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  1. Who has the better game??? 1/2 PPR
  2. I like my chances but...........

    Can you start Carson and Coleman instead of Lockette??
  3. Drake On the Bench!🤦‍♂️

  4. Empty Slot = Miles Sanders or Josh Gordon?

    Sanders. I'm not sure what the fascination is with Josh Gordon.
  5. Team is in my signature. 2 QB league. 1/2 PPR Trade 1 - I give Tyreek Hill and get Le'Veon Bell and C. Kirk Trade 2 - I give Juju and James White and get Le'Veon Bell Would trade would you take?? Or, I do nothing and stick with what I have.
  6. 2 QB league. 1/2 PPR. Here is my team - We start 2 QB's, 2 RB's, 2 WR's, 1 TE, 1 Flex (WR or RB) QB - Winston, Brissett, Trubisky, Kyle Allen RB - McCaffrey, D. Cook, James White, Hyde, Latavious Murray WR - Evans, Tyreek Hill, Kupp, J. Smith-Schuster, Golden Tate TE - Waller K - Prater DEF - Indy Guy with Bell (also has Singletary, M. Gordon, Mixon) needs WR help. Thought about offering Tyreek Hill and Hyde for Bell and C. Kirk?? Too much?? This owner is very difficult to deal with. Thoughts??
  7. Need a WR to go with Julio Jones. 1/2 PPR Diggs vs WASH (Thursday) Sutton @ INDY Stills vs OAK I also have D. Adams, but he doesn't play until Sunday night. I really don't like Diggs, but he seems like the best option right now.
  8. Which QB would you use??? 6 pts / TD Goff vs. CIN Allen vs. PHIL
  9. Trade L. Murray now?

    Just curious, what did you get for him?
  10. Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR. I gave OBJ / Sony Michel and got Kupp / James White. I like the RB swap since it’s PPR and I think Kupp is an upgrade over OBJ. What do you think?
  11. Traded OBJ for Kupp. Thoughts?

    Yes, I got Kupp and James White
  12. My team (1/2 PPR) - QB - Goff, Allen RB - Bell, Carson, Fournette, Ekeler, Breida, J. Williams WR - D. Adams, Julio, Sutton, Diggs TE - Waller I give Ekeler/Breida or Ekeler/Diggs for Devonta Freeman and AJ Green. Thoughts?
  13. Need a QB for this week

    1. Goff 2. Cousins
  14. 2 flex league where we can use a 2nd QB. Already starting Brissett. 1/2 PPR. Who would you use as your 2nd flex? Trubisky vs NO Latavious Murray @ CHI
  15. Flex Trubisky or Latavious Murray?

    Thanks. What about Murray or Sony Michel (@NYJ Monday)?
  16. 1/2 PPR. 2 QB league Picked up Latavious Murray and dropped McDonald. Been offered Goff and Kamara for Trubisky, Michel, Mike Evans. Thoughts?
  17. Just made a trade and I think I did pretty good. My team (1/2 PPR) - Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex QB - Josh Allen, Goff RB - Fournette, Carson, Michel, Breida, Ekeler, Jamaal Williams WR - Julio Jones, D. Adams, Sutton, Diggs TE - Waller, Hooper I traded Michel and Hooper for LeVeon Bell. Might not pan out this week, but going forward, I think it will. Thoughts?
  18. Goff or Josh Allen

    Goff @ ATL Allen vs MIA
  19. Help! Need trade advice.

    We start 2 QB's in this league. 10 team league and every team has at least 3 rostered QB's. Some teams, like mine, have 4.
  20. Help! Need trade advice.

    QB - Winston, Brissett, Trubisky, Kyle Allen RB - McCaffrey, D. Cook, Sony Michel, Hyde, Latavious Murray WR - Evans, Tyreek Hill, OBJ, J. Smith-Schuster, Golden Tate TE - Waller K - Zane Gonzalez DEF - GB
  21. 1/2 PPR. Been offered Marlon Mack for Juju and Sony Michel. Thoughts?
  22. What will it take to get top 4 back?

    I'm pretty sure Cook is a top 4 #2.
  23. Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR I give Evans, Juju, Sony Michel for Barkley. Too much?? Too little?? Thoughts? I'm currently 5-1, while the Barkley owner is 1-5.