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  1. What the hell kind of call is that?
  2. MFL troubles again!

    Finally able to log back in, but live scoring refeshes the page, but no updates.
  3. MFL troubles again!

    Any word on getting this fixed?
  4. Free Agent Definition

    Agree with mostly.... Our league is FCFS 24/7 for undrafted players. Once players are dropped they stay on a waiver list that will follow the waiver rules, worst to first and other factors to break a tie. After 1 week (or whatever timetable you want to use) the dropped player go back into the FA pool. This makes for easy management of the waiver list.
  5. Chronic Problem!

    GB K Longwell was 1-1 for 50 yds. Maybe a different K you are talking about.
  6. Strahan or J. Peterson

    Vilma was solid this week 7-1 tackles. Strahan did have 1.5 sacks to Vilma's zero, but it is only week 1.
  7. WDIS?

    Warner has not really shown favor over Boldin or Fitz during pre-season (Boldin out with broken nose) I agree that Warner will have to show he will not get flustered easily with the big rush coming at him. If AZ o-line can gel, better for everyone, but not likely in the first few weeks. I would go with TJ, safe to get you some solid numbers, with possiblility for another shootout.
  8. parker and green

    Green has had alot of off field issues going on, Parker does not. Parker has a better surrounding cast vs Green If Parker can have a great week 1 and Bus/Staley still not ready, Cowher will stay with him until 1 of the 2 are healthy enough to spell him. If Parker struggles, Haynes is there to step in until 1 of 2 gets healthy. From what I have seen so far, Parker is in the right situation to make a big splash, can he maintain in the near future against better defenses?
  9. What about those Patriots D

    yes too soon. NE is known for the adjustments, they adjusted well to the OAK offense in the 2nd half (with help from OAK penalities) Do not sweat it, it's only 1 week.
  10. WDIS at RB? D. Davis or F. Taylor?

    Roll some dice with Fraud and sit Caddy. JAX has a nice matchup with SEA, and Fraud looking good according to Rio. Agree with the consensus that Caddy/Pittman will limit opportunity.
  11. WDIS Flex: CBrown or AJohnson

    I agree with RB over WR play. HOU defense looked lost during pre-season. Does not mean a whole lot. Brown going against PIT will be a challenge plus his nagging injuries could flare up & also suppose to share with Henry this week. If TEN gets behind early, Brown might not get enough touches to be effective. 50/50, leaning towards Brown due to more touches, at least in the 1st half.
  12. who to start?

    agree, CLE defense to MIA defense, no comparison. It remains to be seen if Romeo has the right type of players to fit his defense.
  13. Outstanding!!! Great job Sarge & Darin Looking forward to reading every week!
  14. Stay with what you have. Your own analysis is correct.
  15. Which WR to start?

    Branch or Kennison would be my coin flip.....Leaning to Kennison. Branch has too many to share with (WRs that is) Kennison does also (Gonzo, Priest), but Kennison is the 1st look when stretching the field.