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  1. Coleman High Ankle Sprain

    Zero RB....I did not have the stones this year to try it. Maybe next year. I would think that Hunt, Gordon and any other 3 headed RB comittees would only be left that late.
  2. Coleman High Ankle Sprain

    I went ahead and dropped Coleman and got lucky to get Singletary. Brieda, Mostert, Wilson, and maybe talk they bring back Alfred Morris for more depth. It was hard to let Coleman go, but if I did not make the move someone else was going to get him. Trading is rare in my keeper as we have deep benches.
  3. Week 2 Waiver wire, who are you targeting

    Your list is pretty much spot on some of my leagues that are 10-12 teams. I would add AP only due to Guice injury. Also Gallup DAL. He was not picked up in one of my league due to lack of production last year. Needless to say, he is a hot pick up now.
  4. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    I also have him along with Cooks. I'm keeping Andrews, trying to trade Cooks and also get Waller. I believe despite all the long passing from Lamar, Andrews will be his first look once they start playing against better defenses.
  5. Week 1 Milk Carton 2019!!!!!

    +1 I needed at least a few tackles and a sack. That would be considered low output for him. I'm in a tight race. LB Chubb vs my CFerrell. It's not looking good.
  6. Week 1 injuries

    He came out of the tent. He was in there for a good while.
  7. Coleman High Ankle Sprain

    2-6 weeks is if things go smoothly with recovery. Then there is always the increase chances of reinjury. I like the blocking scheme, but unless Coleman is there to be the main, the backfield will look like last year (whomever is healthy). I agree with you the backfield is similar headache who to start like NEP. I'm probably going to drop him and try to snag Singletary. I got Freeman, Cook, Murrary, Duke so I got to try and get a more solid #3 RB.
  8. This sucks! Brieda or Mostert? Both sharing lowers their value. TEVIN COLEMANRB, SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS Tevin Coleman has been diagnosed with a high-ankle sprain. He'll likely miss multiple games, as high-ankle sprains typically come with a standard 2-6 week recovery. It's especially difficult for a running back; they rely on suddenness and cutting ability as much as any other position. Matt Breida figures to take over 1A duties for the Niners, with Raheem Mostert and perhaps Jeff Wilson behind him. Alfred Morris is also a free agent after spending last season with San Francisco. SOURCE: Cam Inman on Twitter Sep 9, 2019, 6:40 PM ET
  9. Derrius Guice to miss time

    I still find it hard to believe that they scratched AP knowing that Guice was barely a year returning from ACL and planned to give me a full load. Mismanagement is unacceptable for best chances to win. Was special team demand that much more than having a solid running back to back up your RB1 Guice?
  10. Thoughts on this scoring system?

    agree. I don't like the 25 yds for 2 point either. I usually go with .1 or .01 per yd. We have found it better when you have many owners 12+ or large rosters and/or deep benches. You can find decent players based on match ups and at least have a chance at some points vs zero.
  11. Drop Hunter Henry for Hockenson?

    Exactly. See how week 2 goes and if both have great weeks, decide who you want to keep and trade to shore up your weak positions. I expected more from Henry, but Hockenson was touted to be a main part of DET offense since Patricia is trying to emulate NEP offense as best he can with what he has. With Mike Williams injury, Hunter could see more looks, but I'm leaning on Hockenson on higher upside and willing to gamble with that.
  12. Breakouts and busts

    Gordon is cursing at the TV screen.
  13. Week 1 Milk Carton 2019!!!!!

    Henry finally got a little action. Not the high marks everyone was expecting. 4-5 60 yds
  14. Week 1 injuries

    how bad was the injury? I do not have the game.