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  1. SMACKBOWL Week 1 Standings (revised)

    I liked the Titans > NE but didn't have the stones to think they would win in Balt, or I would have taken Henry,Tannehill and some other Titans. I liked Balt in this contest but too many did and KC turned into a contrarian pick. Hoping Andy Ried gets a ring. He was very funny on DDD. Tenn will be a handful going forward.

    AFC Team QB: KC-Patrick Mahomes RB1: KC-Damien Williams RB2: NE-James White RB3: NE-Rex Burkhead TE1: KC-Travis Kelce TE2: BAL-Hayden Hurst WR1: KC-Tyreek Hill WR2: KC-Sammy Watkins WR3: KC-Mecole Hardman WR4: KC-Demarcus Robinson PK: KC-Harrison Butker DEF: KC NFC Team QB: SF-Jimmy Garoppolo RB1: SF-Raheem Mostert RB2: SF-Tevin Coleman RB3: SF-Matt Breida TE1: SF-George Kittle TE2: SF-Ross Dwelley WR1: NO-Michael Thomas WR2: SF-Emmanuel Sanders WR3: SF-Kendrick Bourne WR4: SEA-David Moore PK: SF-Robbie Gould DEF: SF Tiebreaker #1 - 177 Tiebreaker #2 - 41
  3. Six Points additions

    Michael Pittman Jr, USC wr. Dude is good.
  4. The waiting is the hardest part

    I thought this meant waiting for next year.
  5. Dalvin Cook usage Sunday

    Goona start Cook & Mattison over RAnderson, Hollywood & Pascal. Det 30th v. run. Instead of guessing, I think the Minny RBs get 30 tdy.
  6. Bad beats 2019

    Thinking .01 - .02%
  7. Bad beats 2019

    Playing since '84, had worst bad beat in 35 years. Playoff game. Monday night had Cook, down 14. Took a nap hour b4 the game, woke at halftime. Cook had 15. Ok, will watch a series then nod off. Only way I can lose is very early fumble/injury (does not return). Bingo.
  8. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Galloday Missing from both of my f'n lineups.
  9. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Didn't care for him as a Ram fan but as a Balt D owner in a TD only league . . . After being shutout in this TD league last year & this, Balt D has won me 2 HGOW in a row and led me to 1st in total points, with a 4-6 record (1st in pts allowed, also). Our biggest payout is total points. Lots of action to go.
  10. What do you need tonight?

    2 TDs from Dak for hgow.
  11. Kamara is NOT expected to play

    Welcome to my lineup, Mr. Montgomery. Bout f'n time.
  12. Kamara is NOT expected to play

    Great news to awaken to. Drafted him in both leagues as a rookie. Wasn't in position to, last year. Had 2nd pick in both, this year, took him. Hopefully, can show up after the bye. Have to replace him with DMont in both, another winning pick.
  13. This year's standings oddities

    My division is all 4-3.
  14. This year's standings oddities

    All good here, hope same by you. 12 teams, that's my division. Miss FLS and the income it provided.
  15. Both my leagues, this year. One league, all 4 teams are 4-3. The other, I'm 2-5, one game out. Still in it!! Whatya got?