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  1. Got a trade request to give up WR Davante Adams & TE Eric Ebron. And I'd receive WR Michael Thomas. The guy has no TE putting up more than 3 points per game. Adams has played well but he hasn't "exploded" yet like many were expecting. (YET)
  2. Le'Veon Bell (Trade or keep?)

    Yea I haven't got the offers I wanted or been able to find someone to accept something I thought was reasonable. I can definitely trade him it's just what I will get for him might not be what I really want...then again, when will he even play? The team removed him from their official roster and basically said they are ready to proceed without him (not without him as a Steeler but without his services on the field)
  3. Le'Veon Bell (Trade or keep?)

    Yea I really want to trade him but the price is a bit too steep from the offers I've got.
  4. I've got James Conner and Bell. I'd like to trade Bell but most people want Bell and Conner with uncertainty around when Bell will return. Would you trade Bell for someone less talented but who will definitely play or just stash him and wait?
  5. I'm trying to decide what to do with Devonta Freeman. Last year he missed time after multiple concussions. Now after week one he has already been ruled out for week two. His performance was underwhelming in week one as well. Would you take Titans RB Deion Lewis for Freeman?
  6. Bell, Johnson or Elliott (12 Tm PPR)

    I LOVE Bell but he hasn't reported to the team yet as far as I know and that other RB they have has looked like a beast. Just slightly worried my first-round pick (if it's Bell) might not be the starter the entire season.
  7. Pick #2 (I hate picking that early). Gurley is my number 1 but if he is gone then who are you going with? Le'Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott or David Johnson?
  8. Which do you think is the better 1st round pick?
  9. Add/Drop Receivers

    Looking to add WR Josh Gordon from waivers but trying to decide who to drop. Drop: (PPR League) WR Robert Woods (Rams) WR Chris Hogan (Patriots)
  10. Aaron Jones or Marquis Goodwin ROS

    I don't think Jones is even playing but I could be mistaken so I'd go with Goodwin. McCoy & Murray NOT Ajayi Green & JuJu (if he is playing) & Cooper.
  11. Baldwin or Dion Lewis?

  12. PPR League RB Kenyan Drake vs. Broncos RB Orleans Darkwa vs. Raiders
  13. Am I really benching hunt?

    What has Hunt done for you lately or specifically since 5-6 weeks ago? Then, what has Dion Lewis done the last 3 weeks? And now he is facing a very shady Bills rush defense. If you have Lewis and Baldwin Id go with Lewis for sure. Probably Hunt over Baldwin facing that Eagles defense but certainly Lewis over them both.
  14. PPR League: WR Cooper Kupp vs. Cardinals (d/st ranked 24th vs receivers) WR Zay Jones vs. Patriots (d/st ranked 31st vs receivers) WR Sterling Shepard vs. Oakland (d/st ranked 21st vs receivers)
  15. WR T. Hilton WR. R. Anderson RB J. Ajayi