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  1. About time you joined the REAL FF world!

  2. draft day @ camp frazia

    That would be me. Thanks from me too Frazia for hosting, and hugh for cookin!! Harrington sure went EARLY this draft, and whatever happens in the "war room", stays in the "war room".
  3. Vinny knocks the 'Hawks out of the playoffs again!

    I'll second, third and fourth that. This coming from a Sea fan for life who actually drafted their D this year in Outraged. Boy did they start out hot on D, but that "soft zone" they play when ahead is the death of this team. They don't deserve to make the playoffs, and that hurts me to say. But not as much as them not being able to pull off a 10 pt week last week to give me 2nd seed going into playoffs this week, as well as much more $$$