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  1. 1/2 PPR David Johnson or Christian McCaffery. Who would you keep for the next 2 seasons?
  2. I too would keep Hopkins over those 2 unless my roster was desperate.
  3. 2 RBs for Ertz

    The Kelce owner is the other team tied for 2nd and isn't parting with him. Just sad that there are really only 2 elite TE this year.
  4. 2 RBs for Ertz

    Currently 1st place and the potential trade partner team is tied for 2nd. I mention this as I am weighing how much to improve his team while looking to improve mine as well. 12 team PPR league. Looking to trade for Ertz and he said he'd consider a duo of RB from my team. Which of these 2 would you offer for Ertz? Ingram Michel Chubb I could capitalize on the big games that Chubb and Ingram had this week...or should I keep Chubb and hope that Michel may not get back to 100% and that Kamara keeps Ingrams value down? His roster Brees Hunt Jalen Richard Brandin Cooks Tyreek Hill Funchess Ertz Fultz MIA Bench Phillip Lindsay Ty Montgomery Nyheim Hines Golden Tate OJ Howard Jameis My Roster Rodgers Gordon Conner Brown Thielen Fournette Gronk Tucker LAR Bench Cousins Ingram Michel Chubb Evans Sanders Reed
  5. Maybe just play that week without a kicker? What is your position in the playoff race? I've played the last 4 weeks without a Kicker on my roster. Dropped my kicker in order to pick up Chubb from Waivers when Hyde was traded.
  6. Just curious - what guys on the bench in your league have been doing less? By that argument, David Johnson should have been dropped after week 2 or 3. I'm just surprised he's available. So to answer your question - Robinson is the pickup here.
  7. How much do you spend for a TE?

    I think I'd be willing to send Marlon Mack for George Kittle. Thoughts?
  8. Mack/Evan Engram for Kelce??

    If he'll take as fast as you can to click Accept
  9. Too much for Ertz?

    I really work the trades for draft picks. I'll bunch some mid-round picks to get a 1st rounder. I've learned in an 8 team league that depth is a bit overrated and its about studs. Last year I ended up with 4 of the first 9 picks. 2 picks I traded for and then me and the 8 - 9 turn.
  10. Too much for Ertz?

    Receive Ertz & Will Lutz Give Mike Evans, Jordan Reed, Sony Michel I'm not currently carrying a K as I dropped mine a few weeks back to pick up Chubb after the Hyde trade.
  11. Streaming TE??

    Seals-Jones has seen an increase in targets since Leftwich took over play-calling. May be a good play against OAK
  12. Emmanuel Sanders and Trey Burton for Kelce

    Straight up I like it. It does however make you really thin at WR. Can you sell the "upside of John Brown with Lamar Jackson taking over"? This guy is a Bears fan correct? Trubisky, Robinson, Bears DEF, trading for Burton.
  13. Drop Cooper Kupp for . . .

    I'm not sure any of those 3 would move OBJ, Thielen, or Boyd from your lineup. Is there another position on your roster that you could look ahead and plan for playoff matchups? Streaming Defenses during playoffs or such?
  14. I'll send you my address so you can put the check in the mail! Great get!