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  1. Trade Ettiquette Question

    unless you are targeting a specific player and only want that player I would send out multiple offers. You choose the trade you like if you receive multiple offers. Mind you most offers usually are low ball unless you are dealing with fair and serious owners (usually multiple years experience)
  2. Week 2 Milk Carton

    Julio Jones, critical TD drop was unheard of. When does Julio ever done that?
  3. Campbell or Miller?

    Campbell. TE Doyle is also out so a bump up to targets. I think Campbell out targets TY this week.
  4. Saints fan rant

  5. Eagles host RB Devonta Freeman

    depth? Scott not as expect? I'm not sure. Could be his agent is testing the market value.
  6. MVS and Campbell are good plays this week. It is nice to have a handcuff in case of injury (which is unpredictable). You do not have any RB depth, but I'm assuming your Flex is WR/TE. I would pick up at least one of the two WRs.
  7. Marlon Mack: fear the RB tore Achilles

    PIT defense line is a monster. I would not worry until you see how NYG O-line performs this week.
  8. TE stream

    Found this update. KIttle 2nd knee injury to same knee
  9. Kittle out

    Kittle hyper extended knee (2nd time) Does not sound good, but not season ending. This is Dr. talking about what is known about first injury and what he saw on video in second injury. I think he will be back after a week. Probably wear a brace. They just paid him all that money. I wonder if that will play a factor in injury recovery time.
  10. TE stream

    Kittle out this week. Get Reed while you can.
  11. Marlon Mack: fear the RB tore Achilles

    I hope Hines thrives with Rivers. Mack OUT, Sanders questionable to this point; hopefully over the injury.
  12. Kittle out

    Got J.Reed in a waiver as soon as I read the news. If anything to keep him away from Kittle owner. Hopefully more news comes out about Kittle injury. I got J.Reed in another league and it would be great trade bait.
  13. You had depth at RB to wait and see. I can't see Thomas coming back until after week 6 bye. Why would they chance it. Maybe if they have a crap game against LVR they would want to get him back in a couple weeks. Not an easy injury to return from early, but you never know. Taylor is in perfect position to excel as each week goes by, but at expense of the WR1 is tough. Hopefully Fuller stays healthy, Samuel returns healthy.
  14. Drop Hardman for Tre'quan Smith?

    I was trying to figure that out. Depth chart shows Smith as Sanders backup. Other sites show Callaway is the player. Smith has more experience in the offense than Callaway and Smith had a great camp and a lot of hype from team. It is worth a shot.
  15. Devonte Freeman

    He may sign later this season if there is major injury, but he wants big payday. Possible he could get 5 mil, but with incentives. Smart money says he sits out season to get healthy and then looks for big FA signing next year.