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  1. Olsen is he droppable?

    Yup. Waiting to see if he goes on IR, but to return later. Depending....I will drop if full IR.
  2. Trade Help Needed!!!

    I would not do that. Does any what he offers other than QB better your roster?
  3. Are those the top choices left on WW? If so, I would wait to see how Brissett works out. Dump/Dink passes are the easiest when QBs learning new offense. Brissett has some experience and mobile. Brate currently the starter, but the also drafted OJ. Howard. It remains to be seen how the share of touches will go.
  4. Safe to drop McFadden?

    Yes, I agree with numbers. I will look to see where I read that and/or heard it on TV sports show. Both were saying that Morris took over.
  5. Waiver Wire Targets

    I got Cohen, but missed out on Kupp, Galloday, Agholor. In digging for diamonds, I agree, I would use Targets as a measure.
  6. Safe to drop McFadden?

    Alfred Morris got the backup job to Zeke.
  7. Jones is the #2 for sure, but I agree with article the Galloday will fill the roll of Boldin and get similar numbers. Which WR would you want to have?
  8. Pick up T. Cohen?

    I'm going to try to get him when Free Agency opens up after MNF. runs, receives, special teams. All round good flex player at the least. Will share time like they do in ATL RBs.
  9. New to idp. Help please

    Agree. I believe there was a old post in the IDP section on basics of IDP. LB for sure, but you need to look at the type of defense; 4-3 and 3-4. Look at the top tackles the last couple years for each type of defense and make your short list. Same when choosing your DL (DT or DE) DL (DT/DE) rely on sacks for their big points, tackles, fumble recovery. Depends on your IDP scoring systems DB (SS, FS, CB) tackles, INT, FBR, passed defensed. Most times the SS is the one to target, run support and blitz. Top notch DBs are good for NFL, but not so much for Fantasy. If you missed out of the top SS, you can target the top CB, the FS tacklers. Look for those on defenses that are week on the pass, or rookie and little years experience, but starting, and/or if they play special teams. Most IDPs allow points for special team player; yardage, TD; on top of what they get on defense. Once top players are taken at each position on IDP, teams with poor offenses and/or match ups as the defense will be on the field a lot. You can find a gem if your league allows for special teams play.
  10. Week 1 Milk Carton Thread

    CAR TE Olsen
  11. The Deshaun Watson era starts for Houston...

    I hope he shows more next week. I picked him up late as my backup QB. (Matt Ryan is QB1). I think by mid season Watson should be a decent QB. Much better chance to win than with Savage.
  12. Thanks PPIc. It's good to read another opinion on said players. My list is not James or Toomer. Perryman is out at least 6-8 weeks. I believe is on PUP.
  13. This is my LB roster: Jack, Myles JAC LB Kuechly, Luke CAR LB Reddick, Haason ARI LB (R) Williams, Vince PIT LB Williamson, Avery TEN LB I need to pick up at least one and/or drop more to improve what I have. Below is the free agents available. I have I appreciate any opinions that you have a any or all players. I'm leaning Davis, James, Toomer. Anzalone has injury history in college. Brooks - anything left in the tank? Davis - should be green dot; does Lee take away tackles? Harris/Hightower - who is the starter? or share time? James - not high reviews from coaching, but many articles state he is what they have Smith - hopefully back from injury; sleeper? Toomer - listed as starter; can he keep it. Anzalone, Alex NOS LB (R) Free Agent - Add - Delete | Move Up Brooks, Ahmad GBP LB Free Agent - Add - Delete | Move Up Davis, Demario NYJ LB Free Agent - Add - Delete | Move Up Harris, David NEP LB Free Agent - Add - Delete | Move Up Hightower, Dont'a NEP LB Free Agent - Add - Delete | Move Up James, Cory OAK LB Free Agent - Add - Delete | Move Up Smith, Jaylon DAL LB Free Agent - Add - Delete | Move Up Toomer, Korey LAC LB
  14. Abdullah or T Coleman

    Robot on point. I am also starting Coleman (J.Rodgers game postponed).