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  1. Kupp Down

    non-contact injury, most likely it is bad. Sucks. Woods is the beneficiary for sure.
  2. go out and get this guy

    i saw that they rotated out Smith a lot. So much for him being the WR2 on the team. I will be dropping him. His doughnut cost me a win this week. I can't wait for the stretch to see if he will get consistent. If they sign BMarshall, I will probably pick him up (slim pickings on the wire)
  3. Panthers/Steelers TNF

    anyone know news if CAR S Reid is playing? Nothing recent that I found other than questionable from last game.
  4. go out and get this guy

    I still have hope for Smith as he is faster than Dez. Agree that Dez might take a couple games to assimilated to how NOS does things.
  5. Raheem Muststart

    Most were expecting Breida to sit and/or SFO OC to play the best guy....that did not happen. Hopefully Raheem will be the RB1 option later this season. That guy is fast and good moves. He is obviously the best RB they have.
  6. Rumor: DeSean Jackson wants out of TB

    not sure there is a team willing to take on his salary.and/or a high draft pick. Texans, Cowboys are in definite need of a quality WR. Redskins need WR also, but DJ won't go back there. Dolphins could use him.
  7. Week 8 Milk Carton

    yeah, I see that now. But now at end of the game, looks are going to other WRs.
  8. Week 8 Milk Carton

    what happen to Allison Geronimo? I did not see him in the game, but a couple of times.
  9. Fitzmagic is in

    Wow, can't believe he tied it up. They should have Winston start one series, then bring in Fitz off the bench the remainder of the game.
  10. Week 8 Milk Carton

    Galloday is killing me 1/12, 1
  11. CAR safeties ROS

    Agree on Reid past performance. I did not think about the LB production limiting Reid. I may still pick him up as my DB4. I sure hope Tre Boston is back healthy have the bye.
  12. Will Fuller

    I watched the first half into the 3rd. I wake up and see he had a monster game. Very tough on a talented, but often injured player. Hopefully he makes good recovery for next year. I might have to go and get Coutee for a stash (hammy)
  13. FS Mike Adams solid past 3 weeks. SS Eric Reid slow start, but came on very good last week. I'm thinking Reid is better on the long play due to run support. Your thoughts on who is better to have ROS?
  14. Weekly projections

    I have Warner too. I'm guessing that AZ will get DJ more touches/pases with Rosen struggling.