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  1. Who else is 0-2?

    Don't you mean the Caddy is on the blocks?
  2. Detroit Lions

    Not with Harrington back there.
  3. This game is gonna be a SHOOTOUT.

    Both offenses with all that talent, how can you say it won't be? I know JJ hasn't lived up to the hype yet, but Warner has done alot better with the Cards so far than the Giants.
  4. WDIS: Defending Champ last year

    With Javon Walker out, my line up is really weak and need the huddles advice and probably will need it for the year. Here's my line up now Trent Green Rudi Johnson Michael Bennett Muhsin Muhammad Hines Ward Antonio Gates David Akers Bills D/ST Reserves Jake Delhomme vs. NEP..... Not Against that Defense Kyle Orton vs. Detroit ..... Still not proven himself to be a starter in FF Troy Williamson vs. Cinci ..... No catches in week 1 Marty Booker vs. NYJ ..... Worth starting over Muhsin or Hines? Frisman Jackson vs. GB .... Is he a one week wonder? Jerramy Stevens vs. ATL .... Not Against that Defense again. Chris Baker vs. MIAMI .... I don't see him repeating week ones stats Josh Scobee vs. INDY..... Now I can see him kicking alot of FG's against Indy Standard scoring. But qb's get 4 points per td pass. Any idea for week 2 starters besides the ones right now?
  5. Jackson or Parker?

    Cards D- allowed 121 yards & 2 td's also allowed x2 over 20 yard runs Taxans D- allowed 152 yards and 0 td's SJ seems to have the better chance.
  6. Battle v. Lloyd - West Coast offense question

    1. Lloyd was suppose to be the guy that takes over for TO when he left. 2. I'd wait a game or two to see who the 49ers are really going to make there main target. One game now, let's not assume too quick now.
  7. RB

    I'd sit Caddy this week against Buffalo
  8. Hasselback or PLummer

  9. WDIS

  10. Dallas or Buffalo

  11. QB help plsss

    I'd start Warner since they are playing the Rams and that game is gonna be a shootout.
  12. S. Alexander or Rudi

    I'd start RJ.
  13. More likely to score: LJ Smith or Roy Williams?

    That niners D held the Rams to 12 points in 3 quarters. I wouldn't say they have a poor defense so far until they meet our expectations. I'd start Williams.
  14. Jordan for arrington?

    Jordan hands down I mean he is the better back I would do this trade.
  15. One more time RB dilemma

    Sorry about that I would go with Portis.
  16. Help me choose... 3RB's & 2 WR's

    Edge, Dillon, LJ, KJ, Mason
  17. Big Trade

    Trent is like 35 or 36 now I hope this isn't a dynasty league. I would work on a trade without C-Pep.
  18. One more time RB dilemma

  19. One more time RB dilemma

    I don't know about this one with LT2 having a hard time rushing against Dallas last week.
  20. WDIS palmer or hasselbeck

  21. HELP: Team D

  22. WDIS @ RB

  23. Who to start as 3 wr