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  1. Boone or Laird

    Boone. All indicators pointing to Mattison being out. I'd take my chances with Boone as the safer play. Laird could go off, but riskier and I expect him to cede some carries to Gaskin.
  2. Championship RB Help!

    Bump. HELP!
  3. Championship RB Help!

    Need to choose 2 RBs (set on 1 though) between this bunch. Standard league with 5pt bonus for a 100yd rushing or receiving game. Leonard Fournette - @ ATL (starting) Le'Veon Bell - PIT DeAndre Washington - @ LAC Patrick Laird - CIN Kerryon Johnson - @ DEN (if he plays). Rest of my team is pretty stacked, but I'm playing against L. Jackson, soooo yea.
  4. Laird or Bell in Ppr

    Having the same dilemma with the added Deandre Washington wrinkle (although it appears Jacobs is trending towards playing). I’m really on the fence, and probably going to start Bell, but I don’t feel good about it. Bell seems to have the safer floor (Especially with all the other Jets injuries), but definitely a limited/lower ceiling. I honestly wish I didn’t watch Boston Scott run all over the Giants on Monday, because that is my big holdup. Laird’s matchup seems great.
  5. RB dilemma with TNF

    Anyone else? Help!
  6. Help! Pick 3!

    Thielen in the flex for sure if he plays. 2 RBs: Everyone with tough matchups except Michel (can’t trust a Patriots RB) and Washington. If you can afford to, hold off and wait on the Jacobs/Washington news. If Jacobs is out I go Washington and Mack. If Jacobs plays I go Mack/Mixon
  7. Semi Finals Help.. HUGE DILEMMA!! Please Help

    Safer play is Wentz, spreads your risk with the Browns. But, if you are playing against a juggernaut and need high upside plays I think Mayfield has the higher ceiling.
  8. RB dilemma with TNF

    Standard league with 5 pt bonus for 100+ yd game. At RB I need to make a decision for one spot: between Le’veon Bell, D. Washington, P. Laird, Darwin Thompson, and David Johnson (Prob just need to drop this guy.) The question is: Do I play it “safe” with Le’Veon Bell tonight, or wait out more news to see if D.Washington gets the start (with P. Laird as my backup option if Jacobs starts)? If Jacobs was definitely out I’d be starting Washington, no questions. Rest of my team is loaded, but I’m playing against CMC/Russel Wilson combo. Thanks in advance for anyone’s help.
  9. RB Help

  10. Start/Sit Help QB and RB

    Two start/sit questions. Standard League with 5 pt bonuses for 100yd rushing/receiving and 300yd passing. QB: I have a Brees/Thomas stack in this league, but they obviously have a tough matchup against San Fran. Do I start Tannehill in a great matchup against Oakland to spread my risk against San Fran or do I roll with Brees. RB: Had L. Bell and need to start someone in his place: Darwin Thompson, Benny Snell, David Johnson (ha! just kidding, why is he still on my roster?) I'm pretty positive I am starting Snell.
  11. Please help don’t know what I should do

    Rodgers for sure. If he is healthy you play Jacobs. If he is out I would go Ekeler.