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  1. Andrew Luck thread

    I am in a TD only league which is VERY QB heavy. Mahomes will go first, I have 2nd choice and was gonna take Luck #2. Saw bits of his workout, on the Clev - Indy broadcast and he looked REALLY good. I am not even sure what the issue is. If named the week 1 starter, I will take him, if not, will drop to 7/12 and hope for Kamara or Barkley.
  2.  What email address do you use on the site? I have it down you get a free membership and am trying to get it right.

    1. Ramhock


      I have free membership thru 2021-22 per you.



  3. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    We know how great Jim Brown is. Only athlete to be arguably the GOAT in 2 sports. Best athlete of all time.
  4. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    When they say he looks great in preseason, won't be buying it. They say that about 90% of the players.
  5. Tyreek Hill again...

    There are far more WRs on the field during a game and on rosters.
  6. Clay Matthews to the Rams

    He'll never be double teamed. Maybe there's enough left to pay him 8MM. I like that they have become a destination.
  7. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    The Rams helmet is the best design. The colors $uck, though. Praying they go back to navy blue & white. Then their road uniforms (blue shirt) would be the coolest.
  8. With Manning at the helm! :doah:
  9. Culpepper

    Hoping for a shootout. Have action with Burleson, Wiggins, Housh, Perry, Chad and Graham.
  10. Oh Priest owners. . .

    Stepped up and took him in round 5, in two leagues. I will start playing him next week. I am not a Priest owner.
  11. Opening Sunday!

    I wear the same one every opening Sunday. Don't wear it any other day of the year, unless we're in the Super Bowl. Jack Youngblood
  12. Best Food Network show

    I still like Emeril. But my favrite is Malto Mario. Not sure if he is still on, though.
  13. the greatest fantasy game ever played...

    15 passes for 336 yards and one touchdown.