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  1. Tyreek Hill or Odell Beckham??

    No it didn't. I started OBJ, but still got the W this week.
  2. 1/2 PPR McDonald @ LAC Hockenson @ GB Witten @ NYJ Swaim vs NO
  3. 1/2 PPR. Been offered Chark for Juju straight up. Does anyone think Juju will turn it around?? Thoughts?
  4. Juju trade advice.

    Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR I give Juju and Hyde and receive Dissly and David Montgomery. I have Waller on bye and Herndon (who I picked up thinking he would be a good play this week). Thoughts?
  5. Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR So the 1-4 team with Barkley has offered me a trade. He has a lot of injury issues (Tyrell Williams, Shepard) and Mack on a bye this week. He needs to win this week. He has offered me Barkley for Mike Evans / Golden Tate / Sony Michel. Barkley may not be back for a few weeks and week 7 is brutal for my team with regards to byes (CMC, Juju, Beckham). Would you make the trade??
  6. Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR I give Mike Evans and Sony Michel and get Chris Carson and Josh Gordon. Thoughts??
  7. Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR and we start 2 Qb's. I give Dalvin Cook, Juju, Cousins I receive Josh Jacobs, Tyler Boyd, Deshaun Watson What do you think??
  8. Evans, Cook, and CMC were drafted. Hill, OBJ, Juju were aquired via trades. Waller was picked up on waivers. It would be nice if OBJ and Juju would started producing...then I wouldn't have to worry about upgrading at QB.
  9. Trade Dalvin Cook?? Need QB help.

    Okay, never made that deal. Was offered another trade though that I'm seriously considering. I was offered Kupp, Josh Jacobs, Brissett for Dalvin and Kyle Allen. Remember, this is a 2 QB league and my QB's are Winston, Kyle Allen, Cousins, Trubisky.
  10. My team is in my signature. 2 QB league. 1/2 PPR. I give Dalvin Cook and get Russell Wilson and Joe Mixon. This is a 2 QB league and the 4 guys I got just aren't getting it done. Now Trubisky is out, so I'm pretty thin. Week 7 I have have both Kyle Allen (may not even be starting by then) and Winston off and there are no QB's on the waiver wire. What do you think??
  11. Trade Dalvin Cook?? Need QB help.

    Another guy offered me Aaron Jones and Michael Thomas for Dalvin. Would you take that deal??
  12. Bench Juju?

    So far, JuJu and Rudolph are not working well together. I would think that both Montgomery and Tate would get better than the 3 points JuJu got this week. I do agree with Montana. In your situation, I'd play Montgomery over JuJu.
  13. Bench Juju?

    I'm considering benching him this week for Tate (even though it's his first game).
  14. Team is in my signature. 2 QB league. I give Trubisky, Smith-Schuster, Hyde and receive Ryan and Devin Singletary. Thoughts??
  15. Trade for Matt Ryan?? Need advice.

    Evans, OBJ, Mike Willams, Golden Tate, Tyreek Hill.
  16. Trade for Matt Ryan?? Need advice.

    He needs WR help. Not really sure what to offer. I could ask for Kittle instead of Singletary, but that might be too much.
  17. Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR. Is this a fair trade??
  18. 1/2 PPR. We start 2 qb's, so if I did this trade, it would leave me with Cousins, Kyle Allen, and Winston. Rest of team is in my signature. Thoughts?
  19. Team is in my signature. 1/2 PPR I trade Smith-Schuster and Hyde and receive David Johnson and John Brown. We start 2 QB's, 2 RB's, 2 WR's and 1 Flex (RB or WR). What do you think??
  20. 10 team redraft. Made a few trades early on. Ertz for Smith Schuster and Derrick Henry/Ridley for OBJ. Also traded Lamar Jackson / Dede Westbrook for Tyreek Hill on draft day, but that didn't work out so well.
  21. Thanks. He now wants Sony Michel instead of Hyde. Thoughts?
  22. Thanks. Leaning towards pulling the trigger.
  23. Is Gallman really any good?

    He's not good, but they really don't have anyone else. I wouldn't be shocked if Kenyon Drake is traded to the Giants.
  24. What is Tyreek Hill worth??

    That's exactly what I was thinking about offering. Thought about adding Sony Michel to the deal as well.