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  1. Tyreek Hill again...

    There are far more WRs on the field during a game and on rosters.
  2. Clay Matthews to the Rams

    He'll never be double teamed. Maybe there's enough left to pay him 8MM. I like that they have become a destination.
  3. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    The Rams helmet is the best design. The colors $uck, though. Praying they go back to navy blue & white. Then their road uniforms (blue shirt) would be the coolest.
  4. With Manning at the helm! :doah:
  5. Culpepper

    Hoping for a shootout. Have action with Burleson, Wiggins, Housh, Perry, Chad and Graham.
  6. Oh Priest owners. . .

    Stepped up and took him in round 5, in two leagues. I will start playing him next week. I am not a Priest owner.
  7. Opening Sunday!

    I wear the same one every opening Sunday. Don't wear it any other day of the year, unless we're in the Super Bowl. Jack Youngblood
  8. Best Food Network show

    I still like Emeril. But my favrite is Malto Mario. Not sure if he is still on, though.
  9. the greatest fantasy game ever played...

    15 passes for 336 yards and one touchdown.
  10. Most consistent of the three

    I agree with your order.
  11. TD only, 6 pts - 1-29 yards, 10 pts - 30+ yards LJohnson vs Jets - KC RBs scored 35 TDs, last year. RBrown vs Broncos - Starter at home. Givens vs Raiders - #2 WR in possible shootout. Glad to have these choices, wouldn't mind starting all 3, but only room for 1. Have a good holiday!
  12. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    I forgot this one. . . Buckhalter, Correll PHI RB @ 13.2