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  1. Help! Need trade advice.

    We start 2 QB's in this league. 10 team league and every team has at least 3 rostered QB's. Some teams, like mine, have 4.
  2. Just made a trade and I think I did pretty good. My team (1/2 PPR) - Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex QB - Josh Allen, Goff RB - Fournette, Carson, Michel, Breida, Ekeler, Jamaal Williams WR - Julio Jones, D. Adams, Sutton, Diggs TE - Waller, Hooper I traded Michel and Hooper for LeVeon Bell. Might not pan out this week, but going forward, I think it will. Thoughts?
  3. Goff or Josh Allen

    Goff @ ATL Allen vs MIA
  4. Help! Need trade advice.

    QB - Winston, Brissett, Trubisky, Kyle Allen RB - McCaffrey, D. Cook, Sony Michel, Hyde, Latavious Murray WR - Evans, Tyreek Hill, OBJ, J. Smith-Schuster, Golden Tate TE - Waller K - Zane Gonzalez DEF - GB
  5. 1/2 PPR. 2 QB league Picked up Latavious Murray and dropped McDonald. Been offered Goff and Kamara for Trubisky, Michel, Mike Evans. Thoughts?
  6. 1/2 PPR. Been offered Marlon Mack for Juju and Sony Michel. Thoughts?
  7. What will it take to get top 4 back?

    I'm pretty sure Cook is a top 4 #2.
  8. Tyreek Hill or Odell Beckham??

    No it didn't. I started OBJ, but still got the W this week.
  9. Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR I give Evans, Juju, Sony Michel for Barkley. Too much?? Too little?? Thoughts? I'm currently 5-1, while the Barkley owner is 1-5.
  10. Who would you start? 1/2 PPR. Hill vs Hou Beckham vs Sea
  11. 1/2 PPR McDonald @ LAC Hockenson @ GB Witten @ NYJ Swaim vs NO
  12. 1/2 PPR. Been offered Chark for Juju straight up. Does anyone think Juju will turn it around?? Thoughts?
  13. Juju trade advice.

    Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR I give Juju and Hyde and receive Dissly and David Montgomery. I have Waller on bye and Herndon (who I picked up thinking he would be a good play this week). Thoughts?
  14. Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR So the 1-4 team with Barkley has offered me a trade. He has a lot of injury issues (Tyrell Williams, Shepard) and Mack on a bye this week. He needs to win this week. He has offered me Barkley for Mike Evans / Golden Tate / Sony Michel. Barkley may not be back for a few weeks and week 7 is brutal for my team with regards to byes (CMC, Juju, Beckham). Would you make the trade??