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  1. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Mo Alie-Cox
  2. AFC Race

    I wouldn't be too surprised to see the Steelers beat the Patriots this year. Good luck!
  3. Week 9 Milk Carton

    Come on, Austin Ekeler!
  4. Week 8 Milk Carton

    Doug Martin, now's your chance!
  5. H8 @ Mixon & Watkins

    Ain't that the truth!
  6. Week 8 Milk Carton

    CJ Uzomah was injured early in the match, but has apparently re-entered the game. Next week is his bye week - I'm just hoping that's enough time for him to make a good recovery.
  7. Vampire league suggestions

    Sounds like great fun! I would suggest that the league champion becomes the next year's vampire, and so on. You could decide the first year's vampire by a dice roll, or it could just be the founder or commissioner of the league.
  8. Week 6 Milk Carton

    Ah, I see... Thank you for letting me know. Poor guy, I hope it doesn't keep him out for long. He was one of the best players on the Jets offense this year.
  9. Week 6 Milk Carton

    Is Will Fuller playing this week?He was taken off the injury list, so you would expect him to be a sure thing, but it is half time and he hasn't registered a single touch of the ball. Quincy Enunwa, on the other hand, is in negative points at half time... But at least that means he's playing. Good luck everyone!
  10. Week 5 milk carton thread

    And now - Larry Fitzgerald.
  11. Week 5 milk carton thread

    I started checking Jets forums, just to see what was going on, and apparently he didn't even play today. Looks like a hand injury. I hope you don't lose any matches because of it! Looks like it's done for me, but here's hoping you have better luck!
  12. Week 5 milk carton thread

    Still the first half, but I'm waiting to see Quincy Enunwa touch the ball.
  13. Week 4 Milk Carton

    CJ Uzomah Quincy Enunwa Keelan Cole On the plus side, the Texans have finally realised the season has started...
  14. Original Huddle League - 32 Homers needs 1

    The draft begins tomorrow, so this is the last chance to claim a team.
  15. Original Huddle League - 32 Homers needs 1

    Bumping again - still three teams available.