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  1. Up to $50, non-idp, mostly normal setup and scoring. Please PM me if you are looking for an owner.
  2. One of the older BoTH leagues. Great ppl here trying to save a great league.
  3. daily bump. lots of interest, but still looking for a few good Huddler's to commit with payment to secure spots. Still time to get in if you are interested.
  4. bump. Still looking for a few good men. PM me if interested please.
  5. Outraged is looking for a few good men. 3 keepers annually, snake draft to fill rosters. Pm me with questions or interest.
  6. Been a high turnover offseason for this long established keeper league. Looking to fill fast, slow draft. $55 dues, rules can be found here: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?/topic/224031-outraged-rules-2010/ Please PM me if you are interested.
  7. Survivor Pool!

    i'm in, send me the info. How does it work if more than 1 person is alive after week 17?
  8. We are currently looking for 2 new owners for a long standing, live redraft league named Emerald City's Best. We have an annual "spring" meeting, usually in a seattle sports bar, where we get together to have lunch, determine the current year's draft order and discuss rule changes. Our annual draft is the majority of an afternoon spent at an owner's house, where we bbq and some have too much to drink This is a great league and unfortunately we have lost a couple of GREAT, and I mean GREAT owners. The annual dues is $100 (plus the cost of hosting on MFL), and we run a tab through most of the year at $5 per transaction with weekly "high week score" pots to win the current week's transaction money. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please send me a PM and I will forward your information on to the league commish. We have already set a Spring meeting date for the 19th of this month at noon and would love to see a new face or two at the meeting.
  9. Dallas Homers

    Wow, not the news I was hoping to hear. Nonetheless, thanks for the good info.
  10. Dallas Homers

    Haven't heard much this preseason on Ogletree's progress. Some say he is leading candidate for #3 spot, saw a report that Dallas may bring in a veteran for the #3 spot because Ogletree hasn't progressed fast enough. I've got to assign a contract to him in a few days. Where do you guys see him going from here??
  11. Other Rapistburger. Can't stand the bastard.
  12. Steve Smith (Car) & Dwayne Bowe

    Like the strategy, but not high on Bowe. I think you can save a little more money and get a better WR imo. FWIW I think Smith will finish in the top 12 at WORST. He seems to have very good chemistry with Moore
  13. WR/WR to start the draft

    Went WR/WR this year for the first time. 12 team PPR, BOTH local semi-big money league. Took Fitz and Megatron with 11th and 14th picks, then came back and got Westbrook and K. Smith. Reached a bit (according to ADP) with 5th pick and took J. Carlson (TE mandatory with bonus yardage), but really wanted him and knew he wouldn't last much longer with all of us living in the greater Seattle area. Took high week score (and subsequent $$ pot) this past week. Rest of the roster as follows: M. Ryan, Garrard, Orton Westbrook, K. Smith, Larry Johnson, Ladell Betts, Shonn Greene (just dropped for McGahee) Fitz, C. Johnson, D. Avery, J. Morgan J. Carlson, Shockey Lindell Arizona D We will see how the season goes, but not regretting the WR/WR picks at all.