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  1. Another LB move?

    Leonard has the starting job locked up. Warner is filling in and doing a GREAT JOB! I think he will still be starting, but slide to a different LB position now that Foster is back. I missed out on Leonard in my draft. He is your target.
  2. Anybody rolling the dice with W. Fuller?

    Oh I hate losing that way....it totally sucks.
  3. I did not have the game. Does anyone know if Riley or Campbell took over at MLB? Both had similar tackle numbers, but Campbell originally listed as WILL.
  4. Anybody rolling the dice with W. Fuller?

    I was lucky and got him, but played it safe to make sure no hammy reinjury. Good to go for next week. Wish I gambled and started him.
  5. Austin Ekeler

    Gordon is looking better each year. I think they still keep Ekeler involved enough to not overwork Gordon and keep him healthy. Agree with consensus that Ekeler is a younger stronger Sproles. I wish Ekler was involved in the return game.
  6. Doug Baldwin Value this year?

    I dropped him in one of my leagues. He was their best option. Maybe he can make it back at least practicing without issues, I might look to get him off from waivers. Unless you have a deep bench for him to ride, he is not worth a roster spot.
  7. NFL article says Duke Riley slides to the middle. Summary reads decent, but I am not familiar with his play or how he looked in any past plays. ATL signed some veteran help too, but not sure who to try and target in the waiver wire. Any opinions is greatly appreciated.
  8. JAX WRs

    It's early, but what are your rest of season thoughts on KCole? I did not have the JAX game available, but stats do not look great. Only 5 targets. He did the most he could with the 4 receptions, but I'm thinking JAX may need to add some veteran WR. I doubt Dez goes to JAX. I really can't see any upside to JAX WRs, especially with Fournette hurt for ?? amount of time.
  9. Martavis Bryant is done in Oakland

    The mind of Chucky no one will understand. Reminds of Pinkie and the Brain....."What are we doing today Brain?" Trying to take over the NFL (evil laugh). Roller Coaster still going down, waiting for the next climb.
  10. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    I believe the requirement is sit out 10 weeks and then you become unrestricted free agent next season, PIT cannot tag him. They can if he reports anytime before week 10.
  11. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Connor played well (minus turnover). Bell goal is to get a big and well deserved payday. If Connor keeps up this level of production, PIT offense will be Okay. I personally see Bell holding out until after week 10.
  12. Deeper Sleepers

    out of nowhere! 2nd TE, mainly blocking, but puts up big stats! I'm thinking a one week wonder, but if he gets 5 targets next week, yes truly a sleeper.
  13. Week 1 conclusions

    Not as bad as BUF O-line. BUF will always be the Survivor pick against. I see nothing that will improve anytime soon.
  14. Week 1 conclusions

    Wow! Mack is killing it!!! Too bad for my Raiders
  15. Week 1 conclusions

    can't believe Aaron got hurt. Hopefully not bad injury.