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  1. Is Melvin Gordon going to be a stud again?

    Pouncey and Okung missing from their O-line hurt them bad. Add in the secondary IR and injuries and no true stud LB and Chargers are looking weaker every week. No time to throw and/or let plays develop and not trouble staying consistent on stopping other offenses. They should have traded Gordon for either picks or some O-line help. It worked so far for HOU trade with MIA.
  2. McLaurin/Chark

    Haskins is not close to playing. I'm guessing last quarter of the season and even then not a full game.
  3. Need to think about it

    I experience that every year with any trade proposals. Owners like being approached, but may are very hesitant to act on a trade in any kind of timely manner. I get a day to do some research, but after that either you like the trade or do not. If not just say no and then I can make different offer or move on to someone else. Dragging it on and making you ask for status constantly is frustrating. BUT.....in you want the trade to happen you have to make nice as possible and then decide when to just retract offer.
  4. Pick 2 RB

    Ingram and Carson They do not share workload much. Brieda would be my next choice especially if PPR.
  5. Veto or Allow this trade?

    nothing wrong with the trade. classic 2 for 1. If Team both team like it why is it a veto? If it was clearly lopsided, say a Barkley for Gore and Duke, then you have something, but this trade is not an issue. Owners are quick to scream foul, but they normally do not offer any trades. Trades do not happen much unless you have very small bench slots. Owners to chicken to take risks, but quick to complain when someone does.
  6. I'm carrying 4 QBs again

    12 team league and you locked up 4 quality starters.....not a bad strategy. Hopefully you will trade away for WR help later.
  7. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Agree. Not sure why trade away Peters for LB and a 2020 pick. BAL got the better end of that deal. Maybe the 2020 pick is a higher pick?
  8. WR Swap

    Wash. CIN will always be behind and needing to throw. Boyd is first look. When AJ returns, Boyd will benefit going back to WR2 and not drawing best coverage. Hopefully AJ is healthy and moving well in practice. Kupp is the WR to own at Rams.
  9. Crowder with Darnold back at QB. Anderson gets the big plays, but I rather bank on the PPR that Crowder will get. I'm trying to trade for Crowder as we speak.
  10. DJ Chark or M. Gallup ROS?

    I like Chark for ROS. It is close, but unless Cooper is out long term (bruise). I would pass especially if you are playing him this week. Chark is benefiting from Westbrook getting best coverage.
  11. Yes, you get CMC! Everett is a match up play and you have Waller that had his bye already. Maybe if you could get one of his lesser WRs (any) instead of Everett.
  12. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Rams had a need with Talib going on IR. Change of scenery for Ramsey and starting right away. I would like to know what the undisclosed draft pick was for 2020.
  13. Simultaneous Trade Help!

    Trade #1 - Fuller and ARob is a wash - so it is Coleman for Henry Trade #2 - Anderson has bigger upside the JuJu with Darnold back at QB - losing Engram is ok if you are getting Henry - I'm thinking Zeke will outperform Coleman by end of season (but DAL offense is scary bad right now) I would do both trades
  14. Cook and RSeals are not horrible. At this point Ju-Ju is worth nothing except for name value. Crowder has great PPR value with Sam Darnold back at QB. I agree that if you can package an RB to upgrade at WR, but you have to hope you got a willing owner to trade with. Ju-Ju is doing nothing and will not do much as compared to last season. Big Ben being out hurt that entire offense.
  15. Need other opinions on a trade.

    If Jacobs is your RB1 and DWilliams your RB2, then no I would not take that offer. What TE are availabe to you on the wire? You could just stream ROS than give up you best RB.
  16. Trade Advice involving Mahomes

    Not a horrible trade. Lamar gives you great upside with the rushing. Other than BUF, schedule ROS is good. Coleman is RB2, but SF is balling now and I do not see it stopping. Mahomes is solid. When (IF) he fully recovers from ankle he will be lights out like last year. Tough for him to be limited in running around like last year and trying to heal up. EDIT: You could try for more or better since they really want Mahomes.
  17. Drop Chris thompson

    Yes, drop him. Turf Toe is problematic injury that can take a bit of time to heal. I like Duke for the upside ROS. Gore is not bad, but Singletary has been healing up and has great schedule ROS.
  18. Matt Ryan for Hunter Henry

    Tough call. I do not see it being an even trade, meaning he gets more benefit from the trade. Ryan will be throwing his arm off ROS. While Ebron and Witten are not big upside like Henry (injury risk), I think you are helping him too much. I would stream TE the ROS and leave him QB deficient, since he is ahead of you. Maybe wait another week to be sure Henry is good to go with no flare ups with previous injury. Henry is not going anywhere. Unless there are other teams sitting with two QBs.
  19. Should I take this Trade

    You would get more replies if you posted both rosters. Yours and other team. On face value it is a wash.
  20. Top 20 PPR RBs through Week 6

    Only if you have someone will to trade with. If no other serviceable TE left on wire and the other team was very deficient on a position, I do not think you would get top tier quality for Hunter, unless he has another awesome week. Injury risk is high with him. I'm am now a 1 TE owner in one of my leagues with Dissly being dropped. I have Andrews. I have a guy that has both Kelce and Henry. I'm 6-0 and he is 1-5 with a number of positions of needed (IDP league). I would give up #2 tier player(s) for Henry, but not anything #1 tier. LB/WR is what I'm thinking.
  21. HOU @ KC Pick play with Kelce Why even have the rule if it will not be enforced? I think the intent was to only give coaches a challenge in case the officials make another blunder. I do not recall yet a call reversal this regular season.
  22. Steelers vs Chargers (SNF)

    LB Davis slamming Conner on his shoulder. I hope he is okay.
  23. Steelers vs Chargers (SNF)

    Probably not wanting to risk Duck messing up with a turnover.
  24. Zach Ertz bust

    THIS. He is projected to be on of the best TE for the season.
  25. Steelers vs Chargers (SNF)

    I did not realize LAC had O-line injuries. Steelers defense are playing hard for sure.