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  1. Any other opinions?
  2. 1/2 PPR White @ Cinn Sanders @ Wash I can also flex A.J. Brown, Pascal or Slayton. Thoughts?
  3. Crosby vs Bears - GB - 4-1/2 O/U 40-1/2 Gould vs ATL SF - 10-1/2 O/U 48 Who would you use?? I thinking Gould as a double digit home favorite.
  4. 1/2 PPR. Waller vs Jax Howard @ Detroit With Evans out, do you think Howard is targeted more??
  5. 1/2 PPR Assuming Josh Jacobs is out. Ekeler vs Minn Washington vs Jax Lindsay @ KC
  6. Status

    Who knows at this point, but your opponent might not have any active WR's this week. Jeffrey and Jones are both already out. Hilton is week to week, and Parker is still in concussion protocol.
  7. Juju

    Juju is fantasy trash. Let him stink up the WW.
  8. Winston @ Detroit Ryan @ SF Manning vs Miami - assuming he starts Brissett @ NO Which 2 would you use?? Currently have Winston and Ryan in my lineup. Thanks!
  9. Do I even stand a chance?

    Yes, that too. Weather looks rainy for the game tonight, so passing numbers may be down a little.
  10. Do I even stand a chance?

    Well, I'd like to say you have a chance, but in reality, you probably don't. You either need an injury to Wentz (which I never root for) or a lot of interceptions. Good Luck!!
  11. 1/2 PPR. Fournette, Carson, Mack, Ekeler, Diggs, Sutton, Crowder. Which 2 RBs? Flex? Currently have Fournette and Carson in the RB spots and Ekeler in the flex. Thoughts?
  12. Who to flex??? A few different options.

    I have Kupp in the flex right now. I'm on the fence with Snell...think he could have a nice game.
  13. Current lineup (we use 2 qb's). 1/2 PPR QB - Ryan RB - McCaffrey RB - Cook (will use Mattison if Cook doesn't play) WR - Evans WR - Hill Flex - ???? Flex QB - Winston TE - Waller K - Butker Def - Pittsurgh Flex options - James White vs KC Kupp vs Seattle Guice @ GB Benny Snell @ Arizona Thoughts??
  14. Goff vs Seattle Tannehill @ Oakland Who would you start??
  15. Allen robinson or Courtland Sutton?

    Some guy just asked this same question on the Sirius Fantasy channel. They said to play Robinson because he's getting a lot of targets. I personally hate Thursday night games, but I'd probably go with Robinson as well.