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  1. Which 2 RBs??

    Thanks! Also have Lev Bell vs Pitts. Forgot to include him with the group.
  2. Which 2 RBs??

    Need two of these RBs to go with Carson. Boone vs GB Ekeler vs Oak Fournette @ Atl Lindsay vs Det Deandre Washington @!LAC Currently have Fournette and Boone in there. Not feeling very confident about Fournette. Thoughts??
  3. Does Henry being out hurt Tannehill?? Would you start any of these instead? Rivers vs Oak Trubisky vs KC Lock vs Det Minshew @ Atl
  4. 1/2 PPR Mack vs Car Boone vs GB Ekeler vs Oak Lindsay vs Det Deandre Washington @!LAC Right now, I have Mack in there, but I’m not feeling great about it. Thoughts?
  5. A. Robinson or S. Diggs?

    Mostert and Robinson
  6. WDIS: Mostert or Gordon?

    I think Gordon has a big game this week, so I'd go with him.
  7. Kupp, Moore, Perriman, A.Miller - Pls pick 2

    Perriman and Miller (especially if Taylor Gabriel is still out)
  8. .5 point PPR for the win

    Howard hasn't even been cleared for contact yet, so I highly doubt he's playing.
  9. .5 point PPR for the win

    Jackson, Wilson, Elliott, Fournette, Perriman, Miller, Waller, Sanders
  10. I'd roll with Peterson.
  11. The only thing I'm thinking about is the defense he is playing against Sunday. New Orleans is good.
  12. Crazy question I now, but who would you start?? Tannehill vs NO Trubisky vs KC (Sunday night) Minshew @ ATL I don't like Tannehill's matchup, even though he's at home. Although inconsistent, I do like Trubisky vs KC. He may have to run and throw a lot. What do you think??