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  1. Details can be found here: 14 teams. Pays top 3. No rake. Using leaguesafe. Have spots, email me at if interested.
  2. 3 spots left. Go here and check the message board post for rules/setup: email me at if interested.
  3. We are 13/14 paid. Can't get the last guy to respond. Using leaguesafe. Site is here if you want to read the rules: email me at if you want to take the last spot. Pete
  4. Scoring is different from the norm. Just finishing one of these, it has been a blast. I'm not the commish, is. If you want in, email him. Here's the info: And here's the one that we are finishing up: Pete
  5. having trouble getting payment from 1 owner. 12/14 paid, one guy has a check pending. if anyone is interested in taking the last spot (and paying asap), email me at
  6. 2 spots available. email me at if interested. league site: rules copied from site: Leauge is a draft-champions style league, meaning after the draft, you do nothing. 14 teams. No pickups, trades,submitting a lineup, etc. The site automatically submits your best lineup each week, after the fact. It is a total points league, not head to head. Your total from each week will be added up for a season-end total. The season will be 16 weeks for this league. (nfl weeks 1-16) We will use NFFC scoring: can be found here: (scroll down to scoring) and NFFC lineups: qb,rb,rb,wr,wr,wr,te,flex(rb/wr/te),k,d. If any of the scoring is a bit different from the nffc, sorry, i've done my best. We're using what I have set up on here, so check out the scoring rules page. You will have to draft 30 players. They can be from any positions you want. You can take 22 tight ends if you would like. Draft will start May 6 at 12:00 pm EST. At that point, you may nominate a maximum of 3 players per day. (If you nominate more than 3 players in a day, you will not be asked back in the league the next year and you risk other penalty...)The "day" will end at 11:59:59 pm and the next day will begin at 12:00 midnight.... Minimum bid is 1 dollar. Bidding continues on each player that comes up until there is a 24 hour lull in the high bidder. You can set your maximum bid for each player. So if Chris Johnson is at 35, and I have my max set at 40, it will show that I have the max bid on him even if someone else bids 36, 37... It will only show a new high bidder (and the clock will only reset at 24 hours) if someone bids 41. You can change your max bid after you put in a bid. The lowest your max bid can be if you are changing it is one dollar more than what your current bid is. The highest amount you can change your max bid to is whatever doesn't put you over the cap. The auction continues until everyone has 30 players on their roster. It should take approximately 10-12 days. If the teams are 95%+ filled, teams will get a warning that they will need to fill their rosters within a couple of days. You get $208 to bid with. We are only bidding on players that MFL provides. If a player you want isn't provided, too bad. note: if you notice that a player's position has changed over the summer, please let me know. i have to go and manually change it back to what it was. Prizes: 1st = $1200 2nd = $630 3rd = $200