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  1. Start KC defense in DFS. Lol
  2. Yeah the games were really boring.
  3. I am going with a zero-Cleveland-Browns strategy.
  4. @irish, If I pick and submit my lineup now, does it get locked in or can I still edit it before Saturday's games ?
  5. Jacquizz
  6. If Woodhead doesn't become a FA, then Gordon's workload will be limited. He would be a top 7 RB but he would be 7th. I would still draft the likes of McCoy and Howard over him if Woodhead stays in San Diego. But that's just me. I know some people would even draft Ajayi ahead of Gordon in that scenario.
  7. Play a QB whose team has something to play for. Else you may risk the QB being taken out. I'd play Alex Smith.
  8. I might be crazy but I have a feeling Latavius Murray could be playing for the Vikings next year. He may be a FA and the Vikings will look to sign him. AP's workload will gradually reduce and Murray would be a good candidate for a long term workhorse that they are looking for. Because clearly McKinnon may not be the answer.
  9. DeAndre Washington had 12 carries for 99 yards (!) and 2 TDs yesterday. Agreed it came against the Colts but this could be something to note for those who have plans of drafting Latavius Murray next season, or for those who have their championship games in Week 17. I missed the game yesterday, did a major chunk of those 99 yards come on a big run or something ? Latavius has done so well all season and in the last few weeks, it looked like he had taken over the workhorse role. But it seems the Raiders are intent on not making Latavius an every down back. DeAndre was a healthy scratch 2 weeks ago, but came back out of nowhere in Week 15 and had a monster game in Week 16 yesterday, I may be reading too much into it, but I may stay away from drafting Latavius next year, particularly if DeAndre's involvement continues in the playoff games.
  10. Yes got to feel for the players who get bad injuries on Christmas Eve. Tyler Lockett another one whose season ended today.
  11. I am thinking of benching him and playing Dontrelle Inman.
  12. Don't you think CJF is a risk ? He was great with Brock, but we don't know whether Savage prefers Griffin or CJF.
  13. With Reed out, I am leaning towards starting Davis. He will likely play every snap. Who would you start ?
  14. If your championship game is in Week 17, there is a chance.