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  1. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    Bears hinting? They should at least look. Nothing to hurt with looking. Unless Trib ego gets shattered.
  2. the best I found so far, but it is two days old. Might on on IR
  3. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    Teams have plenty of money and scouts to send one person. Live video stream or at least record. I did not realize that Open Workouts were on set day. it makes sense. I think if they really wanted to make the effort there would be a weekly Open Workout for him the next 3 weeks. The the NFL can say they are trying their best.
  4. Any local CHI homers have any news? Getting him will come down to who reads news first about Trevathan injury status for week 11. I would hate to jump the gun if injury ends up being minor. Bears LB Danny Trevathan left Sunday's Week 10 game against the Lions with a left elbow injury and will not return. Trevathan's elbow seemed to bend the wrong way while bringing down Jeff Driskel in the first quarter. Nick Kwiatkoski will finish out the game at linebacker for Chicago. Trevathan logged three tackles prior to exiting. RELATED: Nick Kwiatkoski SOURCE: Chicago Tribune Nov 10, 2019, 1:42 PM ET
  5. Vikings vs Cowboys (SNF)

    I can follow this, but I think Jerry wants some he can control and influence heavily. No Jimmy J or Parcels type personalities. Switzer rode coattails until he got canned. If Jerry wants another ring before he Grimm Reaper comes knocking, he will need to hire outside and let the coach actually coach.
  6. Tie Breakers

    This - best way. We never had a tie since. It does not have to be too crazy. Take your yards (rush, rec, return). Say you 1 point for every ten yards. Change to .1 for every 1 yard. We still have this in the rules if a tie still happens with the fractional scoring. You can apply to regular season and playoffs. League Playoffs for all playoff games will be: 1) Total score of all bench players. 2) An advantage of .5 will be given to the home team to determine the winner. Home team is determined as the higher seeded team. Which team is the higher seeded team is determined as follows: 1) Overall Record 2) Head-Head Match-up. 3) Conference Record 4) Overall points score 5) Non-conference Record.
  7. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    I'm sure it is PR. No designated team mentioned. I assume open to all teams to view workout. The Playoff and Super Bowl half time shows will start to be advertised in the next few weeks.
  8. Is David Johnson dead?

    I agree with your take on RJ in that it is hard to believe still. I keep thinking he will turn the corner then Peyton comes in an steals more touches. I would like to see a 3rd week of improvement before I'm ready to pull any trigger to acquire him.
  9. Is David Johnson dead?

    That is tough for Dynasty. I think AZ will trade DJ before the draft. He needs a fresh start. They should trade him to TBB. I'm sure Arians would take him for early to mid level pick. AZ will want to dump that salary and TBB RBs are sketch at best.
  10. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    Do Bears have the Cap space?
  11. Trade ethics?

    trade was accepted. Injury is unfotunate. If he accepted the trade after the injury, then maybe..... I see no issue.
  12. Week 10 Milk Carton

    TBB WR Godwin! WTH
  13. KC-TEN game

    Wow, big TD run by Henry!
  14. KC-TEN game

    How do they call Tannehill a fumble? Terrible officiating. Yes the ball was fumbled, but he did have his hand on the ball when he was on the ground.
  15. Matthew Stafford for Week 10

    Obligatory...Collin Kaepernick is waiting for the call