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  1. I am looking for a top level fantasy sports owner looking to join our awesome system of leagues. It is called Fantasy Triple Play. We play NFL, NBA, and MLB as actual teams. (Patriots-Heat-Phillies) We re-redraft teams every 3 years (up for discussion to change to dynasty format as I'm in favor of this). Essentially you start out as that actual team roster, so if you owned the Pats you'd start with Brady, Blount, Edelman, etc. We do all defensive positions as well. You would currently own the Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, New York Yankees, and Chicago Cubs. We're tired of inactive owners as this is a very active league. It's a ton of fun as we're in our 8th year together. Let me know if you're interested or have any questions.
  2. We're looking for an owner to take over in a multi-sport league on ESPN called FTP (fantasy triple play). One of our owners has been removed and we're looking for a new owner. The league is going into its 7th season and we hope to continue its success in the long haul. In FTP there are six leagues. AFC, NFC, Western, Eastern, AL, and NL. There is a team in each league that corresponds with the team in the real league. For example, I have the Buccaneers in NFC. Therefore, my team started out with Winston, Evans, Martin, McCoy, David, and etc.. From there, you make trades and acquisitions with the inevitable goal of bringing your team to the championship. At the end of the FTP calendar year (football - basketball - baseball) each owner's results are pinned against each other to reveal who the best owner in the league is. Every 3 years we have a re-draft of teams to change things up a bit. So it's like a 3 year dynasty league. After 3 years of using the same teams we use completely different teams and start all over again. We've finished 2 cycles already and are now in the first year of our third cycle (7th season overall). In these leagues, activity is a must because it's so much harder to find gems on free agency and you have to be ready to find them. You have to have a pretty extensive knowledge of the players in NFL NBA and MLB. If you agree to join you would be taking over the San Diego Chargers, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland Trail Blazers, Atlanta Braves, and Tampa Bay Rays. AFC: NFC: Eastern: Eastern Legion League Office - Free Fantasy Basketball - ESPN Western: AL: NL: If you're interested, send me an email at Paul