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  1. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Agree. He should announce it after they fire the HC. Better to give the Colts some extra picks for the coming draft and get a big jump on rebuilding the team around a new QB.
  2. Eli Manning benched

    so hard to speculate what will front office and/or Eli do. Wishful thinking on getting an answer this season. I hope he moves on to JAX or DEN try and finish with another ring and retire. It will not happen at NYG. Eli is definitely a gamer and I think would want to go somewhere to compete, especially with how he was treated by ownership, front office, HC.
  3. Eli Manning benched

    The reporters questioned how he had found out. He seemed very distraught about replying how he was notified and what discussions happened. I'm not buying 100% that they gave me any real chance to win games. Like he said in the interviews, I'm not about keeping a streak alive. He wants to win games. I hope more info comes out in the next few days. Just sad that there best player on/off the field and in the press was treat poorly. The management still could have handled the announcement with better tact. I still believe they should have moved on this soon, than waiting until week 13. NYG were clearly out of the playoffs weeks ago. But no organization will ever admit to tanking a season to get a better draft pick.
  4. Eli Manning benched

    Denver or Jax would be the best place for him to succeed. Denver still has to address their best options (draft picks and/or FA) to get a better O-line. Jax needs better WRs and TE. Or a better OC who can not only continue the great running talent, but bring on the aerial assault.
  5. Eli Manning benched

    It's not that at all, They were well out of playoffs for weeks. This move could have been done sooner if that was what was really going on. I agree with LordOpie that NYG organization is just mismanaged. They need to clean house and are waiting until the last possible minute. They could have made more moves earlier than to let issues fester by not addressing the issues weeks ago. You have valid points, but how it was presented was not handled professionally. They should have talked to Eli beforehand, or had a joint conference, or something, anything than how it was handled. Walking it back does nothing now for any of the players on that team. If you treat your players with no respect, you get no respect.
  6. Winston is playing week 13. Brate was a favorite target. Brate should have better numbers again. Otherwise, Clay is the best of your list.
  7. Eli Manning benched

    Eli Interview You could tell he was upset. He does hold his composure. I'm sure off camera with his family he had more harsh words, but you will never see that from him. He is a class act. I agree with LordOpie, if this was in the plans, they should have traded him to get more picks or other players signed for rebuild mode. If they traded him to get value, they still would lose games and not ruin chances of better draft position. At least they would have given Eli a chance to play for a better team and gotten some benefit. Now....no benefit, but a bunch of P.O. fans and players. Why not just fire McAdoo now? Instead of benching Eli?
  8. RB waiver selection

    I went with Williams. Agree that it is too hard to predict what any of the NEP RBs will do each week.
  9. TE Waiver selection

    very good points. Rudolph is the safer play, but I need more than safe this week. I got to win or go home this week. I took the risk and picked up Seals-Jones. Risky, but I went with chance of SJ scoring higher as Rams secondary will likely severely limit AZ WRs this week. Here's to high points this week.
  10. Currently I have Olsen and Cooks. It is not looking good for the ROS. Who would you go with? MIN Rudolph (Falcons, Panthers, Bengals) AZ Seals-Jones (Rams, Titans, Redskins) Ruldolph has been great the last 4 weeks The targets are there. Keenum has been better than expected. Seals-Jones is awesome his first 2 weeks. With Gabbert the starter, it looks to be a very good situation, safety valve if WRs are covered. I'm think Seals-Jones (no sacrifice, no glory right?)
  11. For week 13 and playoff stretch. Who would you go with. GBP - J.Williams (Bucs, Brown, Panthers) MIN - L.Murray (Falcons, Panthers, Bengals) NEP - Burkhead (Bills, Dolphins, Steelers) I'm thinking Williams as he will get work on passing downs, but Ty return is still unknown, but most likely out at least week 13. Murray would not be bad, but week 13-14 are away games, worried that if they are down early it might be more about passing. Burkhead has been hot/cold the last 4 weeks, but at least getting my touches than White.
  12. Jimmy G throws TD on 49ers final drive

    SF front office actually thinks that Bethard could be the future You made a big trade for Jimmy G. They should have started him this game and hopefully ROS to make sure he is the future.
  13. ASJ Touchdown Reversal

    it is still about "controlling the ball while going down to ground". B.S. I agree, but that is the crap rules the league voted for.