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  1. excellent suggestions! Double-header; I have heard this, but never seen it setup. I'm assuming I could go 2 divisions (4x play and hit everyone else outside division 1x vs just half)? Blind Bid waivers; each team set with certain amount of $$ for bid for the season? For the week? For each half of regular season?
  2. My league uses MFL. 10 team has great benefits to scheduling and rivals, but the league voted to bump it to 12. This league has been together since '96 (newspaper stat days). Can those that use share your rules and schedule for 12 team? And/or any concerns when you started a 12 team or moved up to a 12 team? I think the Waivers/Free Agency is probably the most important. Owners want less light a weekly fantasy situation, but at the same time to give the hurting team (due to injury, suspension, crap luck) the most opportunities to improve their team. Keeper leagues (partial) you have to build and manage your team well, but it sucks if you got off to tough losses and give up before half the season is over. We do not have that problem, but I am just hedging my bets. Thank you all in advance for any opinions.
  3. who is the QB now? Was not Hoyer put on IR?
  4. I just picked up Dalton for a couple games during FFL playoffs. That plan is down the tubes, unless garbage time.
  5. That sucks. I did not account for that happening.
  6. This. I got him in a 12 team standard as my flex. JRichard was not bad either, but with Maclin hurt, Hill should be a little better now.
  7. Thanks BJ. Looks like it will not matter if CMix or Starks gets the start.
  8. Is CMix better than Lacy or Starks? Or is it still the GB O-line?
  9. Man, I don't know. I got a waiver in now to drop CMix and pick up JHoward. I think I will stick with Howard since he is not injured (as suspected earlier).
  10. Wow! I wonder which team will pick him up from waivers?
  11. Taylor Gabriel. 3 weeks of good scoring and in the best offense.
  12. I'm making playoffs and I dropped him. Not knowing what will happen. I am at my limit of 7 WRs so I dropped him. Maybe try to trade him. Got to have something better to trade than what is on your waiver.
  13. Hill is not bad. He gets return yards and Maclin is out.
  14. well time to drop him from a few teams I guess it is just the icing on the cake. Earlier post said locker room giving up on Cutler. Is Hoyer able to play? Meredith will be the pick up.
  15. This. If redraft, then not the greatest, but on name recognition is what is getting this trade done. If keeper or dynasty, absolutely nothing wrong with this trade.