, 0-8 last 4 weeks after 3-0, 2-1 starts. If can hang on, will defeat ARod.
  2. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Peters is now only a noisy player who can't back it up.
  3. Started Brissett in both leagues. In one > Ryan & Dak, the other, Goff & Rivers. Drafted Ryan as 1st QB, haven't started him yet.
  4. Rams vs Seahawks (TNF)

    Anyone notice the play clock ran out by about 2 seconds on one of the Gurley TDs?
  5. Week 1 Milk Carton 2019!!!!!

    Davis looked solid to me. DMont to my bench, til I see something.
  6. I hate my team

    Never could understand people not liking the team they drafted. I mean, you drafted them. Incredible. I ALWAYS love the team I draft because I draft the players I like.
  7. After last year, don't see how you would want to put yourself through it. Our Lev owner from last year took Zeke.
  8. 6pts. per TD or 4pts. per TD for QB's?

    6, makes QBs more valuable, just like the NFL.
  9. Who keeps ending up on your teams this year?

    Been playing since '84. Never more than 3 teams, as too hard to know who to root for. Last few years, 2 teams. Common players, this year: Kamara DMontgomery Pollard
  10. Luck Retiring

    Andrew, ty vm for the entertainment you provided me. Very best of luck to you.
  11. You know you're getting old when...........

    .....................when your 'hold the urine for a few minutes" mechanism, no longer can be relied upon. It used to be located around here.
  12. Alvin Kamara Thread

    Drafted him in all leagues, 2 years ago. Steered clear last year. My #1 overall, this year. One of the few, over the years, that when you are playing against him, you watch thru your fingers, like when George Foster was at the plate for the Big Red Machine. Passes eye test with A+.
  13. Andrew Luck thread

    I am in a TD only league which is VERY QB heavy. Mahomes will go first, I have 2nd choice and was gonna take Luck #2. Saw bits of his workout, on the Clev - Indy broadcast and he looked REALLY good. I am not even sure what the issue is. If named the week 1 starter, I will take him, if not, will drop to 7/12 and hope for Kamara or Barkley.
  14.  What email address do you use on the site? I have it down you get a free membership and am trying to get it right.

    1. Ramhock


      I have free membership thru 2021-22 per you.



  15. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    We know how great Jim Brown is. Only athlete to be arguably the GOAT in 2 sports. Best athlete of all time.